You are guest speaking on TED in 3 days (you’re ready, right?)

You are guest speaking on TED in 3 days (you’re ready, right?)

I’ve got a fun challenge for you…

It’s something I’ve asked one of my coaching clients to do when we talked about her struggle to find her offer to the world.

It’s very simple.

Imagine that in three days from today you have to give a Ted talk in front of a thousand people.

3 days. That’s all the time you have to pick a topic and prepare for it.

You can talk about anything you want. There are no limits.


But that’s not all.

You also have to make sure that your talk is not just a boring summary of Wikipedia facts.

Remember, the reason why people love to watch TED talks is because they are more than just a knowledge show off.

The speakers not only present facts, they also share their personal take on them –

Their own perspective, ideas, stories…

Making the audience think “Wow, I’ve never looked at it this way”.

You see, when I asked my client about her TED talk, the topic she picked sounded a bit dull to me.

Not my cup of tea, I thought.

But then she started going into details of what exactly she would say, and… bloody hell!

She made it sound fascinating!

An unexciting subject was filtered through her unique experiences, beliefs and ideas…

Suddenly I wanted to listen and know more about it!

That’s what happens when we allow our true selves to emerge, when we let our emotions, beliefs, ideas and values shine.

People stop and listen.

So if you’re still looking for your passion – your offer to the world –  don’t look too hard:

As many of our students have said, the answer is within you.

It is just a matter of finding the right angle, that little twist that let your emotions, beliefs, ideas and values shine.

Find your unique twist and get paid to be you.

Your first fan,


P.S. Your mission for today is to come up with a TED Talk title and share it in the comments below:

– Pick a topic that is close to your heart,

– Come up with a catchy title,

– Think about your own, unique perspective you have on the subject.

Be as raw and honest as possible.

That’s what people crave… in the world full of fakery

Remember, no topic is too small, too silly, too unimportant or too trivial.

All that counts is that you’d feel comfortable talking about it.

So… close your eyes and imagine yourself 3 days from now…

Standing at the stage in front of a friendly, curious crowd….

TED logo behind you…

You start talking…

And people at the audience think… “Wow, I’ve never thought about it that way!”

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An Interesting mission, Dominika.

Here’s my title: Above the Clouds on Maslow’s Mountain

Rebecca Rogers
Rebecca Rogers

Your relationship. Should you stay, or walk away?

Holly Meyer
Holly Meyer

I accept your challenge!

Here is my TedTalk Title: ‘Flipping the Environmental Activist Switch’ – my talk would be about how ‘seeing’ the wonder of the natural world – the ‘good news’ that helps us envision a more sustainable future – helps internalize the need for change and motivates people to action.

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