Your Offer to the World (and how this all got started)

As most of you know from reading this blog, I’ve been at this “getting paid to be you” thing for a while.

In 2009 I quit my job to do this full time, and it’s been a really fun ride since. I’ve helped dozens of people quit their jobs and start doing something meaningful to them where they’re working on their own terms.

It’s been a long time since I worked in what my coworkers called “file hell” — but I still sympathize with each person that emails me telling me about how much they crave their own freedom.

So, here’s how this all got started…

How this whole “get paid to be you” thing got started

It all began when I read a blog post that had a list of reasons you should never get a job. At the time, it had never occurred to me that there was any other option. I thought working to live was the only option.

But in that moment it made total sense. I could actually choose whether or not I did something meaningful and enjoyable with my work.

Up until that point I thought it was just the “way things worked.”

When I had that epiphany, I made a vow to myself that I would become self employed by the age of 23. After a lot of work — often waking up at 5am and working on the weekends — I reached that goal. My life has never been the same since.

And while I worked toward becoming self employed, I created my own path as I walked it. I didn’t have a map to follow. I found lots of training out there on SEO, social media, and a hodgepodge of techniques and tricks. But there wasn’t anything out there that taught you “How to find your offer to the world, and get people to say Yes.”

So, as I walked the path I made things up as I went along

I tested, constantly. If something wasn’t worth the return on my investment, I scrapped it and only did more of the stuff that worked. I trekked many different paths. I started with Google AdSense (that, frankly, sucked). I tried selling ads and doing affiliate promotions. That worked a bit better, but I still felt like I was capable of more.

When I launched my own product, I finally felt like things were building momentum. I started making a decent amount of money, and at that time I felt like this whole pursuit was really possible.

I went from “might happen” to “just a matter of time.”

As I stumbled along I found out, in the trenches, what worked and what didn’t. I created my own map.

An unexpected turn of events

Somewhere along the way, people started paying attention. So I began giving advice to friends and readers that were interested in blogging and working for themselves, following their own passions.

The emails kept increasing, and people started leaving comments and asking questions. To my surprise I began building a readership that wanted to know how they could do this too.

And to tell you the truth… I wasn’t sure that I could deliver. Who was I to tell people how to do this when I had just figured it out myself? I was no expert, I was just a normal person creating my own freedom, step by step, falling down and getting back up.

But, they kept asking. So, I started to consider whether or not I could really help people with this.

People wanted help finding their offer to the world, so they could their own livelihood. And it didn’t seem like they could find how to do this anywhere else.

So, with some reluctance…

I tested the waters

I started helping people with one-on-one in coaching. And lo and behold, finding their passion and getting paid to do what they love was what 99% of people wanted help with.

They knew they had something to offer to the world, but they weren’t sure how to get to the root of it, and how to deliver or package it in a way that got others excited and interested.

They desperately want to get their gifts into the world, and be in control of their own purpose, and I thought I could help them.

And to my surprise, I started getting people results. People were getting clear on what they had to give to the world, and what they wanted their work to be about. My clients quit their jobs and plunged head first into entrepreneurship.

I never thought it would get this out of hand

Back when I first started, I knew that I wanted to create my own freedom, but I never thought it would end up this big.

I never could have dreamed that I would…

  • Become one of the top day job quitting coaches in the world, and have the incredible success rate that I do.
  • Write regularly for some of the top blogs online, including Zen Habits.
  • Work with clients on nearly every continent (except Antarctica) and that I would learn that people all over the world find this stuff important.
  • Build a blog of over 20,000 subscribers.
  • Impact so many people and be touched by their warmth as much as I have.

I’ve also been blessed to be able to have a very comfortable and fulfilling lifestyle. Some of my family thinks I’m crazy (my neighbors probably wonder why my wife and I wear sweatpants all day).

But, I enjoy being able to work from home, spends tons of quality time with my family, and work with amazing people. I love being able to take a break in the middle of the day and run the trails around my home in Portland. (It’s where I do some of my best work thinking about the vision and future of this business.)

I enjoy a lot of freedom and I’ve had the pleasure of helping others create similar existences.

As I said before, when I started out on this journey, there weren’t many maps. And I was reluctant at first to create something to help people with this. But people demanded, begged and pleaded for a solution.

So I wasn’t surprised when we sold out all of our spots in the initial launch of Trailblazer.

And because of that demand, we’re getting ready to do it again.

The promise of Trailblazer is this:

By the end of the program you’ll have discovered your unique offer to the world and know how to present it to people in a way that gets them to say Yes. You’re guaranteed to make at least $1,000 doing what you love in six months.

And with this special Return of Trailblazer, we’re doing a live presentation (completely free) on the three truths to creating a successful offer to the world:

  • How to create a clear destination for your offer to dramatically improve its chance of success
  • The truth about the “unfortunate lie” that is holding most people back from succeeding (most people don’t even know they’re spreading this)
  • Why the world needs what you have to offer, and how to step fully into your purpose (and stop getting in your own way)

This webinar continues to get rave reviews and I’m excited to share it with you now (though there is limited space, so make sure you reserve your spot).

If you want to learn more about blazing your own path then join us on the next webinar.

You can learn more about it and register here (don’t forget space is limited!)

Let’s make history.

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Congratulations, Jonathan. The first round of trailblazer was amazing. I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in walking this path.


Sounds like a great Webinar Jonathan … thanks for putting it together and sharing it. I have it scheduled in my calendar … now I just need to get the time zone straight :)


I’m on board. Just finished 0HWW and it has helped change my life. Thanks Jonathan…


I’m sure it will be amazing like the first round.

It was awesome to walk the seven weeks which gave me great benefit and knowledge.

If you want to learn walking by your own feet in this subject this is the course to do.


Inspiring story makes me wanna shake the shackles that bind me!


Jonathan, glad to hear you’re still rockin’ it brother. I’m about 10 months from the big leap myself. Things keep coming together in unexpectedly amazing ways. I’m learning that if you form clear intent and work toward it every day you will accomplish great things.


I feel like I wrote that, except I am still looking… As with shanimarissa I need to get my time zone right



This is @quintongoodman I “Stumbled Upon” your blog yesterday. I am interested in what your doing. I going to check out the webniar.


I’ve always been amazed at the people you have coached… they all seem to go out and make this online space a better place. I know that I am extremely grateful for all you have done for me. When enough time passes, I think you will be recognized as a person who launched the careers of so many people who are making a difference. Sweet legacy.


Hi Jonathan, thinking of you today as I was running barefoot – OK so it was only on a beach so not sure it really counted ;-) Anyway, keep rockin your success and here’s to a great trailblazing programme.



That Sounds Wonderful. You seem to have things going well. Congrates!


Is the gurantee $1,000 over the course of the six months ($166.67 per month) or is it you’ll be making $1,000 per month by the end of six months?

I’ll be checking out the webinar (and likely Trailblazer) either way


[…] This is a follow up to this post that had several hundred people sign up for my one-time event on creating your offer to the world. […]


Was that Steve Pavlina’s blog post? He he! I’m in the middle of your phase, “the people taking notice phase”. It’s an interesting road, with lots of bumps along the way… at the moment.

Bruno Coelho


All I can say is that I’m glad that you’ve chosen to walk this path! :)

Being on Trailblazer for 3 months now and it’s been an absolute joy seeing how the fog is being replaced with a path to become ALL I can be! Love it!

Thank you my friend!

Bruno Coelho

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