Yeah, we’ve got stories, and we’re more than happy to share.

Unfortunately, not many of our stories involve a crusading uncle t-boning a pirate ship on the stormy seas of the South Pacific.

But we do have a thing or two to say about doing work that matters, living on your own terms and saying goodbye to dead-end work.

Jonathan Mead Bio (Founder and Head Troublemaker):

Jonathan Mead is a day-job elimination coach that helps people create businesses they can conduct from anywhere. He’s passionate about helping people say sayonara to dead-end work and start creating lives of freedom while serving the world with their true talents.

Jonathan worked for years at what he termed “survival jobs” while building his own business that would eventually support his freedom. Because of his first-hand experience in the corporate grind, he’s intimately familiar with the frustration and despair that many face in similar circumstances.

He’s been featured as an expert in many publications, including Forbes, Business Insider, Copyblogger, Zen Habits and Fast Company.

He’s a martial artist, trailrunner and lives with his wife Ev’Yan in Portland, Oregon.

Contact info:

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  • twitter: @jonathanmead
  • phone: 503-964-9108

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Story angles:

  • How to build a business that supports your freedom while working at a day job.
  • How to stay sane when no one around you understands why you’re not satisfied with the “good life.”
  • How to recover and identify your passion so you can start making it your livelihood
  • How to transform your job from a prison to a launch pad.

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