The Two Most Dangerous Words

There are two dangerous words, you probably say all the time.

They could ruin your life… if you let them. And you would probably be surprised at what they are, because they’re so common.

Those words are: Not Yet.

The scariest thing about these words is that they let you off the hook. Because you’re not saying no, and you’re putting the commitment in the future, so it seems like you’re saying yes.

But you’re not saying yes. You’re really saying no.

  • I’ll start working on doing what I love for a living, when I have enough time.
  • I’ll travel when the time is right.
  • I’ll spend more time with my family after I get this promotion.
  • I’ll start taking that class I’ve really wanted to, once I get the courage.

What you’re really saying is: I’ll take action when the risk or effort is minimal.

And even further underlying that is: I’ll put off fulfillment, for the sake of comfort.

That’s if you want to be really honest with yourself. You could always take the safe, comfortable, seemingly innocent life of Not Yet.

But as you’ve found by now, it’s probably not just Not Yet. It’s probably never.

Comfort or fulfillment. It’s up to you.

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