How My Passion Died (and How I Won it Back)

I have an embarrassing confession to make (especially as a supposed “leader” in the personal development world).

Over the last five years my passion for self development has quietly withered and nearly died.

I took an overdose of trite, feel-good self help banter and it led to me abandoning the world I had come to love so much.

But it wasn’t always this way.

I’m not exactly sure when the crescendo broke.

The onset of the symptoms were too slow and subtle to detect. I just remember growing bored and agitated by the predictable rah-rah advice from personal development gurus and their aspiring offspring. You know, the social media chorus of “Just do what you love and follow your dreams!” and “Be more epic and forget the status quo!” and “77 ways to be more happy right now!”

Of course, I’m making a caricature out of the matter. But in many cases, that’s what it felt like.

What was once rooted in a solid bed of authentic nourishment felt processed and empty.  Taken out of context and muttered as a mindless mantra, any great advice runs the risk of becoming a hollow prayer.

But instead of seeing the truth of the matter—that I had outgrown something that had once served me or that I had simply become desensitized by hearing sermons become soundbites—I let my heart grow cold.

Rather than feeling the good intention behind their efforts, I only saw the veneer. It became so predictable, so common, that I began to secretly judge these bloggers, aspiring teachers and coaches as naive and deluded.

I even started to question my own work (which obviously holds striking similarities to many of these enthused writers).

I started to give up on the world that had given me so much.

I turned my back and discarded all of it without discernment. I needed to cut the fat, but I took away too much, and was left with only bone. I grew arrogant and distant. And my heart slowly closed off.

What I really needed was to filter through the noise to better discern what really mattered.

I’m learning that now.

I’m letting go of the judgement. I’m realizing that it was rooted in my own self judgement. Withholding love and criticizing my own work led to me to trying to make myself better than others.

Basically, I became a cynical asshole.

And now, I’m opening my heart back up.

Like many people do when they need to make a change, I made an overcorrection.

What was quietly transformed and left in the ashes.

Here’s the tricky part:

Some of what I became jaded about came from a place of outgrowing it and becoming more mature. I saw the error in trying to fix ourselves when we are inherently perfect. We’re born perfect, free, beautiful. It’s only through growing up (a.k.a., domestication), trying to become something and comparing ourselves to others that we are covered with lies and falsehoods.

Now I see growth as a process of shedding the limiting beliefs, discarding the untruths and letting go of everything that doesn’t serve me and the world.

That means letting go of the productivity banter — the do more, be more and be epic chatter that is rooted in trying to be something we’re not.

These days, it’s all about amplifying and releasing the natural greatness within me. Not trying to shape brokenness into greatness.

The Real Truth

Greatness is. It’s our basis. Our core. It’s unchangeable. We can either unfold it, surrender and support it, or we can cover it up and be ashamed of it. <- Click to share.

So right now, in this moment, I accept everything, love fiercely and graciously let go of anything that doesn’t serve me and the rest of the world.

Discernment and maturity? Hell yes. Judgement and closure? No thank you.

Question: Have you ever become jaded about something you once deeply loved? Share with the rest of us and heal yourself.

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Hi, Wow this post really f-ing speaks to me! I’ve become jaded by the exact same thing; personal development and more recently spirituality. For me I think it was because I started off on the really good stuff (think Adyashanti) and then became more and more exposed to the “how to manifest the man of your dreams” and found people writing books on topics that I think could have been explained in a paragraph. I got so confused and judgmental as to why people were writing this and why people seemed to be lapping it up. I also wondered if… Read more »

Yep. We’re all at different stages. Sometimes we need something preachy and rah-rah. And that actually pushes us to take action enough to start thinking critically.

I’ll check out Adyashanti. Sounds like an interesting dude.


I’m feeling the same way as you, Jonathon. Although I myself write about personal development, I notice a lot of other personal development blogs offer impractical advice and rehash the same ideas we’ve all heard over and over. I think this awareness forces me to focus on the practical, the real, and the un-preachy drivel.

In a way, I’m jaded on the subject, but then again I should be grateful. The slight cynicism I have makes me a better writer.


True that. Skepticism and criticism can lead to being more real and helpful. Good for you man.


This post speaks to my heart deeply. I have also found myself become very judgmental as I have let go of “ideas” that were once absolute truth to me.

At this point, I am trying to to laugh at myself and remember that we are all traveling
in different paths and at our own pace.

Thank you for allowing your authentic self shine with the rest of us.

