The Passion vs. Hobby Test

Want to know if your passion is a hobby or has the potential to be a fulltime gig? Use the test below to find out. Once you do, share your results in the comments below. 
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Annie Brulé
I have to agree with Iris above: when reading “am I willing to do the admin tasks…”I totally say “yes” because I’ve done them for so long in my own business, but they are totally the first things I’ll be outsourcing, so I can focus on the vision and management! And, since a lot of folks seem to get stuck on the “will it compromise my passion to monetize it”, I’d suggest one more box if they say “yes”: and that box would say, “Are you sure?” …I’ve seen people think about that one really deeply, and often come to… Read more »

Thank you so much for the infographic. It just confirms that my passion is writing, that I can do it to my heart’s content, and there is a strong possibility it will make me get money one way or another.


Great infographic! Very inspiring and helpful. At first glance, it looked like simple tips and questions that you would think anyone would ponder before making their decisions, yet these can easily be overlooked when people try to turn their passion into business.


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TJ Chasteen

Thanks for the graphic and test Jonathan.

What did you use to make the graphic? – I’d like to hobby around and make one!

This test revealed to me that my passion of blogging about daily happiness could be profitable. That is reassuring to me but what isn’t is the fact that I make less than a dollar a day from it.

I am going to have to keep working (as the test states) to become the best happiness blogger in the world!



What a great blog !
Thank you Jonathan, I thought I was the only one in the world to think create a niche is much better than follow one. And you’re right, everyone should be paid to exist. That is what I teach through my blog too.

Thank you to exist :-)


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my passion is graphic designing. I love creating website. and I know that there are lots of money in this area. I am just (I think) scared of expanding my horizon and socializing with people who is interested in my work. ^__^


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Mine flowed through like water through a sieve, Jonathan. Answering each question without hesitation and arriving straight away at profitable leaves it sounding like an ideal project, don’t you think? Thanks for the kick!

Stacey | Soul Intelligence

Great graphic! Shared with my peeps!


Hahahaha! I got mine real good, real quick. I took some time to think on other questions because of some of my limiting beliefs. But all in all answering this test got me excited into making my dreams into reality. Into working my ass to make it real. Just makes me smile to my ears.

To keep myself accountable to work on it I will spill it out.

It’s this: To do increedible, mind-blowing, intelligent art works.

Myrko Thum
I have a question about the question “Will monetize this passion compromise what I love about it?” This is a tricky one. Because if I’m a musician writing and playing virtuous music then I might tune my music a bit to have an audience that makes it worthwhile. Still I would love to earn from my music and make it big. So I think I have to compromise a bit and go a bit mainstream if the style of my music I like is just a bit to edgy. I’ve seen this over and over again with artists who have… Read more »
Great infographic and thanks for the opportunity to go through this exercise. I answered a big YES to all, with a dose of uncertainty about the “how” of turning my passion into a business. I am grateful for my day job, and yet I see the need to consciously invent the next stage of my life and the value I create for the world. All while honoring the significant financial karma I have taken on. So it is a matter of doing the daily work toward liberation, and toward well, even MORE of the real work I need to do!… Read more »

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[…] are better as hobbies, not careers. A quick and easy way to find this out is by taking this superb passion vs. hobby test by […]

Wow, this infographic really displays what I’ve been putting into action over the last few months and very consistently over the last week. I have had so much passion for dance and helping people but have struggled with how to monetize it. Not because I have a philosophical issue with monetizing something so close to my soul, but more because I had so many info marketing naysayers telling me there was no market for it. I’ve gone to my market, and asked a lot of questions and found that yes, they can use my help and they love my strategies.… Read more »

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Lee Stagles

My passion is supporting men to reach their potential Manhood through therapy and initiation and to facilitate a cultural change in raising Men. I’m really energised and have loads of information but lack what I’m really looking for – a step by step ordered guide. All the info I have appears to form a circle with no ‘on ramp’.
I’m in!
Lets do this!


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I learned that no matter how much you love your passion and how much you want to pursue it for yourself, if you want to turn it into your life’s work, you have to make it about other people.


Awesome decision making algoritem!

I inserted my passion – body psyhotherapy – and came all the way down.
Grateful and encouraged by the findings I’m continuing along the planned path.

Thx Jonathan!


My passion is definitely profitable. Reading and learning from the PTE community has helped me realize that living on your own terms is not limited to people in first world countries. I’m pretty excited to be an African pioneer in lifestyle design and looking forward to helping millennials live, love, learn & leave a lasting legacy!

I was talking about my business with a friend/co-worker awhile back, and they asked me if I was taking any clients yet. I’m currently building the website for my business, and I work full-time, so there isn’t time to take clients yet. I explained to her that right now I want to make sure that my website is professional and easy to navigate. I also need a platform for blogging and marketing. I said that I have a job right now, so I’m not desperate for money, so there’s no rush. I consistently and steadily work on my business every… Read more »

“Best in the world” sounds like EGO talking to me…. I think passion has nothing to do with “Best in the world” more to do with doing what you like to feed your soul. I like laying in the sun:-)

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