The Four Ingredients for Momentum and Inevitable Success

The success or failure of every project I’ve worked on has come down to one thing. The supply of an elusive, sometimes maddeningly mystical fuel source.


Even the word momentum has a beautiful, addictive quality to it when spoken.

Mo-ment-um. Yum.

It rolls off your tongue smoothly. It’s like the intoxicating sweetness of salted caramel, with a ZING of tart apple crispness.

It has the burning energy of muscles pumping, sweat dripping with a cool, exhilarating autumn breeze. Runner’s high does indeed feel a lot like momentum.

Ah, sweet momentum. The coveted lifeblood of a thriving, energy-filled project.

When it’s there, all is well in the world. When it’s not, you feel a grinding drudgery. It hurts.

Sometimes momentum almost seems like a mysterious, mystical elixir. You either possess it, blessed by some unseen divine force, or you’ve been malevolently cursed.

I’ve come to discover that while momentum can happen on accident, in an unconscious, uncoordinated way, it can also be created. Consciously. Deliberately.

With the right approach, momentum can be called upon and concocted. In any project or goal.

It’s only up to you to create the proper conditions.

Essentially, the road to momentum involves four main ingredients.

Each one of these I’ve distilled over several years of work studying human psychology, productivity and peak performance.

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Focus on growth activities
  2. Increasing the speed of decision making
  3. Create a zero-resistance objective (showing up > perfect, unfinished ideas)
  4. Create a non-resistance path

These strategies are the tools I’ve used to build a six figure business, conquer skills like muscle-ups and handstands and finish a 365 day course on entrepreneurship. A grueling task indeed.

In the next few days, I’ll be unpacking each of these transformations, and how you can employ them to concoct your own momentum fuel on a daily basis.

Does momentum solve all of your problems? Of course not, but it does make everything much, much easier.

By the time we’re done, my goal is to make a powerful case to you for the cultivation of momentum.

You’ll discover how you can accelerate the path you’re on to anywhere you want to go, with a little sweet nectar of the Gods.

Just don’t tell them I gave you the recipe. ;)

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