Enough Stalling: Here’s What I’ve Been Working on For the Last Six Months

Enough Stalling: Here’s What I’ve Been Working on For the Last Six Months

**** Update: We launched! Click here to support the creation of Playbook and get some sweet rewards. ****

I’ve been putting off writing this post for weeks. The truth is, what I’ve been working on for the past six months is so important to me, so meaningful, that I don’t want to screw it up (and it’s taking everything within my power not to rewrite this sentence seventeen times).

You probably can guess why…

Because I don’t want to write something lame that you don’t resonate with.
Because I don’t want to not say it right and have the message get lost in translation.
Because I don’t want to look like I’m just here to sell you something.

So, I’ve decided that I’m not going to write the “epic post” I had originally planned.

Instead, I’m just going to tell you what I’ve been working on for the last six months with my business partner Dustin.

It’s called Playbook, and I believe it can change the world

A few months ago, Dustin and I noticed that there was something slightly wrong with the way courses and ebooks are sold online. They’re supposed to help you level up your business, but they’re often too confusing, esoteric or vague.

There’s not enough showing so you can learn by modeling what successful people have done, while simultaneously making it your own.

What completely transformed my business (and a big giant Thank You)

My business absolutely transformed when I started seeing how successful projects were created and how businesses were run, from the inside. I could actually see what someone else was doing, not hear a story about it later in an interview where I was left to try to piece everything together.

I also wasn’t trying to turn a bunch of theory from ebooks and hearsay into a plan of action.

I got to see what real entrepreneurs were doing. Two of the first people that openly allowed me to see how their businesses run were Laura Roeder and Clay Collins. I’m forever grateful to both of them.

They lovingly helped me see that I was not operating like a professional at all, and because of their transparency, I learned that there was a smarter, more effective and more easeful way of building my business.

Seeing exactly how their businesses worked changed everything for me.

This might seem strange, but it was kind of like seeing the “recipes” that they used, and then trying to recreate them in my own kitchen while adding my unique flair.

The better I got at those recipes, the more I was able to make them my own and blaze my own trail. But first I had to learn the “ingredients” of launching successful projects and how to mix them together before I could artfully create my own.

We learn better by seeing what other people have done, it’s that simple

I know that I always learn better by watching someone do something, then trying to do it myself, rather than reading about it in a book or seeing someone talk about it in a video course.

Playbook will teach you via example by breaking down successful business and marketing projects, guiding you along to eventually make them your own.

But it gets better.

Rather than just saying “Look, here’s what they did,” we’re building a project management platform that helps you actually stay on track and complete those missions.

Chefs call them recipes. Architects call them blueprints.

We call these business missions plays.

Each play you complete levels up your business.

Examples of plays we’ll have in store

Our goal is to create playbooks for different types of business owners. But there are a lot of universal plays too.

Here are a few we have in mind:

  • How to launch a blog that stands out. There are specific actions and ingredients to launching a blog successfully, just like there are many ways to launch a blog that gets nothing but crickets.
  • How to launch products and services. We’ll have lots of plays in this category, like launching digital courses, ebooks, coaching packages, masterminds and workshops.
  • How to create passive income. Plays in this category will include things like building autoresponders and creating webinars.
  • How to get more traffic. These will include projects like creating a successful podcast, launching a web show, or running guest post campaigns.

NOTE: If you are interested in contributing a play, you can get in touch on the contact page.

We have tons of ideas in store. Our long-term goal is to build an extensive library of plays, all based on case studies of what real-world entrepreneurs have actually done.

No fluff or hype. Just honestly showing you what’s already worked.

But won’t this create tons of carbon copy projects and cookie-cutter businesses?

I had this same objection when Dustin first brought the idea of Playbook to me.

I thought about the risks involved with selling a software subscription like this. Lots of people might just end up copying the plays verbatim and not using their own creativity.

That could happen. But I’ve found the opposite to be true when people share what they’ve done openly and transparently.

Learning from Clay and Laura showed me that with the right tools and proper understanding of the fundamentals, I could then (and only then)  have the power to make things my own, and be successful doing it.

