Welcome to the All-New Paid to Exist

Welcome to the All-New Paid to Exist

It’s been a long time coming… and we’ve finally done it! Welcome to the all new Paid to Exist.

I’m incredibly excited to finally unveil the new home we’ve been carefully building for the past four months. Working on this has been one of the most emotionally, mentally and spiritually demanding undertakings I’ve ever embarked on (just ask my wife). Myself and our team have poured our hearts, sweat, blood and souls into this thing, and I think it shows.

What do you think?

Personally, I’m absolutely in love with this new space and I have a feeling I’ll be spending a lot more time here because of it.

Here are a few of the things that I love about it:

  1. It’s mobile-optimal. I would say mobile-friendly, but it goes far beyond that. Go ahead, view the site on your iPhone, iPad or other mobile device. Your experience should be just as awesome as if you were hanging out on your laptop.
  2. Content-focused. We’ve got a lot of stuff built into this theme that will make the presentation of our content much more interesting, dynamic and fun to engage with.
  3. It’s centered around our message. We’ve done a ton of work to get this design in line with our message and voice. We think it feels like a place you’d want to hang out as a pitstop on your remarkable journeys.
Go ahead, explore, play, hang out and have fun. And if you come across anything funky or broken, please let us know so we can fix it. We’ve tested everything a bajillion times (yes, literally a bajillion), but you never know…

The all new Paid to Exist toolkit (aka “Backpack”)

We didn’t just change the website, we’ve also created a seriously awesome new toolkit you’ll get access to when you join our community. It’s a handcrafted collection of resources designed to help you get off the ground running to get paid to be you. We call it the Backpack.

You can see what it’s all about here. After signing up, you’ll also get a brand spankin’ new email series on quitting your day job and building a lifestyle business that supports your freedom. Our aim is to never send you an email that doesn’t matter. So feel free to unsubscribe at any time if you’re not getting any value out of your membership.

What you can expect from us next

We’re not just changing the design and the content on our email list — we’re revamping and retooling all of the content we publish on the blog. Doing this rebranding has inspired us to rethink the way we approach our content and we want to take this opportunity to bring our content to another level.

Here’s what we’ll be bringing you:

  • More in-depth guides on specific topics. Think long, action-specific articles on building community, uncovering your passion, and more.
  • Detailed case studies. We’re going to start featuring more case studies and stories from people living lives of purpose getting paid to do what they love. We’re looking for people that can share and chronicle their journey with specific steps, actions and details to back it up (scripts, examples of what you did, resources, etc.). If you’re interested in pitching us an idea, please contact us.

The muscle and genius behind the new headquarters

Of course I didn’t create this by myself. I had a lot of help from some incredibly talented people. Our genius developer and responsive designer Chase Reeves made every pixel here perfect. He seriously went a bit overboard (you should see our email exchanges…).

If you’re looking for a site that’s engaging, mobile-friendly and that converts, I highly recommend getting in touch with him. His attention to detail and service is unlike anything I’ve ever seen.

Dustin Lee, our resident brand expert and lead marketer, also poured his heart and soul into this launch. He’s responsible for most of the graphics you see here, as well as all of the hard work laying out the Backpack. Thanks man, you can get some sleep now. :)

Also, thanks Robert (our IT ninja), Ev’Yan (Chief editor) and Adrianne (our Community Ambassador) for all of your hard work. You’re all awesome. We’re going to party soon.

Celebrate with us

So, what do you think? Want to help us celebrate?

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave a comment down below. Or say hi on our brand new Twitter account.

And expect more from us later this week. We’ve got some kickass content coming your way shortly.

The PTE team

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This is quite striking. I’m excited for PTE. Love the bold vibe and direction you’re taking this. Looking forward to all the more focused content and case studies! Congrats to you and everyone that’s worked so hard on this!

Sophie Lizard

I love this. It’s so spacious! OK, I know that’s about looks and not about ‘real’ space, but my mind needs room to breathe. I can think here.

I’m gonna root around in the Backpack and find a late-night brain snack. Thank you!


Congrats on the launch! I’ve been surfing for..well, way too long now… and this place looks GREAT. Can’t wait to see everything you roll out…The case studies sound especially (I’m so excited I almost typed expecially) awesome – seeing others live their dreams gets me pumped to do the same. Nice job!


Congratulation and great thanks for all stuff you do from Siberia!


A mild problem with feedburner. I got here from the title of your blog but couldn’t from clicking on the article title.


Hey Evan, you might try this link: http://feeds.feedburner.com/paidtoexist


Simple, Elegant, and Comfortable. Even on my iPhone. Thank you and great job guys!


The new design resonates really nicely.

What a huge amount of work you’ve all done to shift the content over and redesign.

