The Two Most Dangerous Words

There are two dangerous words, you probably say all the time.

They could ruin your life… if you let them. And you would probably be surprised at what they are, because they’re so common.

Those words are: Not Yet.

The scariest thing about these words is that they let you off the hook. Because you’re not saying no, and you’re putting the commitment in the future, so it seems like you’re saying yes.

But you’re not saying yes. You’re really saying no.

  • I’ll start working on doing what I love for a living, when I have enough time.
  • I’ll travel when the time is right.
  • I’ll spend more time with my family after I get this promotion.
  • I’ll start taking that class I’ve really wanted to, once I get the courage.

What you’re really saying is: I’ll take action when the risk or effort is minimal.

And even further underlying that is: I’ll put off fulfillment, for the sake of comfort.

That’s if you want to be really honest with yourself. You could always take the safe, comfortable, seemingly innocent life of Not Yet.

But as you’ve found by now, it’s probably not just Not Yet. It’s probably never.

Comfort or fulfillment. It’s up to you.

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moonduster (Becky)
I love this! It is so true! For so many years, I put off doing things “until I lose weight,” while I put off losing that same weight I used as an excuse for not doing other things. Then I kind of came to this same sort of conclusion; I needed to stop putting things off. I started doing, learning and living all of those things I had been putting off, and I also started losing the weight. (I was morbidly obese, but have now lost 115.5 lbs and have only 22 more to reach a healthy weight). Life is… Read more »

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Loved the post!

I blabbed about it and added my own thoughts on my site,


[…] Mead noticed that we lie to ourselves when we say “not yet“. Those two words are dangerous because we are refusing to act now, but make a weak promise […]

Paul Norwine

Hey Jonathan,

Short and sweet – but full of important advice. I have the habit of doing this a lot and I have started to focus on “not putting off til tomorrow what can be done today.” This philosophy is important to keep in mind not just with my online business, but with all facets of my life. Thanks for the reminder!


Russ Smith

Nice little post. I’ve also had an aversion to those words. When ever I hear them, I think the person is trying to say yes to be pleasing, but knows they haven’t done it, and won’t.


Did I understand what you have written in this post.

Not Yet..(lol)

You made the point there..thanks…


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Scott Dinsmore

From now on I am replacing Not Yet with Never. That should keep me from ever using it again for something I remotely care about. Thanks Jonathan. Short, sweet and super useful.


hermes handbags

From now on I am replacing Not Yet with Never. That should keep me from ever using it again for something I remotely care about. Thanks Jonathan. Short, sweet and super useful.


[…] Here’s a short post to get the gears cranking: The Two Most Dangerous Words. […]


Actually that’s not true for me. I have put things off until the time was better and then done them. e.g. I put off international travel until I finished my degree. I went as soon as I finished and now, 15 years later, I have spent about 8 years living overseas. I also put off doing a couple of courses of further study until I felt financially ready. I did one 4 years ago and am now doing the Master’s degree I wasn’t ready for a few years ago.




Awesome post, short, straight to the point and full of impact!

Pull it off or Pull out! Thanks for the reminder! :)


Hi, I love your post. It is short but direct to the point. Thanks for sharing.

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