The Radical Implications of Showing Up Completely Alive

The Radical Implications of Showing Up Completely Alive

You have two choices:

Go through the motions, or show up completely and radically alive.

The first is better than not showing up at all. It’s essential for the days when you just aren’t feeling it and need to overcome inertia. But it pales in comparison to the possibilities of showing up enthusiastic and fully self-possessed.

The implications of showing up alive include…

  • Noticing hidden opportunities
  • Getting out of your head and operating in a bigger way
  • Letting go of your petty worries
  • Fully enjoying and appreciating where you are
  • Making a massive impact

I could keep going on, but showing up completely alive is about more than clever bullet points. And to be honest, to do this even a fraction of the time is fucking difficult.

Most days I resolve myself to showing up completely alive. And most days I fail righteously.

Still, I’ve scarcely seen any pursuit that is half as worthwhile.

Each time I succeed, it encourages me to strengthen my resolve. Each time I get caught up in the unimportant minutiae, it reminds me of the importance of showing up radically alive.

I’ve noticed the implications of aliveness are immense during creative work, sex, movement, and doing nothing. But any activity can be transformed by it. The extraordinary is found in the ordinary.

The world could be shifted dramatically if we spent less time preparing and planning, and more time showing up honestly — hearts wide open and enthusiastic. I’ll take fully alive over over-prepared any day.

The truth is, I can’t do this alone. I need your help, so I’d love for you to share this. But more importantly, the best way to inspire others is to come to whatever you’re doing completely alive.


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