Just beautiful.


Kudos to you and your team, Jonathan. I just finished a site redesign yesterday (also to a responsive theme!), so I’m painfully aware of the challenges and work involved. I really like your design.


Congrats! Absolutely love the new design (happy clappy reader syndrome with pretty site interfaces) Just got a copy of Backpack Toolkit and am enjoying it so far.
Looking forward to where this site heading. All the best!

Peter Clemens

Wow… I love it. You guys nailed it.

Sampathkumar Iyengar

Dear Jonathan and team
Great work and a simple, yet elegant layout.
All the best. Keep it going.


It’s one of the most beautiful sites I’ve ever seen! You have done a brilliant job – just looking at the site inspires me to get on with my own work – thanks!
Live long and prosper.


The site looks awesome. I have been thinking for a little bit that I am going to get a redesign on my site as well. I will definitely contact Chase.

This is just flat out awesome. The whole design has a very unique look and feel. Very engaging. Congratulations. I am excited to read your new content and see where all of this goes.

Great job :)

Dawn Waldron

I know envy is a sin but this site is just gorgeous. It is cool, clean and direct. I know already that it’s going to help me and lots of others too. Thanks for all the inspiration Jonathan.


Love it! Totally catches your attention – and the Compass is brilliant, as are the other resources. Have linked to your website on my Inspiration for Career Development page.

I read once in Marty Neumeier’s Zag that your brand is essentially a client’s gut feeling about your product – if this is true, then you’ve nailed it with Paid to Exist (especially the name itself).

Thanks so much for the continuing inspiration, Jonathan and team.

Enjoy celebrating the launch! :)


Yo Yo Jonathan & Crew!

Exciting stuff… Love the message and feel.

Kudos to Chase for ROCKIN’ this design

Jonathan - Advanced Life Skills

Hey J, I see amazing and increasing clarity coming to your vision. Well done Bro.!

Wow. Just, wow. I’ve been subscribed to Illuminated Mind for a couple of years now, and have both taken full advantage of the free stuff and purchased most of the products available here. Everything has helped me so much, and this new direction is SPOT ON. The design is impeccable, I love the font choices, the slightly deconstructed look, and how easy it is to navigate everywhere. The backpack is absolutely brilliant- not only is it a fantastic resource for wherever you are at in your journey, but it perfectly weaves together everything you have ever created, Jonathan- from Reclaim… Read more »

Makes my heart full hearing that from someone who’s been with us for so long. Thank you Kate.


Congratulations on your launch! The site looks amazing and the toolkit is fantastic. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for us… :)

Scott Dinsmore

Here’s to taking it to a whole new level. Loving what you’re doing and congrats to you and the team. Seriously. Amazing work!


Wow – this is fantastic. Your writing in inspirational and has changed my life this year. The website symbolizes your message and content–and that was no easy task. Congrats to all of you!

Mike Routen

Jonathan and team,

Just when you thought that Trailblazer was full of awesome, you guys pull this out of your hat and blow the old site away!

This thing rocks from top to bottom and the value of the materials is unbelievable.

As we used to say in the Navy: Bravo Zulu!


I bet there’s a really interesting story behind that saying…

Thanks Mike!


Hi guys, just want to send some applause to you straight from Amsterdam, NL. Site looks awesome and am already inspired (have been on your site for only 3 minutes!). Keep it up!


What site ate its organic Wheaties for breakfast? This one! Website of champions.


Great site – good luck!

Melissa Unger
I came across Illuminated Mind a few months ago by happenstance while surfing the net,turns out I was just in time to follow through to your transition to Paid to Exist. I think the new site is fabulous and a wonderful tool. Clear, inspiring, direct and actionable. I have been working hard toward making the type of transition you support for the past few years. I am finally nearing my goals, but boy do I wish I had found you sooner. I bet if I had I would have saved a lot time. Anyway, I’ll keep checking in regularly, because… Read more »

The site looks great, it’s really engaging and encourages you to explore deeper. Also didn’t realise I was reading posts that were a few years old until I investigated further. Slick design and timeless content, glad I came across it!


Wow! Beautiful site Jonathan. You’ve come a long way since we first connected in your first Paid To Exist course. It’s really wonderful to see the progress you’ve made in your own life. Congratulations!

Dr. Rugola

This is great Jonathan! and in honor of your efforts and the PTE team allow me to share my testimony…Today I am beginning to blaze the trail so that I can impact the world. I feel like I have recovered my lost niche. Thank you for the teachings. The 25th May Webinar and the new PTE website have been inspirational. I will walk the road and eventually fly, no matter bumpy it will be I will keep on blazing. I promise to tithe and invite the team to visit and blaze the people of Africa in near future.


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