Simple Antidote To Tame Your Fears (And Kick Ass)

Simple Antidote To Tame Your Fears (And Kick Ass)

In my last post, I wrote about our fear of success and how it can subconsciously plot against us. As one of our readers pointed out, the same applies to the fear of failure. Fair enough … they’re essentially two sides of the same coin :-)

However you call this fear, if you want to launch your freedom business you’ll have to learn how to tame it or it will keep you stuck.

There’s a simple antidote I’d like to share with you.

It’s no big guru fluff, just a simple twofold plan that works for me.

The Underlying Principle

The underlying principle is a daily action routine that Dan Kennedy inspired me to try.

It is all about regularity and might seem very simple, but trust me: it is really powerful.

The principle: each day, complete one small (even if it’s microscopic) action that contributes to your business’ growth. It might be as simple as sending an email or a making a phone call, but pick one action, each and every day, and complete it.

Here’s why it is so powerful:

  1. Immersion

Rather than your business being a concept or even worse, a dream, it becomes a palpable reality in which you’re fully immersed every day.

You are all in.

Things progress, every day.

Your dream is happening, for real.

The whole immersion concept will boost your confidence levels, and push you to naturally surpass yourself.

  1. Rhythm

As innocent as it seems, the daily action routine will surreptitiously create a new rhythm in your life… Forget about the long procrastination periods interrupted by short days of massive action (typically when had really bad week at work and you are even more desperate to get out).

You’ll always be in motion, taking ownership of your own life and driving it in a new direction.

I find this swinging action rhythm incredibly motivating.

Here’s where I’m getting at: as long as I feel this rhythm, I’m in a kind of “action bubble” that keeps my fears at bay.

And the same can happen to you.

Oh and there’s also a hidden benefit as well: you will get massive results.


Because by completing 365 actions a year, you’ll be way ahead of most people (even if you complete only half of these!).

There’s one little hitch though with this daily action routine:

It’s Easy To Lose Focus

This goes well beyond the daily action routine concept:

When you’re in the process of creating a business, a lot needs to be done, and generally you have good idea of what is on your ‘to do’ list.

But the immensity of what’s left to accomplish tends to make you feel overwhelmed. The questions start coming  – which task should I focus on today? Which one is more important? Is this the right way to do it?

Not sure if you ever experienced that? I have, and it wasn’t nice at all ;)

You lose focus, get scared, and escape to a safe place (scrolling down the Facebook feed or eating ice cream).

This can make the most passionate and hardworking person lose momentum.

The solution to that?

Always Know What To Do Next

Create a fool proof to do list so you know exactly what small action you have to complete every single day to nurture your freedom business.

Now I hear you saying:

One action a day? That’s a hell of a “to do list” to prepare, right?

Well, if you follow the instructions in this great book for instance, you’ll need to create a 3-year master plan, split it into quarters that you split into weeks, that you split into days that you split into specific actions.


Efficient but time consuming, right? Especially when you consider you have to review and adjust the plan every week.

Double phew!

Ok, so now imagine that someone else creates perfect, 12-month to-do list for you and your job is only to complete the simple tasks that are on it.

Wouldn’t that be cool?

Yeah, we thought so ;) That’s why we created The Ultimate, Fool Proof To-Do List for you to follow.

And all you have to do is …

Complete One Small Mission Every Day For 365 Days to Become Self Employed For Life

Yes. It’s back:

Paid to Exist’s infamous 365 Days to Freedom Project reopens today, for just a few days.

The offer on the table is simple:

Every day, for 365 days, a simple mission lands in your mailbox.

Each mission helps you create and nurture your freedom business.

Complete them all … and enjoy your new self-employed for life :)

Your journey starts here …

Be Quick, Doors Close On June 9th at 11.59 pm PST

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Maybe the two fears aren’t sides of the same coin — but if managing to proceed with connected tasks cures both, then that’s what counts ~


Thanks for your two simple yet powerful tricks.
First I could understood but Rhythm, I couldn’t grasp fully. Sorry for silly question but honestly I couldn’t understand your words, can you elaborate more?


Hey Sandip. Rhythm in this case would mean regular flow of action. By getting routine in place you will establish rhythm of creativity, of doing, acting… Your mind will be in constant, regular (that’s important) gentle motion that will help you to stay focused.


Sadly, I missed the cutoff date. When will it open again?


Hi Joel. We normally open 365 every 6-8 months. If you sign up to our mailing list you will be notified next time we reopen the program.


Thank you, Dominika

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