The Biggest Announcement in Illuminated Mind History

The Biggest Announcement in Illuminated Mind History

Over the last year I’ve come to realize that something has been incubating under the surface. I resisted it at first, but it kept growing in spite of my attempts at ignorance.

I would hear people tell me that this is what I needed to do and would feign interest, going on with my usual plans.

Sometimes you have to get to a point where what’s calling you is so blaringly loud that you can’t ignore it anymore. That’s what happened with me.

Allow me to explain…

For the past couple of years I’ve felt like we’ve operated at close to our potential. Almost there, but not quite. Something was missing, and we needed a final nudge to push us over the edge.

It’s time for us to start operating at full expression and see what kind of impact we can really have. And in order to do that, we need a new brand and a new name.

While the name Illuminated Mind is near and dear to my heart (and will remain the name of our official company), it doesn’t quite say what we need it to. It doesn’t make a statement. It’s kind of like an empty vehicle. It allows us to fit whatever we want into it just fine. But the vehicle itself doesn’t say anything.

We need a vehicle that makes a statement. We need a name that says something, that stands for something.

That name is Paid to Exist.

A few years ago, we had a product called Paid to Exist. It was a course on creating and working on your own terms and getting paid to be who you are. I loved that product, but as with all things in life, my thinking eventually evolved past it. And rather than update the product, I felt like I needed to create something different. That product was Trailblazer.

I’ve been extremely happy with how Trailblazer has gone so far. We’re over 300 members strong and growing day by day. We have members worldwide who are doing awesome things.

But I’ve always been a bit nostalgic about the name Paid to Exist. I’ve always thought it could have become something more than just a defunct course. Not to mention my wife has hounded me repeatedly to change the name to Paid to Exist, and I’ve finally decided to listen. :)

In short, it’s pretty much the best name I’ve come up with for our message and what we’re doing. It makes a clear statement and draws a line in the sand. I  also think it encapsulates what we’re all striving for: to have there be zero separation between what we love to do (our passion), and what we get paid to do (our service to others).

This is an evolution, not a burial.

In the next couple of weeks, we’ll be transitioning the site over to the domain We’ve been hard at work for months on a brand new site that (I hope) will blow your mind. We’re working on a lot of great stuff that I can’t quite share yet, including a free product-quality toolkit for getting Paid to Exist.

Me and the rest of the team have poured our hearts and souls into this new chapter so much that it chokes me up just to think about it. We’re laying all our cards on the table here.

But I want you to know that this isn’t a funeral for Illuminated Mind.

This is a renewal and an evolution.

Illuminated Mind is breaking free from its cocoon and finally transforming into what it has been meant to be for several years. And I’m incredibly excited to share this next step of our journey with you. In all honesty, the name Paid to Exist is what this community should have been called all along. It’s not so much of a change, but a rite of passage.

Many of you have been with us for a long time (remember this site?), back when this whole thing got started in 2008. (That’s got to be at least a few decades in internet years!)

And I’m excited for all of you to take this next step with us. We’ve had a wild ride so far, but we’re just getting started. It’s time to take this to a whole new level.

We’ll be releasing more info about the change over the next couple of weeks. But for now, just know that you don’t need to do anything. Your subscriptions and access to our products will transfer over seamlessly and automatically.

We’re leaving it all on the field

I have to be honest: I’m afraid that this might backfire. I’m afraid that we might change everything and destroy what we’ve built.

And believe me, I’d rather not do the work that’s necessary to rebrand completely. It’s not fun moving over your database, redesigning your site, changing your messaging, and writing the content for a new website. It’s an incredible amount of work. But I wouldn’t be doing this if I didn’t think it would benefit to this community.

The pull to make this change is greater than that fear. I believe in Paid to Exist. I also believe you risk regret when you don’t follow your intuition and listen to that voice telling you you must grow and transform.

The reality is that this could either be the greatest decision we’ve ever made, or it could blow up in our face. I obviously hope it’s the former.

Thanks for being with us on this new leg of our journey. Thank you for sticking with us. Thank you for being a part of this incredible community. Your support means more than you can know.

We’ll be unveiling the new site on Tuesday, July 17th.

Stay tuned.

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