The Mantra of the World’s Greatest Influencers

Success isn’t a result of spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire. –Arnold H. Glasow

Simply put, indecision is the progress killer.

Decide, revise, decide, revise should be the herald of the true adventurer and sovereign woman.

There is a quality that all great leaders look for that is a diamond indeed hard to come by, and that is the quality of self initiative.

Most people wait for direction, then once received they execute and seek approval and direction for revision based on their actions.

How many times, when faced with a decision today, have you responded automatically with “I don’t know” and deferred taking action, or asked someone else to make the decision?

This type of behavior is habitual and is your greatest predator threatening your survival as an entrepreneur.

For the next week, challenge yourself to ban the phrase “I don’t know” from your vocabulary, and replace it with the words “I’ll figure it out.” Those four words make up the mantra of the world’s greatest influencers.

Whether it’s choosing where to go out to lunch with the boys, or what movie to watch with your lover, offer to make the decision at any opportunity you can. The more you exercise your decision making muscles, the more powerful and productive you’ll become.

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Thanks! “I’ll figure it out” has brought me a long way this last year. YOU told me: “Catalina, you’ll figure it out”. Life has made me take some crazy choices! So I’m following my hearts desire, planning and doing, decided to be and live the example I want to theach our first born comming in june. And I am figuring it out, everyday, step by step, patientlly and enjoying the process. So thank you.


It’s so true that the habit of indecision is completely disempowering and the opposite is true of grabbing life’s decisions and taking them on, you’re engaging your personal power, bringing it forth. I am a sovereign woman, Queen Decision Maker, and “I Will Figure It Out”. Go!


“Decide, revise,” seem pretty worthy as a mantra as well. Two for one!

Maria Portas

Thankyou! As always perfect timing.
Needed to hear this today :)


Short and sweet indeed. This the thing im most struggling with. I’m feeling lost in my life, don’t know what my passions are, and I just DON’T KNOW where to start and which path to CHOOSE. This little wakeup call, or more like a reminder, is feeling needed right now. Thank you for sharing Jonathan :) Cheers from Spain.

Dubem Menakaya
Dubem Menakaya

I heard a great quote that ‘Indecision means you don’t trust yourself’. There’s definitely a link to a lack of belief in one’s abilities and responses that leaves us in purgatory.

I’ll figure it out is a great way to help reprogramme oneself and start navigating towards the promised land!


awesome, thanks!


I struggle with indecision. That’s the one that keeps me stagnant.

Thanks for this reminder. I’ll do this. I’ll decide quick, the one that I feel right.

Then I can always change direction anytime.


[…] I think we all will have situations that feed our indecisiveness.  The Paid to Exist blog explores an alternative in The Mantra of the World’s Greatest Influencers. […]


Thank You! I realized that freedom is more important to me than anything. Once I made this discovery my life changed and my decisions did too. I’ve spent most of my life being paralyzed by fear of making a decision. “Decide. Revise. Decide. Revise.” I appreciate it.

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