Why Quitting Your Job Won’t Solve All Your Problems

Why Quitting Your Job Won’t Solve All Your Problems

There’s been a lot of energy and conversation lately around the topics of lifestyle design and following your passion.

Some people will tell you that quitting your job and doing what you love is a panacea for all of life’s problems. It’s the cure for what’s ailing the stressed out, overworked, and underengaged human.

The truth is obvious: quitting your job will definitely not solve all of your problems. Just as finding your One True Love, or the One True Religion won’t magically make all of your problems go away either.

With anything that we strive for, the grass usually seems greener on the other side. It can be hard not to romanticize the achievement of your goal. But the truth is that the road to the summit may not always be easy, and when we get there, we may find ourselves with the same mind we came there with, asking “What next?”

If you’re relying on something external to solve your problems, and you attain that external solution, you’ll likely be in a position to create another ideal, and another set of problems. With that comes another set of judgments about where you want to go, and inevitably, more striving.

The truth is, nothing beyond yourself will set you free. Freedom is a state of mind. You have the choice, right now, to do whatever you want. Will there be consequences or ripple events created based on your decisions? Yes. But that freedom to do what you want is always within your grasp, now.

I think a lot of people want to quit their jobs because the situation of working for yourself brings a sense of more freedom and control. And that is a real shift, in a situational context.

But there are limitations to working for yourself, to the perfect relationship, or anything else we might want.

So maybe it’s not the lack of limits that we’re seeking. Maybe we simply want to choose how we create our own limits, on our own terms.

Looking back, that’s why I wanted to quit my job. I thought it would bring me freedom, and yes, I too romanticized what that reality would be like once I “escaped.”

But these days I’m realizing more and more that freedom is something that we have access to right now. Anytime you rely on something else for it, you give your power to that something else. And that’s definitely not freedom.

If you want to quit your job or pursue any dream, realize that it is not a destination that brings you freedom. It’s exercising your power to be free right now that allows you to choose working for yourself.

Sometimes we need a reminder that freedom is something freely accessed, regardless of our life situation.

Let’s not forget that.

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[…] you’d like to learn more on quitting your job, stop by my blog at http://www.journeyofmyown.com for advice and pointers on how to start your own […]


[…] you’d like to learn more on how to quit your job, stop by my blog at http://www.journeyofmyown.com for guidance and pointers on how to start your own […]


[…] you’d like to learn more on quitting your job, stop by my blog at http://www.journeyofmyown.com for guidance and recommendations on how to launch your […]


[…] you want to learn more on quitting your job, stop by my blog at http://www.journeyofmyown.com for information and recommendations on how to kick off […]


[…] you want to learn more on quitting your job, stop by my blog at http://www.journeyofmyown.com for guidance and recommendations on how to launch your […]


[…] you’d like to learn more on quitting your job, stop by my blog at http://www.journeyofmyown.com for information and pointers on how to start your own […]


[…] you’d like to learn more on quitting your job, stop by my lifestyle design blog for advice and tips on how to kick off your own business and make […]

Nice insight Jonathan! Quitting in and of itself isn’t the answer. That’s like voting against a candidate in an election instead of voting FOR someone or starting a revolution to depose a government but having no plan for what you actually want to create in the void that ensues. In my work helping others, I’ve found that most people quit their jobs just because they don’t want to work for someone else. Not because they want to work for themselves or because they are passionate about creating something. When you quit simply because you don’t want to work for someone… Read more »

Topic reminds me of Larkin’s poem – Poetry of Departures (http://www.poemhunter.com/best-poems/philip-larkin/poetry-of-departures/): ‘… But I’d go today, Yes, swagger the nut-strewn roads, Crouch in the fo’c’sle Stubbly with goodness, if It weren’t so artificial, Such a deliberate step backwards’

While I do think your post is logical and points out the actual result to the 90% of the people that try to launch their own endeavors, I think it’s really discouraging and has a negative effect. No, quitting the job won’t solve the problems. But the job is a huge source of the problem, the only reason we all work is to bring food to the table and pay the bills. I know there’s people out there who love working in their field, but event hey know that work is work and they might rather be doing something else.… Read more »

It wasn’t until I made the choice to change my attitude and show up whole hearted and committed to where I was in the present that I was able to start making authentic changes in my life.

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This is a pretty good article! Be your own boss, why work for someone else and make them money. I wrote a similar on my website, you can check it out if you click my name. Thanks!

Relationship Advice for Women

I knew that quitting my job wasn’t going to solve any of my problems, but I felt so overwhelmed at one time earning a living at something I hated. While I built my business, I took 4 sick days to recoup and then I put in 3 hours everynight at my blog. It has paid off. I think that following your dreams can sometimes make you more of a prisoner! Thanks for this!

This post didn’t seem to resonate with me on the same level as it appears to have resonated with others. I think that might be due to a couple of different things. First off, everything you do should have the same underlying question behind it, “WHY?”. In the case of quitting your job, ask “why”, do you dream of travelling the world? Does your job completely impede on all your dreams? Can you not handle your boss? To me, those are fair “whys”, while most would say, suck it up and persevere through your boss’ crap. That’s a person that… Read more »

You can quit your job but you’ll still take YOURSELF with you into whatever you do next.
If you do make the brave move of quitting your job I think it’s best not to do it as a form of escape, but more as a result of growth.


