The courage and tools you need to fight for your freedom & create a kickass life that’s actually worth living…

…even if you have no idea where to start

Grab your Escape Backpack

Maybe the thought of facing another Monday morning makes you want to huff ammonia (…just enough to call out sick).

When you’re caught in the endless cycle of eat, sleep, work, drink, repeat—you feel like a goddam zombie…

EVERYTHING starts to feel out of alignment with who you are, what you stand for, and how you want to approach both your work & life…

And, hey, we should know

We used to be the living dead, too…

(Sure, we were FUN zombies, swinging from the vines, hanging at our favorite pubs and concert venues in London. But we were still zombies…)

And like any obedient zombie, we were ticking every box the work-machine demanded.

Good degrees, check. A will to impress, check. Making our bosses happy, you bet.

But when paying rent, commuting & self–medicating with [pick your poison] starts to consume your life…

You might question yourself like we did.

When you’re hit with an anxiety attack that could knock out an elephant on the way to work, you might question your career.

And when you’re raising your champagne flute in the air on New Year’s Eve without being able to actually remember a single thing you did over the past year

— because it’s just one big, grey, boring blur —

You might question everything. 

So to start off, like so many of us do—

We did 37 million online searches and stumbled upon some seriously dodgy advice along the way…

(Like that ancient mantra of “must find a profitable niche, must find a profitable niche.”)

Naturally, we used that advice (we didn’t know any better) and tried to cobble together a new living from scratch in multiple ways…


No joke, we sold royal wedding memorabilia (yep). We also sold garden gnome costumes. And we even sold bean bag chairs! (…if only we were kidding)


And hey, some of these business ideas were shockingly profitable. But no matter how much cash, wonga, or sweet sweet moolah these businesses did (or did not) make… 

These businesses all had one thing in common:

 They eventually felt as dull and unfulfilling as our zombiefying cubicle jobs.

It’s hardly a surprise, though.

It’s not like we cared whether or not people’s mantelpieces got their fair share of “Will & Kate” swag.

It felt like we were still glued to square one. Like we were banging our heads against the cubicle wall. Again.

So we explored some more. 

We perfected a step-by-step method to help ANYONE free themselves from cubical and forge a new path to their dream life

Because by this point we’d tripped, scraped our knees, and hacked through every business problem that could block ANYONE from their dream life.

And we’d proven to each other that your life and your work CAN coexist in perfect harmony.

Now, before we reach for your right hand, get all “kumbaya” on you, and tell you we have ALL THE ANSWERS like any good guru—an important disclaimer…



At Paid To Exist — We’re here to help you design your true calling; We’re NOT here to simply help you “CRUSH IT”

We’re NOT here to help you add a new, shiny Lambo to your collection, so you can high-five your friends and feel all smug when you open your garage.


We’re not here get all woo-woo on you and make any bullshit claims that you’re destined for the perfect life if you “just believe” (…and don’t forget about waving a bit of sage around your bedroom). *Burn all the sage you want, but remember to actually follow the pyrotechnics up with an actual plan & consistent action.*


And we’re not asking you to go full skydiver mode and quit your job for the sake of ‘motivational fear’—because life isn’t a sitcom, my friend, and we all have bills to pay.


We are all about helping you create business that provides (and pays for) the next  chapter of your life.

This isn’t about entitlement. And this isn’t about being paid tons of money for doing jack shit…

We’re not here to sugarcoat the truth because creating a business out of your passion takes *real* effort…

But you can choose to create a new way of operating in the world. You can choose a new existence. You can choose freedom.

ALl that matters is that YOU choose your new normal

ANYTHING is possible when you’re Paid to Exist

When you’re paid to exist, there’s zero separation between what you get paid to do and what you love to do.


When you’re paid to exist, you wake up itching to plough ahead with your work because you feel a sense of freedom and fulfillment.


When you’re paid to exist, you’re truly building a business and life out of your passion—with zero regrets.


Now, while this all sounds hunky-dory, your bullshit meter might be dinging louder and louder and LOUDER every time we drop the P-word… as in, PASSION

Yeah, that P-word.

