What to Do When Your Goals Don’t Work

I’d like to tell you a little bit about how powerful coaching has been for me. Using coaches has been the most powerful catalyst for success and has changed my life.

By hiring professional coaches, I’ve been able to make huge leaps of success in my personal and professional life (I’ve had multiple coaches).

I’ve used a life coach, a business coach, and a product launch coach. I’ve also had a marketing coach and a martial arts coach.

Without coaching, I wouldn’t have experienced the amount of success I’ve had in life. And this is coming from someone who’s always done the rogue, do-it-yourself, “I’ll take charge of the school group project” mentality.

What I realized is that me trying to “go it alone” was one of the silliest things I could do. It’s like intentionally holding yourself back, in some weird attempt to defend your pride.

The reason most people don’t hire a coach or form partnerships

A lot of people pride themselves on being “self-made” and not taking any help from others. They could be down to their last stitch and still refuse any outside assistance. Independence is a proud claim for many people and much of our culture is centered around it.

But here’s where we go wrong: We confuse dependence with interdependence.

These two things are totally different. Dependence is seeking yourself in others. It means relying on them for approval and allowing others to influence your actions, even if they don’t agree with your sense of what’s right.

But interdependence is something different entirely. Interdependence is the event of independence and cooperation. It’s not seeking yourself in others, but seeking to support others’ natural sense of self.

That’s the power of coaching, and the power of partnership.

Your free coaching session and dream realization blueprint

If you are stuck in some area of your life and would like to start waking up excited, I would love to be your coach. If you need someone to keep you accountable, help you do what you love for a living and give you an occasional kick in the ass when you need it, I would love to be your coach.

If you’re tired of your goals not working, maybe it’s time to try what does work… Coaching.

Now that you know coaching is for you, let’s do a FREE 30 minute coaching session. In our session we’ll work together to create your “dream realization blueprint” — a step by step plan to help you get unstuck and on the path to realizing your dreams.

Due to the recent flood of requests to my inbox, I will temporarily not be taking any new free coaching sessions. I’ll let you know when I decide to renew the offer in the future.

How to get your session: Please go to the free session signup form, read the instructions and fill out the form.

I’ll only be taking about four or five clients right now. I want to keep my circle small so I can give the greatest possible benefit to those that I coach.

If you’re interested in coaching, a free session is the best way to find out.

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Andrew - Success Questions

Hi Jonathan,
Awesome post! Love it. I am a Coach as well. My niche is Young Professional Men.

I actually quit my 9-5 job today to Coach full time as I am passionate about it the same way you are.

Would I be able to help out with the overflow? (ie. people psyched and interested in this offer but who missed out on the 5 you can take on right now?)

Thanks again for such a great explanation of the mind blowing power of Coaching.


Nathalie Lussier

I recently hired a coach and I can’t even begin to explain what a big difference it is making in my life and business.

I highly recommend Jonathan as a coach, by the way. :)


One of the tricky things about interdependence is that from the outside, it can be easily confused with dependence (or codependence). I think that’s why our culture doesn’t have clear models for interdependence.

It’s excellent of you to offer free dream coaching, and I’m happy they were snatched up so quickly! More dreams being realized makes the world a much better place! (:

Diggy - Upgradereality.com

Very to the point:)

Coaching is the best way to get better, I always seem to hesitate to pay for professional coaching, I always try and look for a mentor or friend who can teach me and that I can teach them something back in return.

Thanks for sharing:)


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Marc and Angel Hack Life


I admire your bleeding desire to help others.

Kudos! ;-) I wish you all the best.

Chris Edgar | Purpose Power Coaching

Thanks for this Jonathan. It’s a helpful reminder that I’m almost certainly going to need some coaching in the near future with my projects! Best, Chris

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Great post, Jonathan…

Humility, in my opinion, is among the top three greatest virtues. Too many people confuse “asking for help” with “weakness.”

The very act of admitting that no one is an island unto themselves and asking for help when it is needed is an act of courage and wisdom.

Great points…


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This is great article and fantastic approach on how to explain why coaching is essential to anyone! Thanks!


My coach said, “ask the worst that can happen is someone says no.”


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i n greece we don’t have coaches Do you thibk online sessions would help ?

Jonathan Beebe

Coaching is definitely the best place to turn when you need to learn something, and want to stay committed to it. I plan on running an online business coaching program sometime in the future, but not quite yet.

Good luck with your coaching, and considering that you’ve suspended the free coaching due to the response you’ve received so far, I’d say it looks like it’s going really well :-)

Rohit Prakash

I was never able to hire a personal coach because of the fee. Like you, I want mentoring of some other coaches as well but your rates in USD, when converted to INR, blows my mind. I therefore remain dependent on your blog posts only.


[…] wrote about this when asking what to do when your goals don’t work. By hiring professional coaches, I’ve been able to make huge leaps of success in my personal and […]


The tricky thing is to find someone you feel comfortable with. I must admit that I sometimes confuse dependence with interdependence, as you call it. Although, I also understand Diggy’s standpoint. Maybe giving it a shot will change my opinion about it.

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