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If this is your first rodeo and you don’t know what we’re all about, here’s the elevator version:

Paid to Exist is about eliminating the separation between what you get paid to do and what you love, so you can contribute to your world and live a life of freedom.

We’re here to help you create a life you’d never want to change and cultivate a path you’d never want to stop walking.

We are in your corner and here to help you along your journey.

We handpicked some of our best resources and packed this page with inspiring stories from the real world and actionable how to guides.

You can use it to start shaping your escape plan today.

Dominika and Cedric

Enjoy it, and welcome to the PTE (Paid to Exist) family, Adventurer!

Dominika and Cedric

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Without further due …

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  • A detailed field guide to help you acclimate to your new Paid to Exist life. We present three shifts you must make in order to make getting paid to be you a reality.
  • In-depth case studies and reports from other travellers that have reclaimed their freedom. Look over their shoulder and learn from their stories to see how you can start working for yourself as well.
  • Our 8 guiding principles. This is what we believe and stand for. If you want to fully commit to this path (this is the rest of your life we’re talking about) of being Paid to Exist, pledge yourself to this code of ethics to live by and watch a new world unfold ahead of you.
  • And much more.

We call this collection of kickass guides the Escape Backpack.

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Being Paid to Exist may seem like a pretty bold goal at first, but experience taught us it is mostly a matter of method (and action).

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“Paid to Exist gave me two invaluable things: solid guidance on what really works, and the confidence to make things happen.”~ Cara Stein

Step 3 – Explore Our Best Content

Ready to dive deep?

We’ve been helping people quit following a template and blaze their own trail since 2008, so there’s a fair amount to read on our blog.

To help you get started fast (and avoid information overload) we created this collection or our best essays, guides and case studies on getting paid to be who you are.

On Quitting Your Job

Finding Your Deepest Purpose

Inspiring Stories and Case Studies

Building Your Trailblazer Business

Inspirational Fuel for the Road

Step 4 – Join the Trailblazer Journey

Want to finally wake up excited about your work?

Discover our bestselling course on identifying your passion and making your first $1k.

eric-greyI have a clearer focus on my passion & message, a realization that I *can* do what I want to do and that my whole life is truly integrated and should be. I was able to make $15,000 with an interest list of about 250 people using the steps outlined in Trailblazer.” -Eric Grey

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