How to Let Others Shine

How to Let Others Shine

There is an incredibly quick way to wake up from an overdose of self-importance: Helping others shine.

However, it’s easy to get caught up in the bubble of our self-sabotage when we think…

  • That others are always thinking about and watching you. (Hint: They’re probably thinking you’re thinking about them!)
  • We can do it all on our own.
  • Asking for help is a sign of weakness.
  • [insert your own ludicrous reason here]

When we become hyper focused on these merry-go-round thoughts, we forget about the incredible gifts others have. We also miss out on opportunities for creating great things when we join forces with others.

Acknowledging the greatness in others isn’t just about opportunity; it makes us feel good. And as an added bonus, it helps remind us of our own greatness.

There are more reasons that helping others shine benefits ourselves and the world. I’ve found seven of them:

1. It feels good to share the stage.

Life isn’t a solo performance. At best, life is a series of beautifully intertwined interactions and relationships. After all, it’s by relating to others that we know ourselves. By sharing the stage and witnessing the talents of others, we become more aware of our own talents.

Sharing the stage also helps us become more honest about the areas where we’re not the greatest, and that it’s okay not to be. We all have our own areas of mastery, and areas of lack, and embracing that helps ourselves and others shine.

2. It’s more fun when you share.

Have you ever noticed as soon as you see a hilarious YouTube video you immediately want to share it? Or that when you see a funny part in a movie, you look at the person you’re watching it with?

Happiness is magnified when shared. Just as the brightness of our individual lights is greater when joined with others.

3. Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you should.

I could learn how to become good at storytelling, creating business systems, and putting together raving events. But there are others that are much better at those things than I am. So why not send people their way instead and give them the spotlight?

I see this happen all the time with people trying to get their websites set up. Just because you can learn HTML and Photoshop doesn’t mean you should. Why not let someone else shine that can share their talents?

4. Potential explodes when talents are synchronized.

There is a lot of truth to the saying “We’re greater together than apart.” The sum of our talents is greater than each of our individual parts.

Partnering and working together doesn’t take anything away from the value that you have to offer; it compliments and amplifies it. Each of our gifts are like unique gemstones: when artfully arranged their beauty increases.

5. Giving is contagious.

Conventional forms of giving might include donating money and volunteering time or resources. These methods of giving are great, but when we see these as the only possibilities, we overlook an incredibly powerful way to give: by acknowledgment.

Acknowledging and encouraging others is the cheapest and possibly the most impactful way to give to others. The people in my experience that stand out the most are those that have encouraged me and acknowledged the gifts that I have.

Plus, giving is viral. Think of the last time someone gave you something meaningful (physical or otherwise). Didn’t it inspire you to give to others too?

6. Helping others shine feels good.

It feels good to get outside of your recurrent brain patterns about your unimportant problems. When you acknowledge the brilliance in others it’s nearly impossible to not feel good.

Appreciation is the fastest route to feeling good and remembering what really matters.

7. Your light burns brighter the more you ignite the fire of others.

It seems paradoxical, right? You would think the more you focus on the greatness in others, the less you have for yourself. But the opposite is true. The more you use your flame to spark a fire in others, the more that appreciation is reciprocated. When you shine a light on the brilliance of others, that light and acknowledgment is often reflected back to you. The implications of paying it forward are vast.

The more you give, the more you become a conduit of illumination. You plug your heart’s spark plug into something bigger than you.

So, in the spirit of illuminating, there are a few people I would like to acknowledge that have helped me shine brighter:

  • Dave Navarro. An incredibly smart guy that will challenge you to play a much bigger game. His training has helped me grow my business tremendously.
  • Everett Bogue. His creativity inspires me to push the envelope of what I think I’m capable of. Plus, he blogs about zombies.
  • Danielle LaPorte. She fueled my fire to realize the power of encouragement.
  • Adam Baker. His level of dedication and incredible spirit of giving is inspiring to me.
  • Clay Collins. On several occasions, I’ve called Clay “The James Brown of Internet Marketing.” He has more soul and crazy smarts than anyone I know when it comes to trading your gifts for money.

There are many, many other people that have helped me shine. Thank you.

Now, over to you my beautiful and talented readers:

Who’s a person you’d like to acknowledge? Don’t let another day go by without acknowledging someone that needs to know their gifts are appreciated.

Share in the comments and link them here if you dare. Do it anonymously if that’s what it takes.

photo courtesy of nishanthjois

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