The Zero Hour Workweek

You wanted to know how I liberated myself from my day job and began blogging full time. After over 100 hours of “work;” my new free ebook: The Zero Hour Workweek is now available to the world. The “zero” part means that when you do what you love, “work” no longer feels like work. I personally can no longer tell the difference between when I’m working and when I’m playing. Here’s what inside this 60 page document:

  1. My Story of Liberation. Why I was fed up with “mind renting” and what I did to stop it.
  2. My Journey to Getting Paid to be Me. I detail my most important strategies for getting paid to do what I love. I’ve used these strategies to gain over 10,000 subscribers, write for a top 50 blog, and create a full time income online.
  3. Zero Hour Case Studies. I get inside the minds of six other renegades who have found ways to get paid to be who they are. You learn their best tips, and what they would change if they could to start all over.
  4. Your Paid to Exist Secret Weapon. I show you how you can find the intersection between: 1) What you’re good at, 2) What you’re passionate about, and 3) What people will pay you to do.
  5. Why the World Needs You to Do What You Love. Why we desperately need your contribution. A call to living on your own terms and creating your own game.

With this ebook, I didn’t hold back or keep any secrets. Everything I’ve done to create success for myself is contained within this document. This should probably cost money, but I’ve decided to make it free so as many people as possible can benefit from it.

Click Here to Download the Zero Hour Workweek Now

(There’s also an added bonus within the ebook: a link to a free test that I developed to help you find out how you can get paid to be you. Be sure to read the section “What’s next?” at the end to get the link.) Or download it on your iPhone/iPad: Download free from the iTunes store.

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Let me know what you think.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the ebook. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought. PS: We’re holding a no-cost event soon on how you can create your own zero hour work week, one where the lines between business and pleasure are joyfully blurred. If you’re ready to begin working and playing on your own terms, join us to reserve your seat.

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Thomas Herold

Fantastic! Keep up the great work – I am downloading it right now.

I’ll be doing a review of this book on my blog soon… thoroughly enjoyed your last work of art uhhmm.. eBook so I’m sure this one will be great as well. I’ve dabbled in this subject before but never got the chance to make it into an eBook. All I have to show for it is a blogpost on my blog somewhere. If you continue giving things away for free you’ll either become a complete internet celebrity (as if you aren’t already) or people will call you crazy for giving things away. I can imagine you becomming both. Keep up… Read more »

lurn 2 spl

James NomadRip

Excellent! I’ll read it now and spread it around. Thanks!


Thanks so much – you’re right, this should probably sell for *at least* $39 – really looking forward to reading it. I retweeted and stumbled it for you.


Where’d you get that number? I imagine from lots of comparative market research. You must be real smart. I was thinking $39.50, but you might be right.


Very excited to read this. Always willing to spread the news of this as well.

Cody McKibben

I agree with Christiaan man, your ebooks are fantastic, epic tomes! I love this one and am really honored and happy to be featured as one of the examples in this manifesto! What’s the only thing better than a 4 Hour Workweek? A Zero Hour Workweek! Cheers Jonathan!

Dalibor Ruzic - Personal Standards

In good time. I just started my blog. :)

Glen Allsopp

Hey brah,

Just letting you know that your image link doesn’t work

Downloading now!

– Glen


@ Christiaan: I hope that I make an impact on others before I become famous. In the end, what matters most to me is the impact I make, not how many fans I get.

I hope you like the ebook!

@ Glen: Thanks buddy, just fixed the link.


Well done my friend.

I’ll make sure to spread the word on my end.

Daryl Furuyama

Sounds exciting. I’m glad you’re at a place in your life where you are able to write this. Just one quick note about the wording: There seems to be a conflict between “The Zero Hour Workweek” and “After 100 hours of work”. It confused me, lessening the effect of the title.

Kyle Steiner

Daryl? I just stumbled onto this website and saw your comment. I can’t imagine there are too many Daryl Furuyamas around so I’m guessing it’s the one I know from UCI/Sigma Nu. How have you been?!

Stress Training Mark

Love it. Tweeted it. Thanks.

All the best from Brighton (UK),

Shaun / No, I Won't Make Out With

Fantastic work Jon! Very well written, easy to follow, and hits the spot! I’ll be spreading this for sure.


Thanks I will read this tonight on the train home. I would do anything to be able to work the way you do. As they say, If your doing what you’re like and are good at, it’s not work.’
I am so sick of the struggle. . .



@ Daryl: You’re right, that is confusing. I’ve changed it so hopefully it makes more sense now.

@ Mark: Nice to have you here, and thanks for the tweet!

@ Himiona: It is definitely possible, I’m proof of it. If you are persistent and want it bad enough, you will get there.

Alex Blackwell

Outstanding effort Jonathan and very motivational. Your tone and passion comes through with every word and concept. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.


So excited! Can’t wait to dive into this. Thanks, Jonathan!

Simple Llama

Wowsers, 60 pages isn’t exactly cake. It sounds good though, so I’ll make some time to read it over the coming week. I’ll let you know what my thoughts are when I’m finished up.

Jai Kai -

Thanks Jonathan…
for sharing this recent creation. It felt good to read knowing that I am on my path. The law of attraction has been quite the buzz phrase over the last couple of years. But, I believe that the new buzz phrase to catch on will be “The Law of Creation” and I loved how you summed this up at the end of your book.

