Preparing to Live

Preparing to Live

Life wastes itself while we are preparing to live. —Emerson

In too many areas of our lives we prepare to live. We wait for the right moment… it never comes. We need more money… when we get it, we still don’t have enough.

If you want to build a lifestyle business or travel the world, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that you need to prepare first. Maybe you do. But often you can start sooner than you think.

The Domino Project launched an interesting challenge today called Trust Yourself. It’s a 30 day dare to doing more of what you want, through the simple act of trusting yourself. I’m one of the authors honored to give a prompt for one of the 30 days.

Trusting yourself matters, a lot. When we don’t trust ourselves, we prepare to live. We put life on hold. We delay doing what we want because there are more “practical” things to consider. We trick ourselves into believing they’re simply a necessary transition.

Weeks, months, or years later somehow we’re still in transition. Still waiting.

Today I urge you to stop waiting. Take the first step… now.

Your question of the day is this:

What’s one thing you’ll do today that you’ve been wanting to do and have put off? Leave a comment down below and share with us.

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