Stepping Fully Into My Purpose

It’s been a bit quiet around here lately, and I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like. I’ve been getting more clear about the purpose behind Illuminated Mind and what that’s going to look like over the next few years.

My aim has always been to help people live more on their own terms and live extraordinary lives. But the focus hasn’t been as clear as I’d like. This blog started out primarily as a self development blog, then it began to transition into following your passion and getting paid to do what you love. Then, I started helping people break limiting structures and had a lot of fun doing coaching around that.

But throughout all of this I feel like my focus hasn’t been completely clear. That’s about to change.

The new direction of Illuminated Mind will be 100% directed toward helping you create a sustainable income following your passion and making a meaningful difference in the world.

It’s taken me a while to step into this purpose fully. For a while I questioned whether or not I was qualified to do this. While for the past year and a half I’ve supported myself and my family doing what makes me come alive, for some reason I struggled with going all out helping people follow their passions and making a living doing it.

I’m not sure why… maybe it’s fear. Maybe I thought I would put myself in a box. Maybe I thought people would question my credentials (I don’t have any “official” credentials).

But even with this questioning, it’s clear that this is what I’m meant to do with my life. Nearly every coaching client I’ve had has come to me specifically for help getting paid to be who they are. And partnering with them, I’ve helped them achieve some incredible results. A few weeks ago, I found out that a client I did only one session with went from zero to 5 paying clients per week. He did it within a month, and this was after just one coaching session.

And then it kind of hit me: Why am I holding myself back with this? Why am I not going all in?

I didn’t have a satisfying answer to that question. It was clear that the only thing holding me back was my own insecurity about stepping fully into my purpose.

So, that ends here.

From now on, the main purpose of my work at Illuminated Mind will be to help you make a living doing what makes you come alive, and do it while making a difference in the world.

I’ll keep talking about the other stuff that’s important to me, like the perfect path, doing remarkable things, and why passion alone won’t build a business. But now everything that I write, share, and create will be centered around the main purpose: helping people earn a living doing what they love.

What this has to do with you

If you’ve been struggling to find meaning in your work, and feel like you’ve been renting out your mind to achieve someone else’s goals just to survive, then I’d like to help you. That is, if you’d like to experience something different.

In a few days I’ll be opening up enrollment for Paid to Exist, an eight week course I’ve created to help you go from Ground Zero to a sustainable business doing what you love.

I’ll be releasing some highly valuable free content next week that I believe is worth at least the cost of the course. If you’d like to get that content, here is where you can register:

Click here to get the Paid to Exist Six Month Road Map (released next week)

It feels good for me to be all in with my purpose. I’d like to help you do the same.

Will you join me?

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Pretty much the best news all day! Congratulations on clarifying your purpose – I feel like if I could just do that, everything would be allll good. I’m excited to see what’s next :)


Congratulations on diving into your purpose! It takes a lot of guts, and most people hold themselves back out of fear.

I just wanted to say, too, that I loved “Zero Hour Workweek” and made it mandatory reading for my 15 year old daughter who is starting to think about what she wants to do after high school. I recommend everyone follow their joy, passion and purpose!


Bamboo Forest - PunIntended

Being ‘all in’ is such a great concept and can be applied to just about anything.

Mike Jara
Mike Jara

Heck yeah, I’ll join you. Congrats Jonathan. You’ve been a force in my development. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming.


Congratualations. Looking forward to what you come up with.


Cool stuff. I have learned that it really does not matter what niche you define yourself as, it always boils down to 1) creating content people care about and 2) reaching those people. Paid to exist sounds like a great idea btw. Good luck!


Great stuff Jonathan. FWIW: I always suspected that official credentials were overrated. Then I did a three and a half year master’s program which taught me a great lesson. Now I can say with authority that official credentials are indeed overrated. Walk the walk.

Nadia ~ Happy Lotus Lifestyles

Congratulations, Jonathan!

May the road ahead be all that you wish and I look forward to seeing what you create.

Alex Blackwell

Congratulations on finding your true passion Jonathan. I can’t wait to take the journey with you.



Very happy you found a purpose that was more clearly defined. Kudos for realizing credentials aren’t everything! I always suspected while they work for some, they are not the end all! :)
I’ve been reading your zero hour workweek and I have to say your strength finding techniques have sky rocketed me leaps and bounds ahead of what I was.
Great site, great content! Thanks for walking the off beaten path and letting others know…you don’t have to rent out head space, you can do what you love!


It sounds like you already knew the purpose for Illuminated Mind, after writing about it and helping your clients and readers find results. But putting it all together is definitely a great feeling, and I’m happy for you.

I’ve already found my passion, I’m just struggling right now to make it my full-time work instead of what I do now. I’m looking forward to using what you’ve got for us to accomplish that.

Fabian | The Friendly Anarchist

Jonathan, I think this is a wise decision. P2E is an awesome program, and I think that there is lots and lots of value in it for anybody taking it seriously. Looking forward to the things coming up! :)

Rebecca Wilson

A few months ago, I left my job to do what I love. I would have done it eventually, but you have been a big inspiration. I will be honest, things are pretty challenging right now; but I think about how I would be feeling if I was still at my old job…and…WOW, that sure puts things into perspective.


Jon, you’re an inspiration. I’m jazzed up for whatever comes next.


Wow! That purpose sure works for me! I’m firing a bit of scattershot with my blog right now, and I’d like to find a very specific purpose too.

By the way, I’m totally going to follow this blog more closely from now on.


I’ve been a lurker for a while and posted one time, so I always got the sense your blog was about helping others find what they feel passionate about and make $$ while doing it. Looking forward to some of the free resources and depending on my budget, I might sign up for your workshop/course. I currently hate my job, but at the same time love helping people. Finding my professional calling has been a bit of a struggle for few yrs now.


Hi Johnathon,
That’s a pretty good purpose mate. Finding some kind of happiness and satisfaction from genuinely helping others is a pretty awesome trait. Says something about your soul and attitude in life.


Being scared and insecure are our worst enemies. They deprive us from being who we really are and take away our dreams – our purpose. As rationale beings, we hunger for reason behind our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our self-doubt will hold us back. And if we don’t fight our monsters – because it’s really us who made them in the first place, it will grow bigger and darker, and eventually consume our every being. I’m really happy that you’ve finally come to that decision Jonathan. This is one of those Eureka days that we should celebrate. Thanks for sharing… Read more »


“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”Confucius. It’s such a pleasure to know that you’re helping people to achieve it and you too, will feel fulfilled by helping others. Keep up the good work Johnathan.


Good post Jonathan. Once I set down a set purpose for my writing, my blog, and basically my life, I found everything became more “crystallized”, directed, focused, easier to do, etc.

Looking forward to the day I am creating my own courses :)

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