The Zero Hour Workweek

The Zero Hour Workweek

You wanted to know how I liberated myself from my day job and began blogging full time. After over 100 hours of “work;” my new free ebook: The Zero Hour Workweek is now available to the world. The “zero” part means that when you do what you love, “work” no longer feels like work. I personally can no longer tell the difference between when I’m working and when I’m playing. Here’s what inside this 60 page document:

  1. My Story of Liberation. Why I was fed up with “mind renting” and what I did to stop it.
  2. My Journey to Getting Paid to be Me. I detail my most important strategies for getting paid to do what I love. I’ve used these strategies to gain over 10,000 subscribers, write for a top 50 blog, and create a full time income online.
  3. Zero Hour Case Studies. I get inside the minds of six other renegades who have found ways to get paid to be who they are. You learn their best tips, and what they would change if they could to start all over.
  4. Your Paid to Exist Secret Weapon. I show you how you can find the intersection between: 1) What you’re good at, 2) What you’re passionate about, and 3) What people will pay you to do.
  5. Why the World Needs You to Do What You Love. Why we desperately need your contribution. A call to living on your own terms and creating your own game.

With this ebook, I didn’t hold back or keep any secrets. Everything I’ve done to create success for myself is contained within this document. This should probably cost money, but I’ve decided to make it free so as many people as possible can benefit from it.

Click Here to Download the Zero Hour Workweek Now

(There’s also an added bonus within the ebook: a link to a free test that I developed to help you find out how you can get paid to be you. Be sure to read the section “What’s next?” at the end to get the link.) Or download it on your iPhone/iPad: Download free from the iTunes store.

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I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the ebook. Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought. PS: We’re holding a no-cost event soon on how you can create your own zero hour work week, one where the lines between business and pleasure are joyfully blurred. If you’re ready to begin working and playing on your own terms, join us to reserve your seat.

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"I like that I can get access to something that most people don’t make public. People don’t often make their strategy public.” ~ Adam Piplica

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