The Future and Evolution of Illuminated Mind

Nothing is stagnant and neither is Illuminated Mind. Some big shifts and growth is happening around here, and I want to update you all on what’s in store.

Design update

In case you haven’t noticed (you read this blog solely in a feed reader) Illuminated Mind has received a long overdue face lift. As usual, due to my OCD tendencies, I designed it myself. Design is one of my biggest passions, even though it’s something I no longer have an interest in pursuing as a career. I think this space is finally getting stylistically the way I see it in my head. I’m really happy about that. I’d love to know what you think.

As a side-note, if you’re looking for a great designer you should probably check out Naomi Nile’s webdesign services. She is  awesome.

Upcoming products

Part of my goal with Illuminated Mind this year is to expand the line of products I offer. I’m going to be branching out in a number of different directions, and two products are currently being smelted at the forge. One is a new ebook that I’ll be launching probably in the second half of this year. I have a fairly clear picture of it so far, but since it’s still taking shape I can’t reveal too much. The main themes are going to be releasing potential and owning your truth as a way of finding personal freedom. I’m really excited about it.

The second product I’m working on with Charlie Gilkey. It’s all about how to do the stuff that matters and move away from the stuff that leaves you unfulfilled. It involves Kung Fu. Enough said.

It should be launching within the next month or two.

Expanding and Integrating

For a while here, I’ve felt like I’ve limited myself in terms of the topics I write about. In a certain sense, it’s good because I have a clear vision of the value I best provide: helping people break free of structures that limit them. But for someone who talks so much about breaking boundaries and integrating, sometimes I feel like I need to take my own advice. Part of the way I’ll be doing that this year is by expanding the scope of topics I cover here; primarily in the health and physical fitness realm.

In the past year I had a big breakthrough when it came to health and fitness. Before I used to see it as a chore; a type of regular upkeep that was necessary, but didn’t really enjoy. As someone who’s continually dedicated to detecting the bullshit in limiting modes of living, I started to question this.

What if fitness could be a way of self development; an art of expressing the human body?

And after questioning and exploring, I found a different way. I found an approach that makes me excited and I actually anticipate my daily practice of keeping fit.

What I’ve found I’d like to share with you here at Illuminated Mind. What I’m interested in knowing is whether or not you’ve experienced a similar deterrent from fitness; a chore that is a mandatory and painful fixture of your routine. Are you interested in alternatives, and a more joyful, sacred approach to caring for your body?

I would like to gauge the interest before I incorporate this type of content as a regular element of Illuminated Mind. Most likely I will start writing intermittently about this and if the response is favorable I will step up the frequency.

Theme for this year

The theme for this year is expansion. Part of that is expanding the type of topics I cover and the products that I offer, but it’s also about reach. My main goal this year is to double the readership of Illuminated Mind.

I want to help as many people as possible and further the message of liberation through authentic action. I know breaking down limiting structures and realizing personal potential is something a lot of people resonate with; and I want to get that message out to more people.

One of the ways I’ll be doing that is by expanding my communication channels. I’ve been doing a lot of interviews (2-3 a week) and will continue to do so. But more importantly, I’ll be picking up the pace with guest and featured writing.

If you’re interested in having me write on your blog (of 5k+ subscribers), I would love to cross pollinate. My best types of writing include:

  • Owning your passion and value
  • Finding personal freedom
  • Integration and moving beyond limitation
  • Making a living doing what you love
  • Finding your truth and purpose
  • Embracing your authentic self as a way of liberation

Send me an email if you think we’re a good fit.

Street team coming soon

The Illuminated Mind Street Team program will be released soon. It’s all about us working together to make cash and spread truth: You recommend products you stand behind and get paid each month.

I’ve been moving over to a new shopping cart system to help better manage the affiliate system (e-junkie just wasn’t cutting it). It should be ready sometime next week.

Look for more details on that soon.

Enjoying the path

More than anything, I am enjoying the process of everything that is unfolding here. While my eyes are set on my vision, the most important part for me is enjoying the journey. It’s really awesome to be a part of such an amazing community of people.

So that’s what I’m up to right now. How are you changing the world?

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