My 25th Birthday + Pay What You Can Day

Each year, I try to do something off-the-chain special for my birthday. This year it will be a flaming heart tattoo and this awesome guy as a coach.

Aside from any specific gifts, the biggest focus for me on my birthday is Appreciation. Appreciating all the wonderful blessings and people in my life. Especially appreciating my mom for giving birth to me (it’s called a birth-day for a reason, right?).

More than anything, this community at Illuminated Mind is one of the biggest blessings to me. I wake up thinking “Holy shit, I really get to do this every day?” I feel honored to be able to share my gifts with you, and it’s my hope that you get your gifts out into the world too. The world needs your gifts.

So, I want to give back to you.

Today and today only is…

Pay What You Can Day for Paid to Exist, Reclaim Your Dreams, and The Dojo

A lot of people were interested in Paid to Exist this last time I opened it. I received dozens of emails from people telling me that they would love to join, but they couldn’t afford it, even with the payment plan. That really sucks, because I want to help as many people as possible. And I don’t think that should hold you back from doing what you love and getting paid to do it.

So, for the rest of the day, until midnight Pacific Time tonight (because after that, it’s not my birthday anymore), I’ll be accepting offers on the Paid to Exist Trailblazer Membership, Reclaim Your Dreams, and The Dojo. (Thank you Naomi and Danielle for inspiring me to do this.)

If you want to make this happen and money has been getting in the way of it, now is your chance to pay whatever you can.

  • Leave a comment below and make me an offer I can’t refuse (please include your email address).
  • Once you make an offer, I will email you and send you a Paypal invoice.
  • You can also pay by check if you prefer (I’ll send you the address).
  • We can even set up a payment plan if you’d like – seriously, I’ll do whatever it takes to make this work for you.

(FYI: I reserve the right to refuse any ridiculous offers.)

Or… if you’d prefer not to make an offer publicly, you can email me privately here: (I’ll be out drinking margaritas so I can’t be sure how long it will take me to respond).

So, do you want…

Paid to Exist for 60 bucks?

Want The Dojo for the lint in your pocket plus a jar of pickles?

The Reclaim Your Dreams “Everything Package” for $20?

Or maybe you want everything for $75.

Now’s your chance. You’ve probably been thinking about what’s getting in your way because of money for a while. Well, screw that. Now’s your chance to make me an offer and change that. I hope you take it.

I believe that every day should be a celebration, but this is an especially BIG one. This can be the time you start making that thing happen you’ve been dreaming about.

Again, thank you for being a part of my life. I’m incredibly grateful to know than I’m able to help people shine. My deepest wish today is that you shine, too.

So, leave a comment and let me know what you’d like. Happy birthday to us.


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Kristen Sloan

Happy Birthday!! Have a great day – hope you eat some delicious cake!
I’m on a tight budget since quitting my full time job a couple months go, but I’d love to have Reclaim Your Dreams (just the ebook version) for $12. Plus, I’ll send you some homemade cookies – choc chip, oatmeal choc chip, or choc mint (your choice).
Thanks! Kristen

Eric Spain
Happy Birthday Jonathon! :D I hope you are having a blast! I would like to fully experience what Paid to Exist has to offer. I really wanted to buy it on release, but finding myself between jobs I haven’t had the cash. My offer is: $50 for Paid to Exist and an option to pay the full remainder when it succeeds in helping me move my hobby into a paying income source. My hobby is game programming, and I really want to move into making money from it, I’m just looking for that one last Dare-to-be-great step that I can… Read more »

I really want Paid to Exist, but after a crazy month of vet bills and IRS bills, I can’t afford much. So here’s my proposal:

1 chocolate bundt cake that will blow you away with its deliciousness
1 pack of the best ginger snap cookies on earth
1 large bottle of homemade vanilla extract, guaranteed to knock your socks off (will take 2 months to make)
A free copy of my book This Is Not A Cookbook: Create Gourmet Meals Without Ever Using a Recipe and the Cooking Without a Recipe video lessons (releasing in November)

What do you say?


