How the World of Self Help Died (and the new era of living on your own terms)

How the World of Self Help Died (and the new era of living on your own terms)

The old world of Self Help is dying like a slowly falling giant.

It was based on trying to conform and operate more effectively in an old paradigm. If you look at the shelves of the old Self Help section, they’re filled with books on how to win friends, achieve success, and get more done.

The majority of them were created to help people adhere to a world that was foreign and false. Instead of defining life on their own terms, they came to the conclusion that they were broken and needed fixing. So they went about the work of improving themselves, rather than creating their own rules.

Thankfully, the world of needing to fix ourselves is slowly fading away. A new guard of people radically embracing who they are and living on their own terms is quickly emerging as the dominant force.

The noisy period of 7 Ways to Improve Your Life Instantly! and How to Manipulate Get Anyone To Do What You Want  is expiring. And a quiet, confident era of self-ruling is coming into its own right.

More books, blogs, and courses than ever are staking their claim on the topic of deliberate life design; and the landscape is now dotted with their spires. (I have plenty of free resources myself in the armory.)

This is an amazing time to be alive.

However, there is one thing that threatens to poison this movement before it grows into full bloom.

If we’ve realized that living by our own design is a better answer, yet we blindly follow the path of design so many others are heralding, we’ve simply replaced one pattern with another. And that’s not freedom. Freedom exists beyond patterns.

If we follow the advice of “Do what we want,” but simply mimic the goals of others, nothing changes.

So many people claim that doing what you want involves traveling the world, quitting your job, and following multiple passions. That may be how some define freedom. But we should ask ourselves deeply and honestly how we define living on our own terms. If that happens to align with the cries of freedom of others, so be it.

Right now, a beautiful awakening is happening. The old world of changing who we are to fit in is fading; let’s not replace it with another flavor of the same. Let’s not start a world choir singing one ballad.

You live in an incredible time. Yes, you can do what you want. No, nothing bad will happen if you do. But you have to decide what that is.

Make your own rules. But God forbid, don’t make them based on a template of rebellion.

So, I’m curious to know: What does living on your own terms mean to you?

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