Why I Decided to Fight

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In this video I talk about why I decided to fight in my amateur MMA (mixed martial arts) fight last month. I talk about the difference between training and application (in a real situation), and how important it is to step into the game. Excuse my jacked up hair, I just got back from teaching JKD at the park near my house.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s original martial art), and how I train, check out Jeet Kune Do University. It’s an online JKD training program that you can follow from your own home, created by my martial arts teacher.

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As Jonathan’s wife, I want everyone to know that I was pretty much shitting bricks the entire day of his fight.

Nevertheless, I was just as proud of him losing than I would have been if he won.

Here’s hoping he’ll continue JKD within the confines of a practice, rather than a competition. If only for my sanity. :]


I guess only time will tell… ;)

Seriously though, I couldn’t have done it if I didn’t have my wife’s 100% support. She has been amazingly patient and wonderful to me throughout my crazy escapades.

David Cain

Hey thanks for sharing this Jonathan. I’m a rather peaceful person but I am also an MMA fan, and I some people find that surprising. I guess it kind of looks like a contradiction, but I don’t really see it that way. I was interested to hear you talk about trying to retain a peaceful state while you’re in the middle of a fight.

I guess moving from training and learning to actual experience is always going to be a leap. Good for you for taking the leap.


Yeah, a lot of people have found it surprising in me too. I personally don’t see a contradiction, we all have different facets and layers to ourselves.


Lately, I’ve been thinking about simply reading and learning vs. real world applications. It’s made a big impact on how I live my life. Taking the advice that is useful to you is always a good thing, but actually taking the chance/risk to apply it is even better. I’ve read so many blog posts (thousands of words every year, before I even started my own blog), and used to rarely ever test out the advice they gave. It just made me feel good to read it somewhere else- to know that there is a solution felt gratifying. But to simply… Read more »


Thanks John, I’m glad you liked it.

Victoria Vives

I certainly can see how you grew from the fight. Great sharing in this video Jonathan, V

James Schipper

Glad you did it. It’s not an easy thing to step into a cage and test some theories. Nothing to be embarrassed about. That mental game is tough. I need to apply that in a few areas. Analysis only goes so far.

Are you going to share the video at some point?

Yael Grauer

I’ve never stepped inside the ring or cage, but I have done two jiu jitsu tournaments–and I always learn great things that apply to my life. Like slowing down and establishing position before working transitions. In my last tournament (I lost) I learned the importance of social support–mentally if nothing else. I didn’t have a coach or team with me, and it showed…

Great stuff.

Steve L
Steve L

Thanks for the thought provoking video. Stepping in a ring takes huge emotional courage, and facing up to a loss probably even more so. This post showed a lot of your personal strength. Not everyone can handle a loss in a creative and positive way. I personally have never stepped in a ring, but my emotions get going even watching fighters. It must be very intense to be in the ring.

I love your wife’s comment too btw. Awesome.



Good for you, Jonathan, for being willing to talk about trying and not living up to your initial expectations. The irony is that had you stepped into the ring and won easily, you wouldn’t have gotten all these great insights, which in the end, are far more valuable. People ask me now where they can learn to set up a marketing plan like the one I used for No Regrets Career Academy. I tell them about the training I took, but always with a warning: you’ll learn far more putting together your own launch than studying the material in the… Read more »

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