And so, here we are, the new Roaring 20s began…

Only a few days in and already watching the news makes me want to hide under the duvet, eating chocolate and re-watching Friends.

We feel you, Ross…

Still, despite the planet being literally on fire and the slight possibility of a world war three, we have to put ourselves together and make something out of this year, right?

If there is one thing I want to be in the next 12 months is to be completely unapologetic.

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6 Elements Of A Perfect Morning Routine You Will Actually Stick To

I’m a big believer in the power of morning routine. I think that if you can kick ass first thing in the morning, you’re much more likely to remain in control of your day.

But I also think that the reason why so many of us fail to stick to it, despite best intentions, is that too often we try to use other people’s ideas of what a perfect morning ritual should include. All that “10 minutes meditation followed by a walk on the grass and journaling” advice sounds great but it doesn’t work for everybody.

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5 steps money & fulfilment business formula

If I had to describe the best formula to create a business that not only brings money but also an enormous amount of fulfilment and satisfaction, I’d say it’s an intersection between two things:

1. What you’re most passionate about, and…

2. What other people are willing to pay you for

Now, sometimes our dreams and passions will be completely personal and self-absorbed. And that’s perfectly fine, we shouldn’t expect to earn a living from those things.

But if you want to receive an income from a passionate contribution to the world, you need to make sure other people find it valuable as well.

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Is stress killing your focus & creativity? Try this.

Do you ever feel like stress and anxiety are overtaking your life? Peace, focus and creativity are slipping away and it feels like you’re your days are just about ticking off the never-ending to-do list?    

Welcome to the club.

I’m currently a woman on a mission, and that mission is to bring back more focus, creativity and calm into my life. 

Here are some of the things I’ve tried so far: 

  • Lying on the bed and doing nothing else but listening to the music (I don’t think I’ve done that since I was a teenager);
  • Leaving my phone at home, going to the park, sitting on the grass and watching people (amazing how many ideas I can come up with!);
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One question you should to ask yourself to take back control over your money
When Cedric and I decided to leave London, we came across the big question – what the hell are we going to do with all our stuff? Furniture was easy; it stayed in the flat. The problems began when we started to empty those cupboards and drawers. It was like opening Pandora box.

The piles and piles of stuff we forgot we even had. Looking at dozens of bags filled with things we decided to give away, sell or throw away was overwhelming.

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