The Number One Productivity Hack: Doing Shit

How much progress has thinking about something gotten you?

You might think that thinking about, gathering knowledge and plotting your route to success is important. But it doesn’t amount to much.

There are plenty of systems you can implement to help you become more productive. You can hack moleskins, read articles on “33 tips to boost your productivity,” and create mind-blowing mind-maps.

But at the day end of the day what adds up is what you do, not what you think about.

Even still, many people spend much of their time trying to create the ultimate game plan. But you can’t perfect a game plan that hasn’t been tested in the field of reality. You can’t correct a path that you have yet to walk.

I’ve spent my fair share of time looking for habit changing hacks. Sometimes they worked, most of the time they didn’t because I wasn’t spending time on what mattered most: actually doing the habit.

The same goes with doing what matters. We spend a lot of time over-engineering and tweaking systems that we don’t really need.

If we spent more time doing shit, we’d get a lot more done

Like I said, what you think about doesn’t matter much. What matters is what you actually do. People don’t tend to care much about good ideas or big plans.

But I know a lot of people that would happily pay money for products that solve their problems, books that change their lives and guidance that saves them time, energy and frustration. Thinking about creating these offerings doesn’t help many people. Publishing them does. Hanging up your shingle does.

It’s not that we should just spend more time mindlessly acting, and being prolific just for the sake of it. Quotas = crap. Consciously doing more of the things that matter, and bringing them to completion is what brings about real change. Spending more time executing gets your gifts out into the hands of those that need what you have to offer.

This isn’t a treatise against creative planning, strategizing, or plotting the unearthing of your empire. Those things are obviously important and shouldn’t be overlooked.

But great ideas don’t amount to much unless their used.

So, what do you think? Should we spend more time living what we think about?

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