You serious about this?

Thanks Adventurer. An email is on it’s way, but bear it mind it might take a few minutes to make it to your inbox (5 to 10 minutes max).

If you’re serious about taking action to get paid to be you, you need to do this:

Please take a moment to “whitelist” us in your inbox.

Why whitelist?

Well, spam has become a seriously big problem these days. I’m sure you’ve noticed.

Because of this, email providers like gmail, yahoo and msn have had to take serious measures to make sure that your inbox isn’t flooded with unwanted messages.

The only problem is, sometimes the robots make mistakes and the messages you actually want end up in the wrong place.

The good news is, it’s easy for you to fix, and you’re the one in control. So, you can whitelist us only if you want to.

I’m assuming you subscribed for a reason, and I plan on absolutely hooking you up with tons of actionable, transformational content. So, this will definitely be worth it.

If you use Gmail, here’s what to do:

  1. Go to your inbox and locate an email from Example: the welcome email we just sent you.
  2. Click and drag this email to the primary tab in your inbox.
  3. You’re done! Our emails will now go to where you want them.

Gmail Whitelist Instructions

If you use Yahoo mail, here’s what to do

Open the welcome email you received from us. Hover over sender’s name and then over three dots at the bottom of the contact box. Select “Add to contacts” and an “Add contact” pop-up should appear. Select “Save”:

yahoo contact