The Aftermath of Trailblazer

The Aftermath of Trailblazer

The wake of Trailblazer has started to subside. In this post, I’ll share with you how the launch went and the aftermath our trailblazing community has created (I heard it was felt in neighboring countries worldwide).

Last March I opened up the inaugural inception of Trailblazer. It was luminous and smokin’. The first 35 spots sold out, and after careful consideration, we decided to open a few more which went quickly as well. This was our first multiple five figure launch.

Overall, I’m really happy with how successful the launch itself was. I didn’t do any pre-launch content, had zero affiliates (that launch is coming soon), and had almost no promotion from my partners. I intentionally wanted to keep this initial launch small and uncomplicated. Since I hadn’t actually created any of the content yet (that’s the beauty of pre-selling), I knew the bulk of my time would be spent working on that. I didn’t need to worry about making things any more intricate.

I always like to do a beta version of every course I release to spend time working with a group of people to shape and tailor the content to be as valuable as possible. Next month we’ll do a full scale release and set the world ablaze.

Here’s a spotlight of some of our Trailblazers:

  • Maaike Quinn launched A Gorgeous Life, a witty blog about happiness for perfectionists. She’s expanding at a rapid rate.
  • Harley Schreiber created Life Ignite. A place for living a fulfilled life ignited with passion, and personal freedom to do what you want to do. She’s a rising star and one to watch in 2011.
  • Valerie is helping businesses operate more effectively and leading the unschooling movement. The intersection of those things led her to create a community called Center 31, a place for creative business minded people to connect and collaborate locally.
  • Ethan Waldman from Cloud Coach created a 5 day course on how to create a profitable and responsive email list. He helps smalls business leverage technology to connect with their local communities in a meaningful way.
  • Nailah Blades is creating a local movement called Spark Forward. The goal is to connect young women to the resources and people they need through networking and social events, and the occasional kick in the ass.
  • Cara Stein spent 72 hours writing 36,000 words for her upcoming guide on relationships. She writes at 17,000 days where she inspires others to live each day to the fullest.
  • Lourenco from Portugal is working with people to deepen their connection with the earth and change their lives in the process. He used Trailblazer to launch a course to 70 people and made over $4,000.

There’s many other stories like this inside the member’s area. I wanted to highlight a few of them here to show what our awesome community has accomplished together.

I know the next launch of Trailblazer will be even bigger. If you want to start doing what you love, and making a great living at it, registration will open early next month. (You can get early notification by signing up here.)

Congratulations to everyone that participated. You are all rising stars. I can’t wait for the next enrollment.

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