How to Create Predictable Income Doing What You Love

How to Create Predictable Income Doing What You Love

The funny thing about freedom is that it often feels inextricably tied to security and what’s known.

Freedom seems infinite, endless; one lives by the seat of their pants, traverses the open road, destination unknown.

But we don’t truly feel safe to explore and venture out without an anchor making us feel safe to do so.

Have you ever noticed that most relationships with two wild, free-spirited and carefree people rarely ever works?

The majority of successful relationships I’ve witnessed are where one half is earth and the other wind. Where she flies with reckless abandon, chasing her dreams and the next shiny pursuit, he’s busy trying to figure out how to put together the new desk from Ikea.

Our twin desires for freedom and security are the complementary yin and yang, forces that drive us toward the actualization of what we desire.

If we truly want to create freedom, we need to create predictable sources of income that we can depend on, as reliable as the rising sun.

While there are many paths to creating a predictable income, this is the fastest and simplest to execute that I know of.

Here it is:

One Offer. One Sales Process. One Lead Source.

Focusing on these three things for one year = predictable revenue.

The first thing this approach gives you is focus. When you only have three variables, there’s little room for confusion or complication. It allows you to scientifically diagnose where your lack of sales are coming from. You know that you either have a conversion problem (your marketing is not effective enough to get someone to make an investment with you), or a lead problem (not enough leads or not properly qualified).

Sound like I’m speaking a foreign language? If so, I’m not surprised. The problem with pursuing self-reliance and earning bread by our own hands is that most of us are never taught the skill of making money.

Yes, making (and managing) money is a very specific skill. It involves being able to effectively market the express value you have to provide in terms of the benefit and outcome it will provide.

Many experts have varying definitions of marketing. Mine is simple.

Marketing = the effective communication of value that creates a desire strong enough to get the person to make an investment.

That’s it. Of course, marketing, like anything, can be used for the purposes of good or evil. If you have any negative beliefs regarding marketing or selling, like thinking it’s about tricking people, annoying people, or taking advantage of them, you’ll need to overcome those blocks to create your own new, positive definition.

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Now, what exactly do I mean by One Offer, One Sales Process, and One Lead Source?

  • An offer is everything that’s included in the presentation and proposal you are making to another person. This includes the outcome you’re helping the person reach, the price, the content, the packaging or delivery method, and the guarantee. For instance: Trailblazer is a step-by-step, reality-based program that guides you into identifying your passion, creating an offer to the world and getting paid to be you. It’s a six month program that guarantees you’ll make at least $1,000 in six months doing something you love through video training and monthly mentorship calls.
  • A sales process is the mechanism you use to create desire in the person to get them to make a decision. Marketing is not about getting people to want something, it’s about getting them to want it enough to make a decision to purchase. This could be by a live webinar, a video marketing campaign, an auto-responder series, or an introductory coaching session. The purpose here is to demonstrate your value, provide social proof and give a strong call to action. Example: This is 60 minute webinar that guides people through the three transformations they must make to stop following the template and become a trailblazer, followed by a pitch/offer for further training and mentorship at the end.
  • A lead source is a dependable source of new potential buyers for what you’re selling. This could come in the form of partnerships, searches, social media, or live speaking engagements. The key here, though, is to define which of these is most effective, and within that, what the specific keywords or sub niches are the most qualified. As an example, partnerships with influencers in the lifestyle design space that have audiences of 10,000 subscribers or more can be a dependable lead source for Trailblazer webinars.

This is what a fully developed predictable income stream looks like.

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Over the course of one year, I devoted all of my energies to honing and refining the offer, the sales webinar and finding the right partners to promote Trailblazer.

Does this sound boring? It might be to some.

Predictable success and security that I can bank on, however, is far from boring to me. It’s the foundation for my freedom.

I guarantee you this, freedom seeker: devote an entire year to honing one product, one offer, one sales process and one lead source and you will quickly catapult yourself to success.

Want to know the best part about this approach? Once you do all of this, once you know your numbers and the game plan that predictably creates results, you can automate it.

A lot of people throw around words like “passive income” that have no idea what they’re talking about. But this is a true, reality based path to get you there.

Implement it like your head’s on fire, and live like no one else, so that later, you can truly live like no one else.

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Big props to Clay Collins for teaching me this way of thinking about creating predictable income.

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