Unstoppable Passion: How to Eat Inspiration For Breakfast

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In this video, I talk about how I got on the path to doing what I love for a living, and how I sustained my motivation when I was still on that path but hadn’t quite made it there yet.

It’s easy to get excited about a new journey in the beginning, but it can often be hard to sustain that energy to create real success. Here, I share what it specifically takes to sustain that hunger or drive, and how to deliberately create it.

Also, please excuse the background noise of my neighbor rebuilding his transmission. It sounds like someone is breaking into my apartment toward the end.

If you have the hunger, and want to make getting paid to do what you love inevitable, go here to learn more:

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Sean Gill

Hey Jonathan, Congratulations on a great video! I think it takes a lot of guts and effort to put up a video over just a blog post. You really have to lay it out on the line a bit more and be the words that you are touting. Regarding the content, I think you are spot on. This past year I started my business doing what I love to do, web design. My primary motivator when I started was also moving away from what I didn’t want – like you indicated in your video. But I have been coming to… Read more »


Hi Jonathan, thanks for sharing your experience in this post. The two most valuable points I am taking away from it: – Your statement about wanting to develop in a certain direction rings true and kind of confirms my own feelings… – one point I would add is that, perhaps, this is not really like an obsession; there is a motivation, but you still need to put work and effort into it, and need discipline for it, so it’s important not to waste it; would you agree? – The part about mentally committing oneself 100% towards a certain vision of… Read more »

Shalini Bahl

There are many paths for creating a life of abundance that is joy-full and meaningful. My biggest breakthrough was after accessing that within me that is infinite. This to me meant surrenderingg all my beliefs and assumptions that define me in my limited form. Living from a place of acceptance of what is and no prior conditioning makes each moment open to endless possibilities and adventures. When you really Know that everything is exactly how it should be, there is no fear of failure, because it is all good. Instead of being ‘hungry’ I move from a place of abundance… Read more »



I feel good to be someone who is the first commentator on a post !!!!!

yeah, I know – sometimes sustaining gets a bit difficult, but thats the time we gotta look at our goals again to find the inspiration :)


Hi Jonathan, Alive and in the flesh…good to see you in person :) For me it’s the desire to reach where I want to be. I see myself living the life I want to live. I keep that image of freedom in my mind daily. It’s like the spinning of a top; the more I keep the image in mind the greater strength it gains. Great point about the ‘quick fix’. It’s easy to become inspired but to stay inspired is another story. I also resonate with your contrast; I started off using disatisfaction with the conditions at the time… Read more »


Jonathan, Oh my gosh, I’m there. Watching your video confirmed where I’m at. I have 5 factors that are fueling my efforts, only one of them is that “away motivation”. I was laid off for 2 years and only started back to work this past June 2009. So therefore our finances have been effected and I am limited in my choices for now. I am taking advantage of all the information you send my way. I just am not able at this time to jump aboard your Paid To Exist course. As I watched this video, I was feeling like… Read more »

Josh Hanagarne

Jonathan, I think the post would have been even better if you had let me think that people WERE breaking into your house. Then you could bully them into subscribing to your blog before delivering them to the doorstep of the local police department:)


I really love what you have to say and you boil a lot of ideas that are out there into a few salient points. My question for you is do you have any advice for me in regards to creating a strong message that doesn’t club people over the head? You speak about stopping rebelling and starting to create. I get it. However, I find that there’s so many years (I’m older than you) of “you can’t say that”, and “you can’t do it that way” beaten into me, that when my vision of the future comes out (in one… Read more »


Hi Johnathon, A bit of a problem with talking about being excited in a monotone. I don’t mean that you aren’t sincere – only that this isn’t communicated. Video is tricky, perhaps text is your more natural medium. Anger is great to get us moving. Then we need to be fascinated, curious, focused and be willing to work step by step. I’m looking for the tools rather than the hunger – I’ve been blogging for two years now, the hunger is there. My partner and I are going on holidays for the next month or so – well and truly… Read more »

Joseph Jin

I liked the part where you mentioned aligning with something bigger than yourself as a positive motivator, and more specifically as a source of greater energy. It’s also interesting how this turning point seems to change the meaning of “hunger”. It’s as if you started off mostly being a servant to the hunger, but then it ends up serving you after a shift in perspective. Reminds me of what Ben Kenobi told Luke in Star Wars. Luke asks if the Force controls him, and Ben says, “Yes, but it also obeys your commands.” The whole idea of being motivated by… Read more »


It’s so nice to be able to see and hear you at the same time. I enjoyed this video because I can so relate. This is so true –> “get excited about a new journey in the beginning, but it can often be hard to sustain that energy to create real success”. How many times have we experienced the honeymoon phase of starting a new project but then get derailed during the day-to-day tedious tasks to make it a success. This is a great reminder about keeping the desire burning.

Jai Kai - SharingSuccess.TV

We appreciate your contributions and inspiration. I enjoyed the amazing interview we did together – it’s now up & published. You have provided some rich & valuable tips, strategies and techniques… so thank you.


I started off listening, but cynical. But I’ll say your earnestness won me over. Best of luck to you.


I really, really liked the video. It reminds me of Napoleon Hill’s “Think and Grow Rich.” The first chapter talks about how a burning desire is the starting point for all achievement


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interesting, thanks


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