If you’re worried that this whole “passion thing” isn’t for you – 

And the only thing you’re passionate about is clocking off early and enjoying a hot dinner with your partner, remember:

Passions aren’t just for “the chosen ones.” 

Finding your passion may just take a little grit, graft & guidance (we can help you with all three).

But, you must commit to seeking out your passion, NO MATTER WHAT. Say yes to experimentation & exploration so you can hunt your passion down and hang on to it.

All we ask of you (and each other) is that you refuse to settle for anything less than freakin’ awesome—got it?

The fact that you’re questioning your path forward and absorbing these pixels on your screen means:

You’re already one of us.

You’re not afraid to ask questions and seek more. And that’s something to shout about. That’s true power.

Cedric and Dominika here — We’re the guides who clawed our way out of corporate hell so you don’t have to.

We’re passionate (yeah, that word again) about giving people the tools and courage they need to create kickass lives that are actually worth living.

If you find those happy-clappy coaches who are all about being positive and “limitless” more irritating than a wasted frat boy trying to play the accordion, then good. We’ll get along swimmingly. 

We’re here to help you FEEL the type of total freedom you’ve been after for so long. 

The type of freedom in your own pursuits that lets you steer your life into whatever intriguing territory you desire.

And the type of freedom that lets you pursue new interests and adventures outside your career.

We want you to live your life (and every moment) fully aware of your freedom. Maybe you’ll even catch yourself thinking, like us:



It’s time for you to take your first step along your new path with us…

And there’s one thing that will make your new adventure 1,293,057,129X easier


The Escape Backpack

THE ESCAPE BACKPACK is made to give you clarity on your next steps…

AND help you figure out how you can create something people truly want—even if you have NO IDEA where to start.

Inside, you’ll get a whole bag full of inspiration, tips & tactics we’ve honed while deep in the trenches of the work-life jungle.

Send me my Backpack!

Your digital backpack includes…

Becoming Paid to Exist is quite the U-turn. And because you’ve been working for “the man” all these years, you need a mental primer. This guide is here to prepare your brain for the incredible journey that lies ahead so you don’t fall down and question yourself.

You’d be a bit of a rookie not to pick the brains of any intrepid explorers who’ve traveled before you. Here we’ll show you inspirational case studies from those who’ve been there, done that, and are well and truly Paid to Exist.

Like a regular compass this resource has one job; to keep you on track. Using it will serve as a visual reminder for what being Paid to Exist actually looks like.

Consider this our very own ten commandments.  A code of conduct that fuels everything we do. Read it, digest it, ponder it, absorb it. And once you’re done, mold it into your own, ultimate creed AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

This your private invitation to join our next free live workshop. Here we’ll delve deeper into how to get paid to be who you are, how to create your own business idea, and how to start playing the game you’re destined to win.

Send me my Backpack now!

Okay, but I work 60hours a week and have NO TIME to explore passion…

What can Paid to Exist realistically help me with? 

We get it. It’s not easy to find the strength, energy, or even space in your mind to trudge on when you’ve got your nose to the grindstone.

And maybe you feel like this break from “traditional work” could be dumber than denying climate change.

Yes, stepping out of the cubicle will always take guts .

It’s a renegade move. But remember, the traditional work path only exists because everyone else is blind to the alternatives.

There are a million ways to spend our limited time on this earth. 

We can spend it in traffic. We can spend it eyes glazed over in meetings. We can spend it trying to make people we despise like us and give us a promotion. 

And we can also spend it in parks, eating ice-cream on a Wednesday with the people we adore most, or changing the world for the better in a way that no other person can.

Either way, we have to spend it. Because it’s being spent, as we speak, whether we like it or not. But, you can choose how you spend your time. Right now. Choose.

If you agree that life is too short for boredom and unfulfilled dreams…

And if you find yourself feeling apprehensive as you look at the road ahead, ask yourself: 

Is there anything that matters more than fighting for your freedom and creating a life on your own terms? A life you can be proud of? A life you won’t regret?


Send me my Backpack now!

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