Clara <3


Thank you Clara for sharing your vulnerability as well.

Most of this really spoke to me. Not sure if it’s because I’m not ready to see that I’m not evaluating my faults or not. I’ve become jaded with most self development, spirituality, rah-rah, everything happens for a reason stuff. Why? Two years ago my dad put a gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. He didn’t die. Instead, he suffered for 1.5 more years in brain surgeries, one nursing home or hospital or another. He finally passed in Dec. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in God, but not sure about all the other hype. I’m still dealing… Read more »

Wow. I can’t even imagine what it’s like to go through something that traumatic. My heart goes out to you.

Good for you to even be in a place right now where you can consider transforming to something more positive. I salute you.

I just wanted to add a comment, a vote of support, for SR. To be sure, life’s deepest meaning is unfathomable. On the continuum of unhappy circumstances, it appears you’ve been handed a rather extreme dose of tragedy and anguish. Not for sissies, as they say and the tone of your letter reveals you as brave, wise, and intelligent. My wish for you is that you find friends, or teachers, worthy of your level of knowing and inquiry. (For one, I humbly offer the resource of Mooji – a kind sage who may be able to offer meaningful comfort and… Read more »
S.R. – my heart-felt wishes and prayers for you, your mom and family. I’ve also experienced a significant death of sorts… not as tragic as yours but a learning oppty to try to figure out what to do to survive… A key (there are hopefully only a small few ones that matter…) for me has been trying to find out how to have gratitude – every day… Gratitude is a power that can re-build your strength. The pain and suffering sometimes blacks out everything but the throbbing aches from having been beat to a pulp – emotionally and spiritually. Physically… Read more »
Jonathan, great post. I was messing around with a very familiar concept just this morning. I get tired real fast of the rah, rah speeches and feel good essays. On many blogs they come off as mere ad copy and attempts to sell the latest “figure your shit out” program or book. What is needed is the truth. That change is hard, real hard for some of us! Don’t just tell me I need to change my mind-set, tell me how you changed yours so that I have a real-world example to follow. Support me when I f’ up. Your… Read more »

Thanks Darrell, that means a lot to me.

Thanks for sharing this experience. My inner self has been evolving over the past couple of years and especially the past 12 months. I, too, have become disillusioned with the usual brand of “self-help” offerings that don’t speak the same language as I do. I don’t want namby pamby “advice” about how to make changes and move forward. I want to hear truth, the raw truth, about life and how to stay afloat. I survived cancer 4 years ago at the age of 46 – I need to hear the hard realities of surviving and moving on in life post-cancer,… Read more »
Jackie @ Auburn Meadow Farm

Very true and honest. It seems to be a classic obstacle in the journey. It’s stopped me more than once…

I was kind of taken with this book:

The American Indian take on our European – style need to fill voids with words and activity is a pretty fascinating topic that I think is relevant to the state of mind you describe.

I have a whole new respect for silence, being mindful and using only the words I seriously mean and accepting there is an organic timing of natural progress.

Thanks for giving me good food for thought tonight :)

I have to wonder if some of the internal disillusionment and cynicism that we sometimes feel stems from reflecting the doubts of others, especially those closest to us. I know that personally, the biggest limiting factor of my own personal transformations come from others, in the form of doubts about the viability of my plans, my ability to persevere and succeed, and to truly change and grow. It doesn’t matter how many times I exceed the expectations of others (and my own expectations as well), each transformational stage and successful achievement is just as difficult as the last, and to… Read more »

people (many) are naturally afraid of change, of that which is other than “normal” – ordinary – familiar… you’re just moving too fast for them… trouble-maker… Congrats!

