Way out of hand (and a back door?)

Way out of hand (and a back door?)

The first half of 2011 has been a huge year of growth and change for us. So far this year…

  • My wife and I moved to Portland, Oregon
  • She started a new project (and launched a book)
  • And we started hiring a team to help us out around here.

We’re growing, expanding and things are starting to get a bit ouf of hand over here (in the best way possible).

Also in the beginning of this year, I released a product — that I’d been pouring myself into for months — called Trailblazer.

(Honestly, it’s really the evolution of what I’ve been working toward for years. But I had the vision of it steeping in my head for months.)

Last March we released it to a small group of people we called Pioneer Members, to test, implement, give feedback and try to break things. The conclusion: this stuff works. Our members gave us rave reviews. They conspired together, created small businesses, quit their jobs, and launched products. We had a plethora of great success stories.

Each time I launch something new I like to release it to a limited group of people first to make sure everything works, and to try to really tailor the content to exactly what people need. And with the Trailblazer inaugural launch, we sold out. We did this with very little promotion. It was surprising and exhilarating.

And now… We’re getting ready to do it again.

We’re going to open it up to more people this time (though we’ll still cap it off), and we’ll create another thriving community of Trailblazers, ready to create meaningful businesses on their own terms.

Why you should care

If you’re interested in creating a living getting paid to be you, while making a meaningful difference in the world, Trailblazer is a course designed for you. Specifically, it focuses on finding your offer to the world, and presenting it to others in a way that gets them to say… Yes.

If you’ve ever struggled with this, you know how important it is.

So, we’ll be getting everything ready over here to open our doors for a few days again.

And that leaves me thinking…

We expect the course to sell out again. We can only give our attention and energy to so many people after all, if we want to keep the quality of support high.

You showed up here for a reason (I believe everything happens for a reason). Obviously living on your own terms is important to you, and so is creating work that you find meaningful.

So, I’m wondering if you want to slip in the “back door” and get access now.

If that’s something you’d be interested in, just send me an email here and let me know.

Anyway, that’s all for now.

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