Does Trailblazer Really Work?

This is What Our Students Have to Say

Thinking about joining Trailblazer, but want more proof that it works?

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Here are what some of our alumni have said about their experience and results with Trailblazer.


“Does Trailblazer actually work?”

IBruno Coelho’ll never get tired of saying this: Joining Trailblazer was EASILY one of the BEST decisions of my LIFE! Stop wandering around looking for more information… Knowledge and skills are potential power. The only thing that can turn your potential into real results is action! Stop looking for excuses to live one more day being a slave of someone else’s Dream and start a journey you’ll never want to stop living! I’m blessed and honored to be among such talented Trailblazers.

– Bruno Coelho

Ryan.HurstLast year I had the privilege of joining the Trailblazer program. I figured that the program was going to be good but I didn’t realize just how much Trailblazer would help me in my business. Thanks to the in-depth instruction, focus on personal reflection through worksheets, and interactive community, I am not only a better business partner with a clear vision for our company, but I also have more confidence in what I’m doing. I can’t recommend Trailblazer enough. You rock!”

– Ryan Hurst

“This has been an amazing process so far. I can’t believe it took me this long to discover something that is as life-changing as Trailblazer. It is really helping me focus my initial offer so I can leverage everything I know to create a dynamic process through which people who are stuck will unlock their potential, and become the writers they always wanted to be.

– Terry Hadaway

These days I feel like a website and personal business development guru. Thanks to Trailblazer, I actually have solid questions to provoke them in new directions and some good suggestions to offer. Your course has given me the structure and support to explore and develop my ideas in a practical way. I’m learning so much and loving every minute of it! I can’t wait to discover what comes next! Thank you!

– Karen Renee

Andre.VieiraIt’s been almost 3 weeks since I decided I’d become a Trailblazer, and I am very happy that you guys helped me making this decision. The offered material is excellent to say the least, and it’s been very inspiring. It’s definitely helping me shape up the future of my adventures.

– Andre Vieira

IGina.Howie just felt compelled to tell you how amazing the Trailblazer program is! I’m really happy that I took that financial step and upped my game in life. I’m also in the 365 Days to Freedom program, and that has changed me and my perception of how to put myself out there… beyond what’s “expected”. Now to get through the resistance… which I will!

– Gina Mead Howie

I’vNathan.Oldridgee felt more free the past couple months, since quitting my day job, than I ever have before, and I remember the day I made the decision not to renew my contract. It was Paid to Exist’s free webinar, going through Trailblazer and the community on the forum that helped me decide to take control of my own life. Thanks again guys.

– Nathan Oldridge

Brooklyn.FisherI completed Month 1 video’s and assignments in one day and I am thirsty for more. Month 1 had a huge impact on me and I have finally released myself from the uncertainty I was struggling through.  This was MONUMENTAL and I felt an immediate shift that has changed me. Thank you so much for all of the great work that you do!

– Brooklyn Fisher


“Can Trailblazer help me find my true passion?”

I was semi-skeptical about passion being something I had to rediscover – that it was something already inside of me. But I gave it a shot. It took me six months, but between the mentoring, the assistance of fellow Trailblazer members, and continuing to work through my fears and inhibitions, I reignited the fire on existing passions and hammered out a business idea. After four years of feeling lost and dead to passion, I’m delighted to take action, to live, and to step into my purpose as I continue rediscovering old skills and interests I haven’t used in fifteen years.

– Lori Stalter

Caren.BaginskiI don’t remember how I found Trailblazer, but while I was listening to Paid to Exist’s webinar about the program, something clicked: Here was the path laid out. And even though I knew what business I wanted to launch, the following months helped me refine and define who I am and my gifts to the world. In a word, Trailblazer has brought clarity to my passion. And a much-needed kick in the pants to turn that passion into action.

– Caren Baginski

Melissa.KennedyThe greatest thing Trailblazer has done for my life is made me realize that the gifts I carry inside are the ones I should be focusing on. I’m still learning and fine-tuning as I go, but now I carry new insight and wisdom that I will ha
ve for life. Instead of looking outward, I ask myself every day how the way I see the world can be shared and benefit others on their journey through life.

– Melissa Kennedy

Benjamin.RiddleJoseph and I want to thank you! For Paid to Exist, for Trailblazer… all of it is absolutely amazing and it was the catalyst that brought us to this incredible point.Now, for the very first time in our lives, we feel TOTALLY aligned with what we are doing and what we are creating. And, we have you to thank for that. So, THANK YOU… from all that is our heart.

– Benjamin Riddle and Joseph Richardson

It’s taken some serioSarah.O.Learyus soul-searching (inner Trailblazing) to get clear on what I wanted to do online. I’m still firming up my big offer – but I’ve gotten very focused about my overarching theme, and what I want for my online presence. This course has helped so much with that process.

