I Screwed Up And This Is What I’m Doing About It

If you’re thinking about doing a major launch, you might not want to schedule a newborn or an out-of-state five day retreat right smack in the middle of it.

But that’s what we did (well, Dustin’s baby wasn’t “scheduled” — she came when she wanted to!).

We made a few more mistakes while launching the crowdfunding campaign for Playbook.

  1. Hard Truth #1: We had too many competing commitments. We should have completely cleared our schedules for optimal focus. But life, babies, and unexpected events happen and you don’t always get everything right.
  2. Hard Truth #2: We raised the goal at the last minute because of some outside advice, instead of listening to our guts. My wife disagreed with raising the goal, but I dismissed her. Her odds are better than Vegas, so maybe I should learn my lesson…
  3. Hard Truth #3: Most crowdfunding campaigns are 30 days long. We should have followed suit so we could pivot and adjust course if necessary. Trying to break the mold on your first try is probably not the best idea.

Mistakes happen. You choose to learn from them, or give up.

We’re not giving up any time soon.

Our goal right now says $25,000 on the campaign page. Since the campaign is published, we can no longer change the goal.

However, because we chose flexible funding, we’ll still receive the funds even if we don’t reach our goal.

So our new goal is $10,000. We’re about 3k shy of that at the time of this writing.

I know that with your help we can make it!

What reaching our new goal will do for us.

Because Dustin and I have now committed $5,000 of our own money, if we reach $10,000 on the campaign that will cover all foreseeable development costs to get us into beta. $15,000 is what we need to safely cover all the development costs into beta stage.

After that we’ll open our doors to customers and begin using revenue to pay for future iterations and developments. (We can’t freaking wait to show you how awesome it is.)

The truth is that combined with writing the 365 Days to Freedom missions, spending time with family, investing in my personal development and still trying to make room for fun… I haven’t been as present on the blog as I would like.

I feel like I’ve let you down and not made the space I would like to give you the great content you expect here.

So, I’m going to make it really irresistible for you right now…

Anyone who contributes to the crowdfunding campaign, at any dollar amount is going to get free access to the 365 Days to Freedom Project.

The 365 Project gives you one mission, every single day for 365 days to grow your business. You wake up with a simple, doable mission in your inbox that is guaranteed to move you forward to working for yourself.

Each mission helps you move forward and applies to any type of business no matter what industry you’re in.

I promise that starting next week, you’re going to see a lot more content on the blog. My heart won’t settle for less than giving you the best.

In the meantime, do you want to help us reach our new goal for Playbook?

> You can go here to back our project and help us reach our goal (and get the 365 as a bonus). <

We have just two more days. I know that we can do this!

Thank you to everyone who’s already contributed. Your support and encouragement has been incredible.

As for now, I’m choosing to learn from my mistakes to be more conscious and deliberate in the future. How about you?

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this is what i really like about you jonathan. your honesty and integrity. not many people are willing to put their raw truth out there, however, you are and that is refreshing. you build trust and loyalty that way.

Middle Finger Project

Great post, you’re obviously a very dedicated person.

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