Wow… To be honest, this whole idea that I can have the life that I envision is really new to me. I just finished my MFA in Painting and now I’m trying to forget all the academia that I was taught in order to really find my groove. You’re ideas and methods have helped me to let go of some old ideas that I still have held onto and to get into me… my ideas, my goals, my desires to help others to also dive into their souls and release their inner creativity! But, I have an art festival this… Read more »
Now these are true words of wisdom! thanks jonathon! (and everyone else who has replied) you just described me in a nutshell. It’s funny, I know my strengths and I know I have great things to give and I even know that I’ve been spiraling down the funnel of self doubt and self pity. But all the same we all too often jump on that bus and settle in for the ride. Generally, for me, all it takes to turn the tide is someone from outside of daily life to give you a gentle clip behind the ears and say… Read more »
Jonathan, I think it was inevitable that a lot of people would start to reject the rah-rah superficial pitch of most self development gurus. As for me, and old guy nearing his sixties, and having spent nearly forty five years studying everything I could get my hands on regarding this subject . I felt that there was something very much awry when social media and marketing online business merged with this learning process. So many people are becoming more and more confused by the nearly worthless self-help advice which is passing for wisdom online. I suffered a traumatic brain injury… Read more »
“What the thinker thinks, the prover proves.” -Robert Anton Wilson I struggle with this as well. Sometimes I feel as if I really don’t know anything and I’m not sure how I ought to continue. But I think there is something to unlearning and digging past the rigid beliefs and programming that many of us hold, which I see Jonathon talking about here. Many Unschoolers, people who haven’t been shuffled through the school system and instead allowed to follow their true interests, are quite successful in their lives. I hope you’re recovery is going well, take care.

Wow. I am so grateful that you shared your story. I tend to second guess myself a lot. I start out feeling good going into a project but then the feeling of not being good enough sets in. Your words have inspired me to start my own family camping blog. Although i may not have that many teasers right now, I’m having fun figuring it out because it’s something i enjoy. Thanks again for your story and honesty.

Amy Flaherty, LPE-I, RPT
Jonathan, Wow, what an honest post! Thank you for opening your real self in such an honest way. I know we have all experienced the moment of “What’s it all about” but rarely have the courage to say it out loud in such a public form. I would love to know in follow up posts about how you keep your passion renewed and excited about getting up the morning. I have recently made a life change with my job (going to completely private practice as a mental health counselor) which has been very scary to be in that vulnerable place… Read more »
Amanda Fall
The real power, for me, has always come when I tap into my own truth–the meaning right in the middle of my life’s mess. Not trying to fix anything or pretty it up–but looking more closely, seeking gratitude and healing right where despair and heartache sit. And when my offerings stem from that raw, real truth? The response is always greater. I really appreciate what you said about greatness being our core. I used to hide my differences, cover up my quirks, feel shame over my “shortcomings,” but I’m learning that those very qualities inform my unique point of view.… Read more »

Your words ring true to me. I am continually as the Phoenix rising from the ashes of my previous self and beliefs. When cynicism rears its ugly head I know it’s time to examine and change some aspect of what I am doing.
Sharing our experiences as human beings is the highest form of self help. When we share in a positive way, the words do not fall on deaf ears but find their way to the person who needs it at that moment in their life.

I really resonate with your words here, Jonathon. I think I am in this place right now. I read and learn and listen and more and more of what I take in is so much the SAME stuff – just wrapped up differently. It’s difficult NOT to become jaded when all the online supposed ‘leaders of the pack’ are telling us the same shit over and over again. I find myself just having to unsubscribe from a lot of them because I’ve had it with all the crap. Can somebody give me a new concept now and again? (Or, maybe… Read more »
Wow Jonathan, thank you for being so honest in your writing. This feeling of disillusionment is definitely something I can relate to in reference to the fashion industry which I threw myself into a year ago. What started out as optimism and excitement turned into a lot of negative feelings towards the industry I’m part of and wondering the viability of what I’m doing. I’ve just recently started getting my head around it with a new mindset like you. I’m hoping we can both move forward with a new energy for what we’re doing! There’s nothing worse than coming to… Read more »
“Greatness is. It’s our basis. Our core. It’s unchangeable. We can either unfold it, surrender and support it, or we can cover it up and be ashamed of it.” Hmm…Interesting! Maybe along the same lines of of what you said, I have come to realize that we are already the person God created us to be and that He’s put everything that we need to be that person inside of us. My prayers generally evolve over time as I come to learn and experience more. Recently, my prayer over the past month or so has changed from “Lord help me… Read more »

Am realy touched by this article, for its true there comnes a time where you feel that its all worthless or you just wasti g your time with following your passion. Sometimes it just lookpossible that you just decide to let go and mostly one gets critised. Today I rise to give my passion a chance whether its impossible or not, whether am critisized or not.
We all fall but its important to stand up and dust your self up again and carry on with your journey.