Our goal is to share a variety of approaches and not herald one as the “One True Way”

There are many ways to make chocolate cake, for instance. And many claim to be the best. But we don’t hold back sharing our favorite recipes because of a fear that too many people will create the same cake.

Some people will create the cake and decide that’s their favorite recipe. Others will try it and be inspired to create something new on their own, or try even more recipes.

Either possibility is completely fine.

With Playbook, we’ll be continually adding new, fresh approaches to marketing and business projects to keep things from getting too stale or predictable.

So, how does it work?

Hopefully the graphic below will help you get a feeling of how Playbook will look, feel and work. To our knowledge, nothing like this exists in the world.

How Playbook Software Works

But Playbook might not ever become a reality

Dustin and I have put a lot of work into building this hybrid of software and teaching already. We’ve invested hundreds of hours into this project and thousands of dollars of our own money. We don’t have a designer studio or an angel investor backing this project.

Instead, we have you. Your support and you backing this project will decide whether Playbook ever becomes a reality.

Next Wednesday, we’ll launch a crowdfunding campaign to the world and we’ll find out whether or not this project comes to life.

We know that with your support, we can absolutely knock our goal out of the park.

How you can help right now

We’re not asking for any help yet, other than your input. As soon as we’re ready next week, we’ll tell you all about the amazing rewards we’ve put together when you back this project.

But for now, there is one giant favor you can do for us.

Please leave a comment below and tell us what one play (or project) you’d absolutely love seeing inside Playbook.

It could be anything from “how to create a sales page” to “how to launch a bestselling book.”

Thank you so much. Your support means the world to us.

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WOOHOO – i think i’m the first poster on this topic (doing first-poster-happy-dance). i LOVE this idea. having one “go to” resource on step by step courses of action. i totally understand why you did this. SO many times i’ve read about things and afterwards was left with the feeling of “well, what the heck to i do now with this information” or feeling unclear as to what to take away from it all. i am excited about the “How to launch a blog that stands out” and “How to launch products and services.” this is SO flippin cool!!

Glad you like this Lynnette. That’s exactly the feeling Jonathan and I had. You consume all this information and at the end realize you still don’t know exactly where to start.


This is going to sound cheesy but I’m going to have to say it… Taking the first step. A lot of us have these grand ideas and fantasies, but so many people are sitting on them refusing to take action. Then again, maybe that’s not your intended audience for this project. :)


How to scale an existing online business while reducing the amount of time and effort involved in running it.


This is a great subject for us to address, Dan. I think with a topic this large it would make sense to break it into modules. What do you think?


Absolutely. Maybe Playbook 2.0 modules…modules that address “So you’ve built an online business but your revenue has flatlined at 10k a month and you’re working 12 hours a day…” How you get to 20k, 30k, 50k a month while streamlining processes and reducing time and effort…

Alexis Neely (Ali Shanti)

Awesome Jonathan! I’ll happily contribute a Playbook on how to legally set up your business for growth. When I was just starting out, I would have loved to see one on How to Choose What to Sell Online.


Alexis, we’d love to see a proposed play on the legal details of setting up a business. Thanks for your feedback!

darrell cherry

I’m going to be honest since that’s what you asked for. I’m not buying it. What was/is Trailblazer?

Jaded? Yes. Overly cautious now? Hell yes.

…I just back-spaced on a bunch of crap that I almost let fly! I have learned a few things about blog commenting.

I’ll just wish you luck with your endeavor. Good Luck.

Darrell, Trailblazer includes many of the same elements that are within Playbook. Playbook simply improves upon what Trailblazer offers by giving people project management tools at the same time. Trailblazer isn’t dead or less than Playbook. They both matter. Trailblazer succeeds where Playbook doesn’t. It offers a community and coaching for further guidance and support. Playbook does not include that. And some people really, really need that to get started. However, Trailblazer doesn’t cover everything and can’t be all things to all people. In fact, it shouldn’t. That would be a disservice to what Trailblazer is about: uncovering your passion… Read more »

A Play that I would like to see is how to go about testing the waters for offering an initial discounted product before the actual release. How to find the right people, how to propose it to them, how to get them to give me some feedback, etc.


