The Secret? There is No Secret

The Secret

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It seems everyone is looking for a secret. Everyone wants the mysterious answer to their problems that somehow eludes them day after day. If only they knew the secret to success, the secret to loving relationships, the secret to losing weight, the secret to being more productive.

It’s easy to see this when so many books on personal development, self help, money, wealth, fitness, and relationships claim to have some secret. “The Secret to a Flatter Stomach in 30 days,” “The Secret to Unlimited Wealth,” or “The Secret to Happiness.”

Is there really a secret though? Or do marketers simply thrive off the allure of proclaiming a so-called secret, something they’ve figured out that no one else has yet grasped? The real secret is..

There is no secret.

That’s right, there is no secret. But everyone’s looking for one, right?

The allure of a secret is so powerful because it implies some hidden knowledge that someone has kept from others because it’s so powerful. The people that know these so-called secrets don’t want others to know about it, because in knowing it, they might be able to compete with them on the same level.

The generous authors of numerous books, seminars and workshops want to give you the secret. How selfless of them. =)

But most of the time when their secrets are revealed they turn out to be nothing more than a quick fix gimmick. A new weight loss pill that will allow you to eat whatever you want and still lose weight! Or the secret to starting a business that will make you rich within months!

The other less common probability when a secret is revealed is that it turns out it wasn’t a secret at all, it was simply common sense.

After all, what’s the biggest secret that’s hit self-help stands across the nation? The Law of Attraction. The makers of the film about this “law” were so bold to call this The Secret.

I think there is a lot of benefit to focusing your thoughts and intentions on what you want to manifest in your life. Don’t get me wrong, I think moving from focusing on what you want, rather than what you don’t want is a big step for many people. As well as the idea that your thoughts manifest reality. But is this really a secret? I don’t think so.

The problem with secrets is they get people so excited over some new realization that’s going to change their lives instantly. Now that they’ve solved the mystery, everything is going to suddenly transform right? Not exactly.

Discovering a new realization, something that is more in alignment (hence the reason they call it the law of attraction) with reality is a big step. It has the power to change lives. The hype of a secret, some new idea that’s going to completely transform your existence is the issue. Discovering a new, more accurate paradigm for reality is huge, but actually implementing that new paradigm into your life is something else entirely.

When people are so focused on the excitement of learning some new secret, they don’t realize what they learned was really…

Common Sense

The Law of Attraction is really common sense. A lot of people might argue with this, because it seems that thoughts creating reality isn’t so obvious. That may be true. It’s easy to see your physical existence as a product of your environment. After all, you are you, and everything else is “out there.” Your thoughts are a product of your environment, right?

Common sense would tell us, yes, our thoughts are a product of our environment. But that’s only looking at half of the picture. That’s implying that physical reality is bigger than us, we are merely perceiving it. We don’t just perceive though, we interpret and respond. We respond not only with actions, but with thoughts as well. And of course we all know thoughts create actions.
So how do thoughts create reality? We must also recognize that just as we respond to the physical world, the physical world responds to us. That’s the part they don’t teach you in school.

Common sense can take us a step further to better explain the law of attraction. Everyone knows that thoughts determine actions. But what about our thoughts manifesting things that aren’t a direct result of our action? Explaining that requires a whole new paradigm. Maybe a secret paradigm? Or can we explain it with common sense? Let’s give it a try.

We all know that we have a physical body, and that we interact in an environment. How do you describe a person though? You describe them by their behavior, what they do. But you can’t describe what a person does without describing their environment. You can’t describe the environment without describing the city, the state, country, continent, planet, solar system, galaxy and eventually the universe. In the same way for us to describe the universe, we describe the stars in the universe. We describe the matter of the stars, their relationship to galaxies, solar systems and planets. We describe the planet in its relation to life, to the water, atmosphere, and land. We describe the water and the land based on the life that inhabits it. Can you see where I’m going with this?

When we really take common sense as far as we can take it, we realize that everything is relational. We realize that every part relies on the other parts. The parts make a whole and the whole makes the parts. This is what’s not as easy to see; in the whole you see the parts, but in the parts there is also the whole.

When we see that each part is the whole it’s easy to understand how the law of attraction works. When you create an intention that intention is not just your individual consciousness’ intention, it is also the intention of the entire universe as well.

So what does this all have to do with secrets?

The reason I wanted to illustrate this point is to show you that there really are no secrets. But there is a lot of common sense.

The reason secrets are so touchy is because they imply a lot of hype. They imply a quick fix to solving your problems. And while a secret may show you some new insight that will help you, there is still the hard work of implementing that new realization. Changing our beliefs and changing our habits requires hard work. This is a rude awakening for secret seekers.

If we are able to realize that underlying secrets (that are actually based on truth) are really common sense, we can approach things from a new level. We can accept that common sense took us there and that common sense will tell us it may not be easy implementing these new habits.

There is no magic pill. Real magic happens when people apply these secrets in their lives.

True transformation involves no quick fixes and real growth can be very challenging. It may not be as glamorous and alluring. But it will be genuine.

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