Ah, how timely your posts are! I am mid term of month 6 on my Trailblazer program and have hit yet another piece of Government legislation that seems to be designed to keep my ‘offer’ firmly in the hands of Corporate big boys. I feel like giving up and ‘what’s the point’. After all, we-re supposed to jump right out of bed ready to face the World and be awesome right? If you ‘aint doing what ya love…! Your post has left me feeling much better. After all, if I change track now the most I have lost or set… Read more »

Glad this post has helped you Tim and to hear that you’ve been continuing Trailblazer and your efforts against legislation. You have a great mindset there–you’ve only lost a month and you’ve learned new things. Maybe I should renew my own Trailblazer efforts (which smolder in a pile of fear) since the only thing I could lose is a few months and I could gain so much more.

I wasted 30 years of my life incarcerated in head offices in the corporate world and hated every moment. I had everything that you could possibly want. I tried every motivational and self-improvement book and course I could find to discover my passion so that I could escape. And then I met an amazingly insightful mentor, Christopher Tims, who simply said “JUST LET GO”. After several years of listening to him I finally got the message and I took early retirement at 55. But I was a burned-out, numbed, empty shell. My passion to do anything was gone. Now, 10… Read more »
Jonathan, I commend you for putting yourself out there – being vulnerable takes courage – especially for a man. As humans, yes we are perfect but we also must grow or else we die. A trainer who’s passion is to make the world a fitter place shouldn’t feel less if it doesn’t compel him anymore – in fact he should be excited and exclaim: “Ah ha! What is this jaded feeling trying to tell me? I must go and climb a mountain or build a shed or wrestle to recalibrate!” Maybe this trainer will come out wanting to be a… Read more »
Hi Jonathon, Thanks for your post, for the most part I felt I was reading about myself, but I am still in the jaded not sure what to do next area. I had a breakdown about 2 years ago now. I had been doing youth work on top of my 9-5 job for 20 years, seeing young peoples lives change and seeing them realize their potential was the best thing about it, but I knew about 4 years ago that I needed to let it go and move onto something else, still not sure what that is, but just knew… Read more »

maybe surf?? catch nature’s cure for what ails (some of) us… a wave… doesn’t matter what size the wave is or if you even stand up (at first). not making light of your hard-working and desire for commitment and need to understanding meaning to life. for me, surfing recharges my batteries and gives me peace so the road ahead becomes more clear. if you run or bike or ??, then get out and do that… good luck and hang in there…

Aly Balagamwala (@DiscoMaulvi)
I have stopped reading most self-help literature. I found most of it superficial as you also term it. I am more immersed in making myself a better person, really following my religion to its truest sense ie not just rituals of worship rather a strengthening of character and purification of thoughts. I am also starting to focus more and more on my strengths and working to focus them rather than to dwell on my weaknesses and making myself “well-rounded” (my sweeth tooth already makes me quite well rounded :p). Thanks for this from the heart post. It is especially hard… Read more »
I’m constantly amazed at the collective consciousness the world is going through since last year.. in my life and those around me there seems to be this huge awakening, of seeing where we’re all at and realising we don’t want to be there any more. We want to be more authentic and real. For me personally, it took many events last year including a friend using me to realise, like you, the things that were or weren’t serving me. What I had to let go of was dance, which I’ve been doing for 7 years and used to love, but… Read more »

Teach what you know in a joyous way and you will be rewarded

Ewa Laursen
Thanks for sharing. I am having a week of unlikely people validating things I find dear at this time in my life. As for the subject matter I am with you all the way on the journey to limitless living. It’s hard in the world that screams at you from all sides that you have to BECOME, instead of helping you peel back the layers to who you ARE. A world so wrapped up in behavior adjustment, instead of heart work. And as in this post I wrote (link below) a lot of this comes from people digging in or… Read more »

Very true.

Recently I had developed a similar disillusionment towards NLP which I had studied some time back.

Your post has made me suddenly stop and reflect whether I am also missing out on something valuable just due to an overload mails and blogs coming at me ?

I’ve been feeling the same lately, and have also been having a hard time identifying why, and I think you nailed it–especially with this: “it’s all about amplifying and releasing the natural greatness within me. Not trying to shape brokenness into greatness.” I also find myself being annoyed with certain self-lovey books I have read lately mostly because the voice or word-choices of the writer simply don’t resonate with me. Instead of giving up on this genre completely, I’ve decided to make an efforts to continue exploring a variety of authors but allowing myself to stop reading anything that I… Read more »
Ha… I feel like I’m on my way to becoming jaded. My last boyfriend was very jaded, to the point of being negative and unsupportive. I’ve been comparing myself to where I want to be, to other people who are where I want to be, and getting very frustrated. This year has been terrible financially and I feel like a failure. But I know that I’m really not. It’s money. And I did a lot of things I wanted to do over the past few years. I’m still living in France, and kind of enjoy coming up with creative solutions… Read more »

if it makes you feel any better i had always understood your encouragement to be of the “you are perfect now share yourself with the world” sort rather than the “you can be perfect” sort.
Like the taoist concept of non-action, which to me is more like non-change, you already are everything you need to be, just need to wade through all the bullshit that’s been piled on you through society and remember who you are.