These are great, Wendy. We’re keeping a record of all ideas for plays. Thanks!

Kerry Woo
I like it and celebrate what you are doing. I believe we know to do these things and why we should do them, but we get stuck without an actionable plan. I took your advice when I left the discomfort of cubicle life support (as you termed it) by writing down the day I would leave on a 3×5 card. It was on my mirror, in my bathroom, in my car. Until I had a defined action step, it was a “one day, I will….” thought. But along the way, there were action steps that had to be taken. Logo,… Read more »

How to effectively get the word out about my product, to the people who would be most interested.


Can’t wait to see this bro!! One thing would be how to build an online course for a specific niche and marketing it the right way.


How to outsource to make income-
Maybe get a kindle book ghost written
Other ways to outsource but still maintain quality and create income
Just I’m so badly needing to sack my boss but also have tiny kids and limited time so outsourcing sounds a great idea, and using my expertise to manage etc


Dawn, we’re working really hard to make sure this tool gives people tangible results. One of the most compelling features is that you safe massive time. Instead of consuming educational content, then formulating a plan, you can work on your business as you learn.

Thanks for the play ideas dawn : )

Wendy Zhao

How to tap into networks of people sharing similar goals and how to form business partnerships and pool resources (ideas, funds, skills and experiences etc.) together


Great idea, Wendy.

I think partnerships are hugely underutilized. Great idea!


This is a really cool idea, Jonathan. If you launch a campaign, I’ll help spread the word for you as best I can. I hope it works out for you! :)

Mary Martin

How to create a community of dialog in the comment section… the kind that generates as much buzz as the original article/post.

Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

Oh…my…gosh! Brilliant! Genius! Over the top Coolness!

I would have to say “all of the above.” I have tried to learn everything I can in one year…lots of online courses. I have a head full of gobbly gook and do not know what to do with it. The ones that do give you a behind the scenes look is a little over the top from the way I want to do things. I think anything about online course writing and then of course, launching sequences.

Good work, guys!! I cannot wait.



It’s thrilling to see people so excited. I’ve had the same experience of seeing behind the scenes details of another entrepreneurs project and it not matching with our strategy. Playbook solves this in many ways by letting you build your plan from a series of plays.

Do you have a favorite creator of online courses?

Linda Lochridge Hoenigsberg

Hi there…it’s hard to beat Brendon Burchard for an awesome online course…but it’s pricey. I would say well worth it though. Danny Iny is fantastic…very challenging and I learned a LOT. I have been disappointed and asked for a refund on one course…and it was very hard for me to do this, but I thought it was way overpriced and did not deliver at all.


Great idea and looking forward to contributing to the campaign!
One question that I would like answered is how to get exposure in the media (magazines, relevant prominent online sites)? Laura and many others have quiet impressive As Seen lists, obviosuly relevant to what would impress their customers but how do you get that to happen, its something beyond just HARO but what?


I agree with Vincent. Taking the first step.
I’ve gathered so much information, and then don’t know what to do with it.
Playbook looks like a format I could work with and use my own creativity to build the vision I have. It may even work with those of us who have too many ideas, talents and passions to choose just one on which to build a business.


creating community – where people are passionate about your content and engaged in supporting each other


How to write interesting “about” pages and sales copy!


Jayde, I think sales copy is definitely an important area for anyone building a business online. We’ll definitely be adding plays about creating great copy.

J. Trent Boyd

Conceptually, this is is solid.
Practically, it looks user friendly and workable.
Ironically, I think it’s just what I need.
Realistically, this is a great first step of many to a brighter future.


Here’s what I would like to see. I’m building a strong following around my blog, but it doesn’t fit into a definable niche. I’d like a play on how to turn a diverse following into paying customers.


How to structure your work day/week for optimum productivity :) ps: I know this endeavor is divine and greatly needed by many.