– Sarah O’Leary

I juBen Fanningst wanted to say to how much I’ve enjoyed Trailblazer. It’s been a really awesome course, and I’ve found it incredibly useful in honing my niche. I was all over the place before, and I feel like I’m finally getting somewhere now as Burnout Specialist and Chief Burnout Officer at  I don’t have a huge audience yet but I’ve some paying one-on-one clients and I’m working on a book. I’m really excited!

– Ben Fanning


“Will Trailblazer help me actually make money?”

Before Cara.SteinI signed on, I had a stagnant blog, a mailing list of four, a dream, and no confidence that I would ever achieve it. With his help, in six short months, I got clear on what I have to offer the world, learned to attract my right people, built a business, and quit my job. I’ve earned over $9000 so far, and I haven’t even launched my flagship product yet! Trailblazer gave me two invaluable things: solid guidance on what really works, and the confidence to make things happen.

– Cara Stein

I just did tJeff.Goinshe initial rollout of my first BIG product (a course) and did much better than expected. We made $9,000 in five days by sharing a super-special rate for 10% of the list. Very fun. I’ve learned from watching, and it’s cool to see these theories work in practice.

– Jeff Goins

I have a clearer focus on my passion Eric.Grey& message, a realization that I *can* do what I want to do and that my whole life is truly integrated and should be. I was able to make $15,000 with an interest list of about 250 people using the steps outlined in Trailblazer.

– Eric Grey

Lourenco.AzevedoWith trailblazer I could focus into the essentials – create a program according to my deep beliefs, motivate my subscribers and launch a product that gave me real fun to design. In the course sales page it was written – Earn at least 1k in six months – thanks to the invaluable help and insights I could make 4k in seven weeks.

– Lourenco Azevedo


This launch is a long-time cJennifer.Blanchardoming, and now I’m freed up to really focus on my core business offering that I’m creating via Trailblazer. This book has been in my head and on my plate for years and finally I said enough is enough, it had to be written. Nothing else could happen until this did.

– Jennifer Blanchard


“Will I be able to form partnerships and a real community that won’t let me quit?”

I’vHarley.Roxannee tried starting my business online for a couple years, but it always ended up fizzling out and getting nowhere… Until now. As I mentioned on our final Trailblazer call, my biggest takeaway for the course was the group. It was unique in the sense that everyone was coming as readers of your site and ready to start making money doing things they loved. We already had so much in common. I know that I will look back years from now and remember- this was the beginning of my success. I’m very excited for the future. I am honored to be a part of a group of such remarkable people.

– Harley Roxanne

The best part of Trailblazer is the amazing community!! :) Even iMalvina.Brizif I already knew some of what was being taught, it was made so clear and actionable, that I’ve been able to put things into action with better results than before.

– Malvina Brizi

Trailblazer has been an amazinMichaela.Cristallog program so far. All the content is top notch, the community is amazing and the support is great. If I hadn’t joined I wouldn’t have made the progress I have and I can say that with 100% certainty. If anyone reading this is considering signing up to Trailblazer and hasn’t yet I’d say go for it! I only wish I’d joined sooner.

– Michaela Cristallo

I just wanDolly.Garlandted to share our super positive experience with my Trailblazer Mastermind Group. Five of us started this group just weeks after
Trailblazer started, when we hardly knew anything about each other. Over the last month we’ve come a long way, participating in the group through Facebook, and had our very first call which was so successful in helping with our problems that we finished in half the time.

– Dolly Garland


“Can Trailblazer help me grow my business?”

I’m absoluScott.Stephenstely loving Trailblazer. It is amazing! I had my first guest post published on I’m loving this journey I’m on. Thank you guys so much for putting all of this together!

– Scott Stephens

I’ve made in one daVincent.Joussey the traffic I did during the whole month of February! Thanks to Trailblazer, I have a better understanding of my Offer to the World and I’m better and better at finding good post titles. It made the difference on my recent post for sure.

– Vincent Jousse

I’m nearinTerry.Hadawayg the end of month 3 in Trailblazer. I followed the plan for my landing page and bribe, and after 6 days, my email list has grown by 30%. I’m seeing more additions to my list in one day than I was getting each month prior to starting Trailblazer.
This week has seen the heaviest traffic to my site. Each day has increased by approximately 20% over the previous day. Either you’re right or the world just figured out I exist. I choose to give you credit for this! Life is getting very interesting… and fun!

– Terry Hadaway


Benjamin.WestonWhat caught my attention the most was the Team’s confidence in my ability to manifest what I wanted. They dove straight into what it was that I truly desired and then proceeded to create an explicit plan in which to make it happen, without any moment of doubt in my ability to do so. One of my desires was to have clients to work with one-on-one in the circus arts and personal training. Prior to the session, I didn’t think it was possible to not only get clients but to also have them pay the price I desired. Before our session I had 0 clients. Within less than a month, I have 5 clients a week paying the price I want.”

–Benjamin Weston


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