When You Need to Stop Listening

When You Need to Stop Listening

Sometimes we think we need to listen to other people to find out the best way.

It’s easy to feel that we need to learn better strategies, do more exercises and read more blog posts before we can find the best course of action. Doing this gets us caught in a doom spiral of endless preparation.

Today a client was telling me that he felt like there were so many ebooks out there he needed to read. “There’s so much great information that could help me improve or find a better way to do things.”

The problem was that despite consuming a lot of ebooks and courses he still wasn’t any closer to finding out what he wanted to do. But couldn’t there be the perfect exercise out there waiting to give you a blinding epiphany? Maybe… but probably not.

Angels don’t explode from the sky in a chorus delivering your true calling upon reading your 100th book. But sometimes we keep searching for an answer from someone else anyway, and it’s often because we’re not confident that we have the answers within ourselves.

Alan Watts once said “If you don’t get it from yourself, where will you get it?” I think that’s true. We can seek advice and look at the examples of others, but it’s our own inner wisdom that must guide us. If not, we’ll keep searching on a path to nowhere. Or worse, live based on someone else’s idea of what our life should be.

If you’re struggling to find your passion, or what you want your life to be about, yes, sometimes exercises and workbooks can help. Hell, I have a few available for free here. But they can only take you so far.

The best guidance you can get is from yourself. Everything you need is inside you. The best map is the one you create as you walk your path.

If you’re struggling with this my suggestion is to go on an information diet. Don’t read any blogs, books, ebooks or take in any inputs for a few weeks (or months if you’re bold). Spend some time reflecting and meditating on what you want your life to be about.

And perhaps, more importantly, allow yourself to really believe that this is possible. You can’t get permission or confidence by looking at the notes or approval of others. Faith comes from deeply trusting yourself.

If you’re struggling with this, I invite you to unplug from all the inputs for a while and see what’s inside of you.

My question for you: Have you ever struggled with information overload? What did you do about it?

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