Every day bled into the next. Time began to lose meaning. Just another day, another week. Another year. Life quickly slipping away.

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“Jonathan Mead kicks ass. It’s really that simple. He beams an aura of genuine interest and compassion. My blog continues to explode, my passion for my work deepens daily, and I’m finally starting to live my life deliberately.”

Adam BakerMan vs. Debt

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She didn’t know where her life was headed, but she did know one thing: something had to change. This wasn’t the life she planned. She needed a catalyst....

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How to Be the One Who Proves Everyone Wrong

How to Be the One Who Proves Everyone Wrong

My boss laughed when I told her. “Just watch me,” I thought. A year later I would prove her wrong. But it wasn’t long before this that I had completely given up. Maybe it was because I had just let myself down so much that I couldn’t trust myself anymore. I said I wanted to be a musician, but I never practiced. I said I wanted to be in great physical shape, but I never picked up the weights. So… read more →

Stop Falling Off: How to Finally Follow Through With Making a Living From Your Passion

For every person that actually makes a living doing what they love, there are a million whose dreams never leave the ground. It’s not that their idea wasn’t great. It’s not that they didn’t have what it takes. There was just never enough wind for their ideas to take flight. I spend a lot of time helping people take consistent action to build their passions into self-sustaining businesses. For the most part, there is no shortage of energy. Enthusiasm is a… read more →