Stephanie N

I was passionnate about writing all my life but I didn’t know what to do about it so when I started University, I stopped writing. I got involved in Japanese studies, learned Japanese and went to live in Japan. It was all about Japan, and it was great but eventually I felt something was missing. I started to write again. My passion for Japan dimished and my true calling came back. By doing this 10 years detour I managed to find what I really loved.

To be honest I wasn’t satisfied the first time I read this post. I wanted more. I’ve worked through self development mantras for three years with middling success, grown cynical with them and have lately just been clinging to the obligations of daily life to get me through. It took me another read to see the main point I missed, that its not about improving me, its about being me. To be honest, that didn’t sink in fully until I just typed it. I’ve been in a really dark place and so unconfident in myself and the value of doing… Read more »
not a stranger to being in really dark places… I know that when I’ve been doing something for a long enough time, I really shouldn’t have to keep “checking the boxes”. the darkness along with all the other “noise” (experts, information, etc. – all telling you what you should do, how, when…) can suppress your natural instincts. maybe first try to quiet all the noise (stop listening, trying to make sense of it all)and enjoy the simple light and warmth of a sunny morning and peaceful day in a calm and beautiful spot. perhaps this could help strip away or… Read more »
Gina Musa
Lovely post Jonathan – I really appreciate your honesty. It is so easy to ‘compare our insides with other people’s outsides’ and so I really like to hear people I admire (i.e. you!) being authentic and open about their own struggles (makes me feel so much better :-)). I’ve never really bought the ‘5 easy steps’ approach to things, (even though I’m attracted by the idea) – but for me it has to be all about self-awareness, looking deep inside ourselves and healing the bits that need that. In doing this, inevitably we will outgrow some things and then be… Read more »
Karen Renee
Over the past few years as I actively challenged all I had believed (and expected of others) out of a desire to find what wouldn’t break under attack, I’ve been through the same process of … irritation with a common shallow identification with once-great/seemingly inspiring teachings that I was seeing everywhere. People just believed what they were told superficially without much heart investment,resulting in a fear of questions and growth, and I felt sick because I’d been part of the problem for so long. Books that once changed my life became something I hesitated to recommend … until I realized… Read more »

Let me add my thanks, Jonathan. In the past year, I’ve become unsatisfied with the Self Help Olympics. Let someone else take the podium; it’s time to take all that I’ve learned and, with great gratitude, turn inward. I made my 2014 to-do list. Three items: 1) free myself from debt, 2) listen to me first, and 3) make stuff, especially art.

Darius B.
My title would say “How My Passion Died (And How I Walked Away)” :) I would say the situation was rather similar, I’ve been on and off self-development for about 6 to 8 years and I am fortunate enough to say that I have improved my life tremendously, experienced feats that just few years ago seemed like fiction. Naturally, I wanted to share this with everyone, so I’ve started writing and very quickly it became an e-book. One that I decided to give away for free. Woohoo.. right? Not exactly, because in the following months, when I tried writing I… Read more »

My experience is,
there is a constant transformation process ‘on’ and
our life matter (soul) has been witnessing it.
so, for soul it becomes a movie screened in frames (slow speed) and
thus it recognizes the smaller changes,
sometimes with resistance – sometimes without – sometimes trying to get back to previous state & sometimes trying to rush faster to the new :)

i know, this is just another ‘story’ but, when i believe it, it opens new realms.

with luv,

noelle lake

Yes! Well said. I’m a fan of nonjudgement – the very best stuff comes out of it. Plus, you respond to what you respond to when you do. No crime in that.

