Your Comfort is Not Important


There are many things in life that you will take great pleasure in doing that will not be comfortable. You may dread them. You may even begin imagining ways you could painlessly end your time here on earth to avoid the task at hand.

It’s funny, isn’t it? We know security is a myth. Yet, we often act in a way that favors comfort over fulfillment.

I know that I, personally, have acted in this way many times. I do what I want when the risk is minimal. I tell myself that there are really no other choices, when in reality, there are choices everywhere. They’re just not very comfortable.

So the question is this: does feeling good really matter?

You would think so, right? But the exact opposite is true in reality. It’s often when you think you’re the most comfortable that there’s a subtle undercurrent of dissatisfaction.

You’ve settled. And a little part of your soul dies.

The main reason you settle is because the unknown is not an agreeable place to reside; you can’t predict what will happen. But most of all, you settle to protect your ego.

That’s because your ego doesn’t like it when you can’t predict the future. It doesn’t like knowing that your choice — the one that will really make you feel content — may end up failing. When your ego can’t predict the outcome, it goes into survival mode. It’s easier to take the safe, predictable path.

But we all know deep down that survival is a temporary bet, anyway. Security does not exist in reality.

So what’s the alternative?

Ignore yourself.

Choose to act in a way that may scare you, may not make you feel good, but will leave you feeling fulfilled. Choose the path that calls to your heart; the one that may be dark, obscure, and strewn with obstacles. That is the path worth traveling.

Whether you are compelled to do something comfortable or not, your job is to face the calling. Do not think about comfort or discomfort. Do what would make you feel most alive.

If you find it hard to stop thinking about the pain or difficulty a challenge may cause you, remember that you don’t have to listen to your thoughts. If you don’t like what you have to say to yourself, you have the option of ignoring yourself. I do it all the time.

The more you practice ignoring the thoughts you don’t like, the more they’ll learn it’s no use trying to persuade you.

This is what I like to call “artful ignorance.”

Once you grasp this, you’ll inherit Internal Harmony. That is the ultimate goal. When you’re in harmony internally, comfort and discomfort are not important to you. You just do whatever is most aligned with your values.

Don’t do what you think will make you happy. Don’t do what’s comfortable.

Feeling good is not important.

Fulfillment is something you can’t trade. For anything.

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