This is an amazing idea. I love it!
How about “building credibility for new blogs”?


Starting a Nomadic Business or something like professional traveling.

Paige | Simple Mindfulness

Love the detailed “how to/what to do”format. I launched my first program last fall and would like to know how to maintain a steady stream of revenue from it. The launch went very well but things have slowed down quite a bit since then. I’m working on increasing traffic to my site but that hasn’t translated into sales yet.


I love this idea for a play, Paige. After the initial spike in sales from a launch revenue tends to drop off quite sharply. A play giving strategies for minimizing this would be really useful. Thanks for your thoughts : )


How to integrate multiple content formats – written word, audio, video in ways that build trust and lead from someone signing up for a free offer to purchasing and ENGAGING in an offered program. That’s actually what I need most help with:staying engaged with my people. What systems do I need to have in place in order to facilitate this and how do I arrange the content?


I’d appreciate stuff about financial modelling – costs and setting prices.

For me overcoming my fears and doubt over my ability to do create anything worth while on one hand. Versus all these desires I have really make a difference. At the moment I’m feeling stuck I guess. I’m not giving up just not able to see a way through to where I want to be. I see others succeeding, I know they don’t click their fingers and it happens. So a play to arrest mine and others inertia with a pair of electrically charged paddles would be a play of the highest order. Btw, Jonathan thanks for your imperfect email… Read more »

Great idea!!! Thank you!

Colleen Conger
Wow Jonathan! This is a bold move and I for one think this idea will spread like wildfire. As you probably already know, there’s LOTS of us out here who have the brains to get things done but are missing some of the tools to bring everything together. And, like you said, a starter-recipe would be great but adding your own flair and personality will kick it up a notch. I’m going to second Vincent’s comment about taking the first step. I’d even go as far as to add how to make sure the first step is the smartest one.… Read more »
Brilliant idea and so doable! Let’s see, I have the skills for my business, coaching the learning challenged or out of the box thinkers, I have a blog, trying to figure out website and transfering and all the tech stuff, I have tons of mediums where I advertise, I talk on other blogs and professional sites, but I cant get clients anymore. I have testimonials from past clients praising my work with their families. I have about everything but the clients. I need the recipes to get actually get the clients to pay my prices. Unfortuantely, I feel the skills… Read more »
Elana Miller

This is great Jonathan! I would love to see a playbook on forming relationships and connections with other bloggers and business people. I’ve heard bloggers talk in generalities about this, but it would be great to hear all the specific, nitty-gritty details on how it’s done (including pitches, email scripts, etc).


I couldn’t agree more. I have seen first hand the massive importance of building strong relationships. I think this should be one of the first plays created. Thanks, Elana!


awesome! Looking forward to taking action rather than studying up on the theory. I struggle with staying connected with what’s happening (trends, news, possible futures, what’s dead so I don’t look too retro, etc) and what I should be focusing on to move forward. It’s like I’m walking in a tar pit with lots of desire but a monkey mind in a state of sensory overload. So, something like how to think clearly and stay the course without getting distracted or hesitating with your strategy.


I would love to see you provide a solution to civilization continuing to trash the land-base upon which it depends. If you can do that, then you really have saved the world. Are you up to that challenge?


I am in love with this idea!!! So excited to see this come to fruition. I would love to see some social media plays such as how to attract more twitter followers, Facebook fans, etc!

Nash Ryker

You got my support bro! I think structure like this would be invaluable to most entrepreneurs, and the fact that there will be several experts representing their specialty and each of their own unique approaches to building a successful business will be really useful!

Looking forward to watching things get launched!

Dubem Menakaya

Damn this shit is super tight!!! Usally I don’t swear in comment boxes but ythis is so dope I had to. I mean, one play is about videos, how do yo make visually appealing videos that connect with an audience? Maybe even lead to sales. Or even videos which have a cultural/inspirational theme with the potential to go viral. But all the same, this is amazing. I’m 23 broke and grinding, but I’m donating, so no excuses guys :)

Jennifer Blanchard

Amazing!! Congrats Jonathan and Dustin! I know you will find funding for this project in no time. I’m ready to donate already!

