When You Have Everything You Need, But Think You Don’t

It’s easy to get caught up in thinking we don’t already have what we need. We think that what we need is somewhere in the future; in an opportunity that hasn’t come, or some Ape-to-Man Missing Link perpetually undiscovered.

We think we don’t have the time (but we all have the same amount each day), energy, money or tools we need to do what we want. Yet, somehow when these resources do show up, we’re often surprised to find we now need something else. The conditions still aren’t just right.

I used to have this mindset with my Jeet Kune Do training. I would itch for a new pair of focus mitts, better headgear or different sparring partners. But when I got these things, did it improve my skill as a martial artist? Not much.

What had a much greater effect on my development was an elevation of spirit, heightened mindfulness and fiercer determination. The training tools are at the periphery, the internal qualities are at the core.

Whenever you want to kick ass — in life or in martial arts — it’s best to start from the core and the belief that you already have what you need.

I see a lot of people play this limited-resources game when they want to start their own business. He’s waiting for his wife to give him permission. She’s waiting for more supportive friends to arrive. And somehow even when these circumstances do change, there’s another reason queued up to explain why now isn’t the right time.

Relying on ideal circumstances to dictate your point of liftoff is a dangerous game. Waiting for the approval of others is even riskier.

But here’s the good news…

You already have all the resources you need right now.

If you need time and only have a little, that’s what you’ll use.

If you need space but it’s crowded, go outside.

If you need energy, try drinking a green smoothie for breakfast.

If you need love, it’s already inside of you.

If you need peace, breathe.

If you need permission, you can say yes to yourself, right now.

If you need a friend, you can email me.

If you need mentoring, get a library card.

If you need freedom, minimize your commitments.

If you need clarity, go for a walk.

If you need creativity, daydream.

Sometimes we think we need to put things off until the right resources come. And in some situations that can be the truth. But most of the time, it’s a sham. It’s better to be resourceful than to wait for resources to show up.

And what about all the resources you’ve yet to tap into? The books you’ve bought and haven’t read, the courses you enrolled in but haven’t finished, the advice you’ve received you have yet to take action on…

The truth is: there’s more in alignment right now than you think.

You have everything you need, because what you need is what you have. The best opportunities are created, not found.

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