Why Most People Fail to Make a Living Doing What They Love

More people are waking up to the reality that they don’t follow the typical work template: college > corporate job: ladder climbing > retirement.

But waking up to the possibility isn’t enough, and unfortunately, a lot of people fail at making it happen. They know what they don’t want — a 9 to 5 soul-sucking job — but they don’t know how to escape. Some people come up with a plan, a business idea and attempt to follow an obscure path. And they often fail as well.

So why is that?

I’ve found that the answer usually has to do with one of these three things:

  1. Lack of value. This one comes first because if you get everything else right, but don’t absolutely nail this, nothing else really matters. It doesn’t matter if you think cocoa butter shaving cream is fan-fucking-tastic if no one else cares. So ultimately, you have to put value above everything first and foremost. Of course, follow your heart, but make sure what’s in your heart can correlate to someone else’s wallet.
  2. Not wanting to run a business. A lot of people want to work for themselves, but when they find out they have to run a business, they are surprised. When you work for someone else, a lot goes on behind the scenes that you’re probably unaware: administrative, accounting, and other management work needs to be done. You can of course outsource or hire someone to do a lot of this stuff, but usually when you’re a first starting out, without a big budget, you have to handle this alone for a while.
  3. Not wanting to be a marketer. Many people want to make a living doing something they’re passionate about, or create an income from their art. But not a lot of people like actively selling themselves or promoting their work. A lot of people see this as sleazy, dirty, or even unethical. But in reality, products and services don’t sell themselves. It takes learning ethical marketing practices to truly be successful at making a living doing what you love. In reality, integrity-based marketing is merely the effective communication of value to the right person. When you see things from this context, it’s easier to become accustomed to marketing yourself and your business.

These are the three main pitfalls people tend to get caught up in, and cause them to never successfully make a living doing what they love.

If you’ve ever tried to, or wanted to create an income doing something you’re passionate about, maybe you’ve been afraid of facing these things too. I know I was when I first started out on this path.

It’s time for a new paradigm.

Paid to Exist is a step-by-step 8 week intensive program that will guide you from having no idea whatsoever on how to start, to becoming confident and equipped with all the tools you need to make getting paid to do what you love a success. I’m excited about re-opening the doors to Paid to Exist. We had a lot of success with the last 75 members and we’re making it even better this time.

Enrollment is now open, but it is limited to 75 people. And the enrollment will close on Sunday, February 21st.

If you want to make sure you get in, and actually make this happen for yourself, once and for all…

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If you have any questions about whether or not the program is right for you, I’d like to you to email me and let me know. I know a lot of people so far think this is a great program, but they’re not sure if it’s right for them in their specific situation. So, if you have any questions or specific concerns, I’d like to answer them for you.

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