Win a Free Membership to Trailblazer

Win a Free Membership to Trailblazer

Good morning fellow Trailblazers.

My team and I have been hard at work (except for our Shihtzu, Sofie, she’s mostly been barking in her sleep) on the new Trailblazer program.

We’ve been releasing a series of videos over the past few weeks, and shared the success stories of some of our awesome members. And last week we had everyone vote on a new emblem for the program (which generated nearly 200 comments).

In less than two weeks we’ll be opening the doors to the brand, shiny new program, but for now, there’s nothing to buy. So put away your wallet. :)

My heart has really been overjoyed by the flood of comments, emails and tweets about the videos we’ve been releasing. I’m really blown away and humbled by all of the kind words and support we’ve gotten from partners and past members sharing this message.

I think it’s important to get this message out there that you don’t have to play someone else’s game, and you really can get paid to be who you are. I feel like this message is starting to resonate on a bigger level.

How to win a free membership to Trailblazer

I want to give two highly inspired people a free membership to Trailblazer. It will be tough to pick the winners, but ideally they should be a good fit for the product and be diligent implementers.

We’ll be reviewing all of the entries and making a decision within the next week.

The deadline for entry is Tuesday, January 24th at 8pm EST.

Here’s how to enter:

  1. Step 1: Leave a comment below on this post.
  2. Step 2: In your comment tell us: Why you think Trailblazer can help you create a thriving lifestyle business, getting paid to be who you are..
  3. Optional: record a video and upload to Youtube (bonus points).

We’ll choose the most compelling two responses and will announce the winners next Wednesday.

Also, please be as short and sweet as possible. It’ll make it easier on us to judge the entries.

If you like, you can also vote for someone else’s entry by leaving a comment on their entry.

Okay, that’s it! Leave a comment below to enter!

I’m looking forward to reading all of the responses. This should be really fun. :)


Entries are now CLOSED, but I am leaving the  comments open since there has been so much amazing discussion and support. Thank you everyone for entering!


Everyone had amazing entries and each of you are already one step closer by stepping up and putting yourself out there. It was extremely difficult to choose just two winners (which is why it took an extra day to make a decision) In the end there was a tie and we went 3 winners! The winners of the Free Passes to Trailblazer are (in no particular order):

1. Brett Henly

2. Benjamin Jenks

3. Megan Andrietti

Winners will be contacted shortly with more details. Thanks to everyone who entered. Keep following your dreams and blazing those paths.

photo courtesy of Orin Zebest

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