The Rules of the Game of Business [A Small Manifesto]

When Jonathan and I work on projects we have always put an emphasis on providing value to our audience and having a great time while doing it.

About a year ago an email showed up in our inbox called “The Rules of the Game of Business”. The idea behind the email was that business is a game. We loved the idea because it made taking risks and building things an adventure. Not a struggle.

At World Domination Summit this summer we wanted a digital gift to give away to promote  Playbook, a platform that teaches entrepreneurs real-world business skills through action based missions.

So we created this poster featuring the rules inspired by this article from Amish Shah.

The Rules of the Game of Business

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with these rules? Do you find them empowering?

Dustin Lee is the co-founder of Playbook, a site that provides action based classes for online entrepreneurs. He’s also a co-conspirator at Paid to Exist. You can learn more about him here.

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Although I’d agree that these rules fit perfectly for myself, I am aware that some people are struggling and gambling in the sense that they absolutely need their business to succeed. Some people rely on starting a successful business to pull themselves out of debt. Others to quite literally survive. I’m lucky enough to be one of the people who are able to do it out of passion and love.

Dustin Lee

Hi Vincent,

Yeah, I totally agree. An entrepreneurs business is not a game. I do, however, think putting the inevitable challenges of business into the context of a game can help entrepreneurs overcome challenges with a more productive mindset.

Thanks, Vincent : )

Kael Strang
Kael Strang

Gotta say: this is largely (very well-designed, very pretty) B.S.

The marketplace makes the “rules.”

The customer makes the “rules.”

This whole web folks weave about the entrepreneur making their own rules is just more slippery B.S.

Get over it. Follow the rules of your marketplace. There are f**ckin rules.

And sometimes it’s difficult.

This kind of crap just glosses over the hard work of making things happen.

Comeon guys, you can do better than this!


Barbara McKinney

Nice article Dustin. The game can be as interesting or as disappointing as you want.It simply means that the outcome is based on how you act.If you want the game of your business to be interesting,then make the right move.

Marc Perrot

Business is just a big game. I love it.

I feel like this definitely applies to growing number of freedom businesses that exist in the world. They allow people to do things they love and make their own rules, and when they fail they’ve learned something for their next try.

I’ve tried a couple sets of rules that resulted in different levels of failure, but I’m hoping my most recent set will keep me playing for the long-term.

Great poster!


These are very good statements about business and I think life itself can be compared to a game. There is no reset button, the more you learn in life the more comfortable you get and therefore could result in getting more out of life.

Each one of us has the responsibility of changing the rules guiding our thoughts if for any reason we are not getting the best out of life. Most of those who focus on mapping out a way to success also work hard to do the same and eventually they achieve their goals.

Sean Murphy

I love this idea.

Anything that trivialises failure is okay in my book.
Let’s face it most if the failures we make don’t kill us so if viewing business as a game encourages people to take chances I’m all for it.

Phill J.
Phill J.

Great stuff, Dustin! The game can be as interesting or as disappointing as you want. 4 Years later and the business game is still breathing the same concept.

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