Your “To Stop” List

Your “To Stop” List

When you stop doing what doesn’t matter, you turn down the noise and create room for what you really care about.  Sometimes you need to subtract before you add.

Too many people focus on their “To Do” list when they should be using a “To Stop” list.

These are all the highest leverage things you can stop now [click to download]

Print it out and hang it somewhere you’ll see constantly and can’t ignore.

What would you add to your “To Stop List”? Let us know in the comments!

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Best motivational list I’ve seen in ages! Spot on.


This list is awesome!! Just let me add another one: stop watching TV… one of the most effective time savers I could find


thank you Dominika, this list is spot on for me and suspect useful for many others

Codrut Turcanu

What I’d add to my ‘to stop’ list:

check emails / FB first thing in the morning.

I’m fine with everything else I guess :)

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