How to Stay Rooted in Your Purpose + My Intensive, Year-Long Mastermind

How to Stay Rooted in Your Purpose + My Intensive, Year-Long Mastermind

Last week I spent a few days in the middle of the woods sleeping in a Yurt. The days were spent masterminding with a business partner and the evenings were filled with Sake and tobacco (as well as dehydrated asparagus… but we won’t talk about that).

Every few weeks I get a feeling like I’m starting to “go through the motions” with my work. It’s not alive and full of purpose, but a kind of mechanical churning of tasks.

When that starts to happen I know it’s time for me to take a step back, reconnect and recenter myself with my purpose and why I do the work I do.

One of the best ways I’ve found to do that is to devote a day or several days to intense focus on the foundation of my work, and really get back to the core of what I’m most excited about. I like to get away to do this, and really make  a complete shift in environment.

Why are these extended excursions important? Can’t we just spend a few minutes each day meditating on our values or read our mission statement a few times?

I don’t think so. At some point those things lose effectiveness and they’re not enough of a pattern interrupt. You have to really shift your focus and place yourself in a space that’s intended for reconnection (like the coast or the mountains).

I’ve come to realize that this isn’t just a good thing for me, it’s a requirement for me to stay rooted in my mission and why I do this work, so much that I’ve started to make it a monthly ritual.

Doing these sort of vision quests is essential for me, and because I know how important they are, I’m excited to announce that today my intensive, year-long mastermind is officially open for applications.

This will be an incredibly transformative experience, I’ve been involved in several masterminds and they’ve singlehandedly been responsible for me making huge leaps forward in my business and life.

Over the course of the next few days we’ll be reviewing applications and having conversations to see if people are a good fit. (I only want people to apply for this mastermind if they are serious about creating a significant change in their life, and in the lives of others.)

We’ll be taking people in on a first-come, first-served basis, and all the info can be found by clicking here.

A few people have “snuck in” there applications in advance and I can already tell this is shaping up to be an elite group of awesome and fun folks.

I hope you’re thinking about how you can stay connected to your purpose this week, and if you’re serious about making a big change, I invite you to apply to our private group of world changers that’s forming as we speak.

Update: We’ve filled about half the spots so far in the mastermind, and holy crap this is going to be an incredible group.

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