I am doing an audio interview with Leo this week and I would love to interview you in the near future and promote your positive messages.

Seamus Anthony

Awesome – enjoyed it. Especially the bit about how escaping work is not the point, but rather finding work you love is. I have found mine, am sure this will help others find theirs.


[…] of us are silent on the issue. Many of us just settle, choosing to bow out of the game, and some bow out of the system all together. Others join the dark side, if you will. And still others – a small, but […]

Peter | The Change Blog

Just finished reading your e-book Jonathan. Awesome stuff dude – you continue to produce high quality, ass-kicking material. “The Blogger who tries to monetize traffic” – guilty as charged… where was your e-book two years ago? haha…

Bud Hennekes

Dude.. Again.. you completely owned. I’ll be doing a review of the e-book later this week. :)

Per | Miniwise

Haven’t read it yet, but I will! This sounds like exactly the thing I was looking for :)

Diggy -

Hey Jonothan!

Wow man totally awesome!
Congrats that you are working for yourself, doing what you love and making a full time income from it! :)
That’s my goal within 2 years too!

Downloading your book now! Really awesome that you’re giving it away free! Not many people would do that!

Cheers brother!

Oscar - freestyle mind

Hey thank you so much for sharing this book. I hope to read it today and also make a review on my blog.


Great work! I look forward to reading this!

Faramarz - Anxious Candy

Thank you so much for keeping this book free. I am sure that you will benefit so many more people by doing this. I will definitely digg and stumble your page


[…] weeks ago. He’s topped himself with his new, FREE ebook that he released yesterday, entitled, “The Zero-Hour Work Week”, a play on Tim Ferriss’ “Four-Hour Work Week”. Click on the link to download […]


Thank you for the great resource! I am looking forward to reading it all the way through.

Jeremy McMinn

Cheers, I look forward to reading!!

Kytka "Kit" Hilmar-Jezek

What can I say… You ROCK!

Kent @ The Financial Philosopher

Congrats Jonathan! I’ll check it out…


[…] for those who want further reading on the subject. For your convenience (and as internet currency) here’s a link to his new eBook […]

Paul Norwine

Just downloaded the book and looking forward to jumping in…thanks for making that available to us!


Shann Vander Leek

Good on you mate!

I look forward to reading and blogging about your new ebook.


Wouter Meyers

Hey Jonathan,

Loved the ebook. Well written in your now characteristic style. I’ve now got a clearer understanding of your critisism of the 4 hour work week and I must say I agree with you now!

Will start tomorrow with answering the questions you are posing in this book. I’ve been answering similar questions slowly over the last year and will hopefully be hypercharging my ideas soon! :) Thanks for writing this awesome stuff!




[…] Elsewhere | Free eBook: The Zero Hour Workweek […]

really well done. you’ve touched on a bunch of aspects that I am trying to hopefully get across so that people take action on starting their own blog. A key within your message is that blogging has been the way to communicate and medium to get your message out. I love reading about you making the transition from corporate cubicle to zero hours! I used to feel depressed because I would fight with the face that it wasn’t possible. Now I fight with knowing that it’s possible and wanting it for myself. Thanks. I plan to do a more detailed… Read more »
Nevin Danielson

Just finished it Jonathan. It’s fantastic. It’s tremendously valuable and I think sharing it free is a brilliant move.

I’m up to two pages of notes so far. Your ebook seemed to flip the switch for me.



I haven’t read it yet, but I am confident that it will be awesome, I am going to recommend the book to a couple of friends of mine, but I will also post it on my facebook account, though the sad fact is, many of them are unwilling to change… guess everyone for his own life.

anyway, that was a random shout out to keep the articles coming mate!



[…] I read Jonathan Mead’s Zero Hour Work Week and I lurved it. (If you haven’t read it, go here to pick it up – it’s a free PDF […]

James NomadRip

Okay just finished reading it. I didn’t take as many notes or study things this thoroughly in school. I’ll do a full review on it and let you know when I have it up.

In the meantime if you’re ever out this way, you’re welcome to play our Djembe. :-)

Nevin Danielson

I’ve posted a recommendation to my readers to read 0HWW. I don’t think Blogger allows trackbacks, so I thought I’d just let you know. Congrats again on a great read.


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[…] I downloaded an ebook called “The Zero Hour Workweek” , written by Jonathan Mead of Illuminated Mind. The concept behind the book is getting paid […]

Pete Przyszlak
I sent in a comment about the book the other day and it has not even showed up, it was concerning a link to twitter pulse. So far all of my comments on all of the websites I am following have received one reply I can hardly move forward with such an overwhelming amount of feedback. I was interested in the book particularly about connecting with your own tribe, the link I thought would lead me to at least a start into social networking but I have not so far received an answer or any offers of help or even… Read more »
steve [i dance for ten years right now]

thanks for this, jonathan. this is very inspiring. i’m still a little uncertain about my own project, in terms of the potential for profits, just because i am attempting something so radical.. but this is motivation

peace, friend


unable to download the zero hour book


[…] Anyway, this is just some of the good stuff you’ll find inside the book, and as I said earlier in this post, it’s free to get, and it’s an awesome read on its own, so definitely get your copy here. […]


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