The Real Truth About Creating Freedom in Life and Work

Because I care about you, I have some real truths to tell you about freedom that might make you a bit uncomfortable.

A lot of people want to sell you a dream of easy and predictable formulas for success. But the reality is that true freedom is not an accident and it’s not easy.

Freedom must be seized, earned and cultivated. One day at a time, for a very long time.

And if you want to be self employed, doing something that matters to you while living a life of freedom…

Then you really have two choices:

  • You can follow the old path of inconsistency, false starts, wrecked dreams and wasted energy.


  • You can embark on a new path of waking up with focus and clarity every single day, where each action builds momentum and progress.

The first path is like running in circles. The second is an elevator to the top.

So today I want to offer you something that is 100% aligned with the second path.

Again, sorry to be brutally honest, but what I’m going to offer you will require a LOT of commitment. If you’re not ready for that, you’re welcome to close this tab in your browser and go back to browsing Facebook.

If you are ready, though, read on.

365 ProjectThe 365 Days to Freedom Project is simple: You get one mission every day sent to your inbox for an entire year.

  • Each mission moves you forward and builds momentum.
  • You wake up with clarity on exactly what you need to do next to grow your business and reclaim your freedom.

If you want to be one of the few that defies the statistics and stops the endless false starts, you can join us here:

Click here to learn about the 365 habit.

Okay, now for the REAL dirt (and embarrassing truth about why I created this). Ugh, here we go.

I got sick and tired of all the “what ifs” and somedays in my life. So that’s why I really created the 365 Project.

In my starry-eyed entrepreneurial fantasy days, I kept getting plagued with the almost syndrome.

  • almost contacted a blogger I respected and asked for help.
  • almost started built a product I believed could succeed.
  • almost did a lot of other things.
  • But almost got me absolutely nowhere.

It took me a while to be completely honest about it, but when it really came down to it…

I just wasn’t committed enough.

I just didn’t want it bad enough. I thought I did. But I still wasn’t fully and completely committed.

There wasn’t an endless fire burning in my heart. It wasn’t a goal that wasn’t burning a hole in my brain.

In short, there was no urgency.

But when I finally decided that “this will happen and it’s just a matter of time,” something shifted dramatically.

I was willing to do whatever it takes.

And of course, my results changed dramatically. I was able to quit my job in less than a year and make a full-time living from my blog.

So if YOU want to reclaim your freedom, you really just need two things:

  1. Serious, urgent, whatever it takes commitment. <– I can’t give you this. Sorry.
  2. A habit of focusing on small missions that grow your business, every single day. <– I’ve got you covered here.

Fortunately, the second thing I can help you with.

Click here to learn about the 365 habit.

(FYI: I’ve made this incredibly accessible and ridiculously simple for you to make happen.)

What the 365 program does best is address the two major problems with most other business education:

  • Lack of consistency. Most programs stop before you’re able to actually get your business of the ground. Statistically it takes about one year building your blog before it’s making consistent income. That’s what the 365 gives you.
  • No bias for action. A lot of business education is heavy on the theory and falls short on the implementation. The 365 is completely the opposite. I only give you actionable missions you can complete that day.

Registration closes on Sunday at 11:59pm Pacific to gather feedback and improve the training. No exceptions.

If you know that you want to work for yourself, make an impact on the world, and live a life of freedom, this will help you.

FYI: There is no pressure to join today. This is either right for you or it isn’t. But registration will close Sunday.

Click here to learn more about the 365 Days to Freedom Project

—Jonathan Mead

PS: Hundreds of former false starters have experienced tremendous success and breakthroughs with the 365 Project. Here’s what a few have had to say:

“It felt so good after only two weeks to be able to say that I had developed a pitch AND a website!”

—Carrie Corvid

“The first few weeks of the 365 has already produced some outcomes I’d never thought I’d see in my whole career.”

—Nick Burk

“I saw today’s mission and almost threw up. Job well done– I just took more action in 20 minutes than I did in the past year.”

—Kate Marolt

Learn more about the 365 Project by clicking here.

PPS: My life coach told me that I have some internal issues with receiving help from others. When I think about it, it’s kind of egotistical and dumb for me to think I can do everything myself.

And the truth is, I just can’t do all the work to spread the word about this. Crap. I guess that means I have to be vulnerable.

The honest truth is, I need your help.

So if you know someone that could benefit from this, please click one of the buttons below and share this. I deeply appreciate it.

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