5 years ago I quit my job to be my own boss, It was a great feeling of freedom! 5 years later my business is super successful and I’m a slave of my own business….I have NO TIME for anything that is not work, I feel miserable and unhappy and I want to quit on myself! HELP! I don’t enjoy my work anymore! the grass is not greener on the other side!


Completely agree with this! I often tell my clients “who you are doesn’t change with your circumstances – be the person you want to be now.” A lot of people think things will be different “as soon as”, but once they get there they realize that the same mindset, struggles, and habits that made them unhappy in the first place have followed them to their new situation.

Antonio Bernard
My husband and I been through so many trials with family deaths and his illness, that changed both of us. I became an unhappy and unappreciative wife. My husband left. My relationship with the Lord was suffering. Him leaving was the best thing that ever happened to me. It woke me up. I started working with Dr fadeyi as a stander. But little did I realize that Dr fadeyi was going to reveal all the things in me that needed to change. helped me see the kind of wife I’m supposed to be. and i started seeking the hand of… Read more »
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My own boss, It was a great feeling of freedom! 5 years later my business is super successful and I’m a slave of my own business….I have NO TIME for anything.


[…] Jonathan Mead in Why Quitting Your Job Won’t Solve All Your Problems […]

OK this is nice and all, but I’m seeing most of the blame put on the self and no regard to how the current work environment treats the self. Take me for example, I have been working at a security firm for 10 years now (please shoot me now), and was very eager to get up the ranks and do the work that needed to be done to climb up to a better position. But that didn’t happen as the constant bs was thrown about on everyone, setting up unrealistic expectations and coming down heavy handed with negative reinforcement if… Read more »
Kevin Peter

I’m in this dilemma now. Sometime ago I did read a post where the author quit the job to take up travel writing and the instances she underwent to get courage, talk to her boss and the initial plan up.
The contrast I read here does actually make me think more. Overall a great insight. Thanks!

Quitting your job really is not the best thing you could do. It won’t really solve your problems. And you’re right. We have access to freedom right now. We can simply be free without quitting any job. Being free is a choice. You can quit, you can stay or you can find a new job and still be free. Just like what the Invisume’s main goal is. You can join for free. You can receive offers for free, and you are able to find the next great opportunity without having to quit your job! Invisume.com wants you to be free… Read more »
Jason - KAC
So true. It is important to define what ‘Freedom’ is to you….. I quit my day job in order to build a business of my own that I could use to inspire others, leave a legacy, and provide for my future family and I. I still have a dream of travel, and working on a beach in Costa Rica somewhere, but for the moment I am choosing to work hard and doing what it takes to build something I’m proud of. Am I sitting on a tropical island sipping margaritas? Hell no. I’m hunked up with my PC working my… Read more »

Great post! it took me a while, but finally following my heart!


Hi Jonathan,
Is it possible to enjoy whatever you do if you come from a place of wholeness and connection to yourself & others, e.g. being an RN? Nursing can be drudgery but also a contribution to others. Just curious about your take on it.

Turkey Talent

I agree with the post and i’d like to say you guy has done very well. I love your content very much!


[…] Jonathan Mead’s Blog post: Quit Your Day Job […]


[…] Jonathan Mead’s Blog Post: Quit Your Day Job […]

I agree partially with this post. I do want to quit my job however, I do not want to quit because I want to be in control or having freedom. I am in the situation where I left a previous job and started working somewhere else. I only left the first job because the commute was longer. It was the worst mistake of my life and even if I did change my mindset and I still would not want to be there. I work in Public Service. The job is highly stressful, hostile environment,the workload and deadlines are extremely unrealistic.… Read more »
Joshua Lisec
Another juicy one, Jonathan! In my case, what led to my successful ‘job escape’ was not only despising cubicle slavery with every last atom of my existence, but being truly EXCITED about the opportunities that lay before me. When I put in my 2 week notice 3 years ago, I already had a high-paying freelance client, some miscellaneous side projects, and had a book release scheduled to bring in more dough. Quitting a job is never easy (especially when there’s not exactly a 100% safe and secure path before you), but it’s a lot easier when you’re fueled both by… Read more »

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I think fundamentally, the 9 to 5 is great for some and a prison for others. For me, the 9 to 5 is stultifying and has sent me through a crucible to discovering my passion. I don’t think a simple change of mindset can make someone happy, when they’re in a job that is fundamentally unsuited to them.

I think it takes an incredibly brave person to quit their salaried job. I haven’t yet been that brave, but will be soon.

Ganesh Kumar

Great article!

Ultimately, it is about how well you know yourself that will solve problems!


jeri rutherford
Great thoughts! I started and ran my business for five years before quitting my day job. It may seem odd to others but getting people to ride their bike instead of driving a car is really what matters to me. I am trying to save the planet one butt at at time and I figure the best way to do that is to create the most comfortable bike seat there is! We at RideOutTech.com care about our world and taking the step to be creative, (invent a totally different bike seat) and taking steps to free myself of having to… Read more »

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