PS I will be in touch about a play I’d love to contribute.


Jennifer, thanks for your support! Can’t wait to see your idea for a play! : )


A totally cool Play would be guidance on analyzing current industry or consumer trends and then compare the trends with unique elements of your personal products. Where the lines intersect would be immediate opportunities for genuine growth, not just chasing the latest fad.


This sounds super awesome Jonathan!
How to build a yoga and wellness centre and also how to promote it online


Hi Jonathan,

This seems like a great idea! This may have been mentioned already (I didn’t read all of the comments) but I would like to see a break down of the best way to get started. A play-by-play of what to actually do at the very beginning.


Tiffany, this is definitely a crucial area. I suspect that a lot of us hold of on starting because we’re just not sure hot to take the first step. Thanks for the feedback : )


As someone just starting out, I would be interested in the step before actual launch – selecting the right topic or figuring out what to start blogging about. I see a lot of information products out there, and I’m just not sure what I have to add. Thanks! Looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with!

Meghan Kerner

The play I’d like to see is “How to streamline your business to the bare essentials” — one marketing technique, one lead gen technique, one product/service– and how to determine which techniques are right for you. Not sure if this is too esoteric:) but the theme is about simplifying, not trying to do things that are not necessary but just end up keeping us busy.

Jadah Sellner
I love this idea! I agree that not every ingredient is necessary for success. I originally started doing all the things you’re supposed to do to create a successful blog (guest posts, write 3-5 blog posts a week, host give aways, etc). But as I kept fumbling my way through, I learned that all of that is not necessary, and I found my success in a completely different way. I do believe those things can help, but if you don’t have some other important fundamentals in place, it does just become busy work. That’s why I love the mission behind… Read more »

Meghan, yep, you’re totally right. It’s so easy to get sucked into black holes of unproductivity. I LOVE this idea for a play. Thanks, Meghan!


How to support myself while writing a book and/or developing a music career.


Jonathan this looks like a really interesting project. I think the plays about how to launch a blog and products and services sound great. I think, like others have said, a play on getting started with your idea might be good.



I’d like to see a bunch of people talking about how they had the idea for their USP and how they developed that into a working business model. (Sort of like Emilie Wapnick and her work creating “themes” for a multi-interest blog, except just more examples of how others did it).


Really interesting idea. I’m fascinated by this too. How people come up with ideas and then translate those into real businesses is (for me) one of the most fascinating aspects of entrepreneurship.

Kind of like an idea construction kit.

Jackie Paulson

Hello, since I just set up my new website that I pay for now, I wanted to contribute to your blog. I want to have a playback of how to work with WINDOWS 8 because it is basically new in 2013.
I’d love a playback on a basic course of “STATISTICS” for college students as I struggle with it now.
How to engage your readers.
How to write a successful ebook that sells on Amazon.com

I love your idea but I hate the “rinse and repeat” use another word (s) here. It’s not new that is all.
Good Luck, Jackie


Anything relating to finances- good investments, money traps to avoid and how to keep it all legit for the taxman. I tend to get stalled in the nuts and bolts of day to day operation relating to money so I would find that kind of info helpful.



You have quiet a following who want to put their trust in you and believe what you have to offer is the real McCoy. I hope for your sake and theirs that it is. As one responder said, “tried too many times, left wondering “what happened” and this can be scaring. I wish you success for your sake as well as those who have so much believe , deep believe in what you will be offering.
Let’s see more details and what we have to look forward to.


I’d love to see a play for setting up a successful import export products company for a luxury niche market. x
Brilliant idea!

Jadah Sellner
I love when you said, “My business absolutely transformed when I started seeing how successful projects were created and how businesses were run, from the inside. I could actually see what someone else was doing, not hear a story about it later in an interview where I was left to try to piece everything together.” I definitely agree when you get to take a peak at the whole behind the scenes it creates more inspiration and possibility. This is an “epic” project you’re working on and I hope to see it come to life! I’d personally love to see the… Read more »

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