Passion Profit Test



The 10 Step Passion Profit Test

Finally answer the question “can my passion really make me money?”

Download the 10 step passion profit test to know once and for all:

  • Can my passion actually make me enough money to support myself?
  • Is this something I should just keep for the weekends?
  • Can I sustain this interest for the next several years, or will my passion just fizzle out?
  • Is it possible for me to impact and serve the world in a big way, to really feel fulfilled every day?
  • And of course… can this help me escape renting out my time to others for the rest of my life?

These are the questions I consistently get from Paid to Exist subscribers when considering starting to make a living with something they actually care about.

I used to answer these emails personally, but at some point I figured, why not just create a comprehensive test anyone can do?

Now you’ll have in your hands a proven test so you can know once and for all, “can my passion be successful, before I even start?”


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Whenever I’m thinking about launching a new offering, this is the test I use to make sure it will be successful before I ever start building it.

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