Trailblazer Returns…

After several months, and an incredible inaugural launch, Trailblazer is now open for enrollment again for a few short days.

There is one thing that makes the difference between success and failure in every business. If you get it right, everything is awesome; customers line up to work with you and things are easy. Get it wrong, however, and all your hard work amounts to little or nothing.

Of course I’m talking about your offer to the world.

Until now there hasn’t been a course dedicated to help you find the intersection between your passion, the value you have and your strategy for releasing it to the world.

For years I’ve been helping clients get this right, and now I’ve taken the process and put it in a step-by-step course to teach you how to get paid to be who you are.

The program is called Trailblazer. It’s a walk-you-by-the-hand course that’s designed to help you make success inevitable with your offer to the world. It also includes a daring guarantee: you make at least $1,000 in the next six months with your passion-based business.

Each week we will delve into a specific blueprint to help you build real world results in your business. We cover six topics specifically:

  1. Week 1: Find out what makes you come alive
  2. Week 2: Identifying an offer that gets people to say “Yes”
  3. Week 3: Attracting the people that want what you have to sell
  4. Week 4: Know you’ll get paid before you create it
  5. Week 5: Creating your high value offer and building momentum
  6. Week 6: Your release strategy that makes you money, builds your list and elevates you as a major player in your niche

At the end of each session you get actionable homework, checklists and examples to help you implement and move forward. It’s always plain as day exactly what you need to do next.

I believe this is the single best course out there on how to find your passion, create your offer to the world and make a great living with it. Last week we “leaked” the spots to our interest list and they’re filling up quickly, but there’s still time. We’ll be keeping registration open until August 5th.

Click Here to Learn More about Trailblazer

Everything you need to know is on the page linked above, but if you have any questions feel free to email me at

Let’s make history.

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