Katherine Harms
I know what you are talking about. I do this to myself every day. I get an idea, and the first time I see some defect or need for change, I throw in the towel mentally. “I can’t do this!” I want to make a success of my project so very much, but something inside keeps telling me I don’t know enough, nobody wants to hear from me, and who do I think I am anyway. I love 5AM. At 5AM I am invincible. Somewhere along the road to lunch, things get more challenging. Thanks for sharing something that must… Read more »
Dear Jonathan, My tendency is not to trust those who never admit to being challenged or lost. Reading this post was quite emotional for me, it’s beautifully written and completely resonants! I worked my ass off two full years while holding a day job to pursue my dream, then shortly after launching, I found myself feeling completely emptied out and without the ability to hear my own voice. I invested so much time and money in what others had to say, I never thought to ask Why should I even listen to their shit Or if what they said really… Read more »

Man, one of the reasons I look forward to sharing your ideas is that you are honest about how hard it is to live authentically. So often it seems So. Much. Easier. to give up dreams, give up trying, blend in with the herd and watch Dancing with the Stars to find meaning. It seems to work for them, you know? I can lose my passion six times a day on occasion, but it’s things like your posts that help me re-commit. Thanks for having the courage to be scared. It helps me do the same.

Russell Mease
Jonathan, As I sit down to publish the SECOND post on my new site about Living Unconventionally, I am taking stock of the jaded and disillusioned out there who may be tired of the same old “rah-rah” advice. At the same time, I believe there are masses of people who need to here the messages that you, me, and other’s offer. I have had thoughts of doubt recently, “Who do I think I am?” “Why should they listen to me when there are so many more qualified people to give advice?” I think the key is to always be myself,… Read more »
Sandip Mukherjee
Hi Jonathan! This is Sandip from India. I came to your site yesterday only. Yesterday till midnight I read the Backpack you sent. Not yet finished, but so far a very interesting reading. Good job. This post of yours sounds so honest, fearless and straight from the heart. Yes, I also felt the same like you … and that’s why I am here. Change is the only constant thing in this. Why should we feel ashamed then if we start doubting something which till yesterday we loved so much. This is good, this is healthy. Capacity of unlearning and relearning… Read more »

Its easier to accept God’s plan if you remember humans interject their free will into it and screw it up all the time. I get the greatest satisfaction out of weathering a storm… not questioning why it rained.


Thank you so much for sharing this, Jonathan! So very honest of you, and a great read. I think everyone goes through these kinds of ups and downs, and there is always something to be learned from every part of it (even if it doesn’t seem like it at the time!)

Thank you for all you do!

Aaron Morton
I wouldn’t say I am jaded but I certainly have a preference with some aspects of personal development than others. I think it is natural as humans to (a) change our focus and opinion on things as we progress through life and is influenced heavily by ‘where we are at’ in the world at the time. If we feel lost, it is comforting to find spirituality and hear that its ok. If we are motivated to achieve it is comforting to read about ‘blueprints to achieve your goals. (b) filter in what is going on in the world to conform… Read more »
Who know if you will read this. I want to say you hit a “cord” that runs through all people who are conscious or becoming conscious about what their life is and isn’t. You are so right that when we feel burnt out and judgmental we go after others, become discontent and our own fire becomes extinquished. What ways can we keep the home fires blazing? Especially in the mist of the worst emotional holes we get ourselves into? It is amazing how someone can be so successful and yet still deal with the same issues. Do you think it… Read more »
I relate to your story of being jaded, Jon, and with the comments here. One problem I’m having right now is with the language around spiritual healing. I was at a conference today dealing with creating a national network of spiritual healers and energy workers, and words were flying around like “holding space,” “safe space,” “holding yourself,” “honoring this,” “brilliance,” “beautiful beings,” etc. I’m sure you all know the vocab. The thing is, I used to really like these words. I was grateful for this language at first; when it was new to me it gave me new concepts and… Read more »
Gettin’ to this late in the game… Been busy just surviving and working thru a long and brutal betrayal of the heart (23+ years of commitment) which destroyed my life. When faced with a LOT less time on this rock than once there was, you realize that now EVERY moment counts!! Long story short… spent most of that 23+ years refining specialized skills within Corp America (basically savin’ asses) in order to provide for my family – home, lifestyle, etc. Balancing work and home is usually challenging for most people – was no different for me… Became very jaded having… Read more »
Tamera Lay
I absolutely have! I am a life coach and an actor. I love them both equally and wanted to do both, so I did! But as an actor there’s so much of the business that I don’t like/agree with, so a while back I found myself in a really negative space. I realized I had lost my faith in myself and my talent. It was horrifying for me, because it had never happened before. I was jaded and bitter for the first time in my life when it came to my acting. When I realized this, I decided to nip… Read more »

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