The “Bane of Fuzziness,” a Lie, and… You

The “Bane of Fuzziness,” a Lie, and… You

Note: This is a follow up to this post that had several hundred people sign up for my one-time event on creating your offer to the world. It seems like a lot of people really want this information, and are really in need of it. I’m really in awe of the response it’s received.

Each day I try to sit down and give some thought to what I want my life to be about, and really, the legacy I want to leave when I’m gone. Maybe you’ve done this at some time or another (for me, my birthdays are a time of a lot of reflection and contemplation, and it’s coming up soon).

For a long time I’ve decided that my purpose is to help people get paid to do what they love, and get paid to be who they are.

In the past I’ve struggled with exactly how I can best help people realize this goal. There are so many ways I might help people get closer to the destination of getting paid to exist.

And because of that, there’s a lot of well intentioned things I could be doing.

But one thing stands to make the biggest difference

However, I’ve found there’s really ONE thing that makes the most difference. It’s something that plagues most people starting on this path and aspiring to create their own freedom.

And that is simply their offer to the world.

I see too many people sabotage this before they even start. This makes me sad because I know there is so much opportunity for them to serve and make a difference in people’s lives.

Getting your offer wrong…

  • Means running on a bridge to nowhere, never seeing your work come to fruition.
  • Means spending a lot of time working really hard, having great intentions and doing a lot of “smart” things to grow your business, but not seeing any results.
  • Leaves people feeling frustrated and defeated… and causes a lot of people to give up.

After working with hundreds of “paid to exist hopefuls” over the past few years, I’ve found this is the single greatest determiner of success or failure. It’s something I’ve helped a lot of people tweak, hone and carefully craft to get right.

And once they get it right, like a key aligning the proper mechanisms in a lock, opportunities open.

Once you get your offer to the world right…

  • People actually get it when you explain it to them (what it is you do, or help people with)
  • Your “right people” show up, and are excited to get started
  • Leaders in your space are excited to spread the word about what you do
  • Your message becomes contagious, and begins to create a magnetic field around it
  • You create products and services your customers want and need, start making a full-time income, and your dream becomes your livelihood

So that’s why it’s my mission to help people get their offer to the world right. I want to help end the confusion, and the long hours spent doing “all the right things” with little results to show for it.

But, in order for us to get this offer right once and for all, we absolutely must fight one thing:

The “Bane of Fuzziness”

I see too many people shoot themselves in the foot (who likes bullets in their feet?) because of what I call the “Bane of Fuzziness.” They haven’t clearly defined a destination for their offer, and because of that, none of their customers can determine where they’re going.

If someone can’t show up for help with you and know exactly where they’re going to end up, then you still have work to do. (Hint: someone should know where they’re going within 10 seconds of seeing your website or hearing about your service).

So, the first step is to combat this by cutting to the heart of what it is you offer, and make the path incredibly clear.

However… this isn’t the only challenge we face, there is something that runs even deeper, that’s even more detrimental. It penetrates to the root of our problem. And that is…

An Unfortunate Lie

This lie states that if you help enough people, and give away enough value, sooner or later you’ll make money. Many people perpetuate this lie, unknowingly. (Honestly, it reminds me of the lie that we all feel we’re inadequate and need to somehow “improve” ourselves.)

I see a lot of well-intentioned people spreading this lie unconsciously. And it really is another lie in disguise:

If you do what you love the money will follow.

The lie of giving away value and people will buy is essentially the lie of “the money will follow” in a shrewd costume. And it’s simply not true.

If you don’t get your offer right from the very beginning, any amount of value you give away will amount to naught. You simply must get this right, from the start.

So, that leads us to the final curtain in this plot.

If you want to get your offer to the world right, and make getting paid to be you a reality, then you absolutely must…

Step fully into your purpose

You cannot overcome the “Bane of Fuzziness” or the Unfortunate Lie unless you completely, and fully, step into your purpose and your service in this world. It requires all of you. Half-heartedness has no place here. This isn’t a venture for the timid, or faint of heart.

