Every day bled into the next. Time began to lose meaning. Just another day, another week. Another year. Life quickly slipping away.

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“Jonathan Mead kicks ass. It’s really that simple. He beams an aura of genuine interest and compassion. My blog continues to explode, my passion for my work deepens daily, and I’m finally starting to live my life deliberately.”

Adam BakerMan vs. Debt

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She didn’t know where her life was headed, but she did know one thing: something had to change. This wasn’t the life she planned. She needed a catalyst....

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The Cost of Not Showing Up and the One Person Rule

The Cost of Not Showing Up and the One Person Rule

I almost didn’t write this. All sorts of seemingly valid bullshit reasons why I shouldn’t swam through my mind. “You don’t really know what you’re saying. Who are you to write about this when you haven’t gotten your shit completely together?” “Enough people have talked about this already. You’re just contributing to the noise.” “Doing something else would be easier, give yourself a break and go see what’s on Facebook.” This type of thinking illustrates how collapsed I am internally…. read more →

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

How to Overcome Imposter Syndrome

As I sit here to type this I question who I am to help you with overcoming imposter syndrome. After all, I am still questioning myself. Shouldn’t I have figured this out before I start telling YOU how to do it? This is the exact reason I am writing this to you right now. You will never not feel like a fake. You will never stop questioning whether or not you are truly qualified to help people. You will never… read more →