And rightly, this sounds like a daunting task. It was for me. It was for every single person I’ve helped on this path to embracing their purpose in the world.

However, I’m here to tell you that you don’t need to do this perfectly. You don’t need to wait to find your purpose before you start. Once you commit, then and only then will the path become clear.

Once you step fully into your purpose…

  • Resources show up that you didn’t know you had
  • Opportunities materialize that you couldn’t predict
  • You find strength and wisdom inside you that you didn’t know existed
  • Others in your tribe rally to support you and your cause
  • The universe conspires in your favor… but only after you take the first step

So, what I’m calling you to do today isn’t to take a blind leap, or to do anything hastily. What I’m asking is that you merely take the first step in spite of your fear. Feel it, acknowledge it, and proceed anyway. Consciously crafting your offer to the world in a way that attracts the right people opens a path to something greater than you can currently imagine.

The world needs more people finding joy from their livelihood. I fundamentally believe that.

Although, I realize this isn’t an easy path to walk alone (I couldn’t have done it alone). So I’ve put together a guide to help you get started, and it’s called:

“How to turn the gifts inside you to an offer the world needs, that attracts customers effortlessly, and gets you paid to do what you love”

I’ve been personally helping people get this important first step right for years, and now I’d like to share with you the road map I’ve given them. I hope you’ll join me and take the first step (you don’t have to do it alone):

Click here to reserve your seat.

I’m looking forward to what you create (it’s going to be awesome).

photo courtesy of jamesjordan

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Well stated! You basically broke down my first major struggle in my business. I am not sure where I found you, but I greatly enjoy reading each and everyone of your articles. I spam post them on my wall (shamless plug)

Ken Wert
Ken Wert

Great post. I love the idea of the “Bane of Fuzziness.” So true! I’m learning that now as I work at growing and fine-tuning my offer. I’ve always been someone who dives head first into the deep end of the pool to start swimming with the big boys, perhaps before the floaties are fully ready to come off. But that commitment and brazenness has taught me a lot. I think I’m better for it too.

Thanks again for the wonderful insight you always share here!


I’ve struggled with my “offer”, even really not sure that I understand it very well, and I know that this is a subject that you have a good amount of mastery over… i’m looking forward to the podcast. thanks for doing this man!


The offer sounds great. A lot of people are stuck living the same old life, working at the same old job, and messing around with the same old depressing girl friend who dressing in all black and eat fast food like it’s organic carrots. ( that was not an example of my life). With this ” Bane of Fuzziness” i think people will be happier than ever. With your track record so far, Who’s to say it WONT work. I’m on TEAM MEAD. Cheers bro.


I always loved the quote “You can have everything you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want” by Zig Ziglar. Your spin on that concept with “An Unfortunate Lie’ is very enlightening. I agree with you 100% when you say “If you don’t get your offer right from the very beginning, any amount of value you give away will amount to naught.” Your goals must be clear and concise and you must find a way to monetize your passions.

Great blog! Thank you.

Teresa Capaldo

Jonathan,    This is written so beautifully and I appreciate how you weave hope and enthusiasm into the frank reality of the way things actually are.  I have struggled to define that right offer to the world and you are absolutely right about your fate resting in hitting that spot on and getting it right from Day One! After a full year of doing various programs (including presently being in yours :) and buying into  a lot of the *lies* that are constantly in your face online, I have come to realize that I now need to step back at… Read more »


Thank you Jonathan! I always appreciate your insightful articles, which always seem to be perfectly timed with what’s going on in my journey. :) In fact, I really wanted to hit that link and sign up for the call, but it seems I’ve missed the chance for now. The general idea of what I want to do hit me recently like a lightning bolt- suddenly and out of nowhere. It perfectly tied in with all of my passions, and I was so stoked about it! I’m still very passionate about it, but am just trying to see through the haze… Read more »

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