Cara- I don’t know about Jonathan, but I’m sitting over here drooling and I totally just joined your list. Any chance you want to barter editing, hand-made jewelery or personalized productivity strategies for that book come November? :D


I would love to have The Dojo for $15! What do you think?


Happy Birthday Dude.
Full Respect for what your doing here.


Happy Birthday! I think margaritas are an excellent way to celebrate. :)

There’s one week left in the month and $20 left in my budget for September, so if you asked today what I could offer, the answer would be “not much.” And that would be insulting to the work you’ve put into the products.

So… what about $20 a month for the next year, for all three? My income is pretty slim at the moment, but I ought to be able to sustain $20 a month. And ideally, that income should go up, right? ;)


Good for you !! This is a wonderful gift! Really great idea :)

Dear Jonathan, First off, Happy Birthday and a heartfelt thank you for your kind reply to my email this morning and for taking the time. I understand that in the Thai culture (and others), the person having a birthday is the one to treat their friends and family to a meal or gifts; and I commend your inspired version. So, yes, I will gladly make an offer: $100 for the Paid to Exist Trailblazer membership + a copy of The Dojo. And if you want to ponder this while having a few margaritas and maybe throw in a coaching session,… Read more »
Amy T Schubert

Happy birthday!! How exciting!!
Thanks so much for doing this. I’ve had my eye on Paid To Exist for awhile but haven’t been able to afford it.
I can only offer you $30, but I’ll make some birthday rice krispy treats in your honor if that will help :)
thanks again and happy happy birthday!


I am totally SMITTEN with Cara’s barter idea!
Unfortunately I can’t make the astounding array of goodies she can, so monetary compensation will have to offset my offer.

For receiving Paid to Exist, I would love to offer:
-delectable coffee, s’mores, mint or classic chocolate chip cookies. Yes, all those cookies have been certified “tasty” in my test kitchen. (up to 3 dozen)


I would be gratful to be on the receiving end of you generosity. My story is my story…but right now I can offer fifty bucks and being on your team. I sit in Union Square in NYC with two folding chairs and a table offering creative approaches to people. So I offer that as well.



I’m offering $85 for everything. Keep up the good work and happy birthday!!! -Sabine


Hi Jonathan ~ Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. At this time, I can offer $25 for Paid to Exist and a promise to pay it forward


Happy Birthday!
This is so kind of you! I’ve been wanting some of your stuff for awhile, but couldn’t afford it.

I can offer $10 for the ebook of Reclaim Your Dreams.

I hope you have a wonderful and awesome day!

Thank you,


Thanks for doing this! You’re awesome and hope you have a smashing b-day!

I would love The Dojo for $35.00.

Andrew Shell

I’d like the Paid to Exist program. In exchange I can do one payment of $99 and 5-10 hours of my PHP programming services. So if you need a WordPress plugin developed or some special functionality implemented on your website we can make it happen. If you have something specific in mind we can discuss and see if it’s something I can do.

happy birthday!!! i just watched your videos the other day and loved them. there was a lot that i found incredibly helpful and several things i have already begun to apply to my own business. but seeing as i already know what i want to do, i actually want this for my husband. he has been unemployed for a year, no real luck on the job search front and he is starting to get really depressed about it all. almost hopeless. we have four children and his lack of work and the toll it has taken on him is really… Read more »

Happy Birthday Jonathan!!! How generous of you to do this, it’s freakin’ unbelievable.

If you’re so inclined, send me the invoice for Paid To Exist for $60 and I’ll be happy to follow along step-by-step and blog about it too. Oh and if you ever come to the DC area, lunch is on me!


Happy Birthday!

I have been following your Paid to Exist launch very closely but I have been saving as many pennies as possible because starting on Wednesday I am using nearly everything I have saved up to go on a 3 week backpacking trip to Europe.

With that said, I’d love to check out Paid to Exist and I could manage to scrape up something like $20-30.

Love your work, keep it coming!

Griffin Stewart
Happy Birthday! Love this idea and promotion! Thanks for the generosity and opportunity. I’m on ebook purchase probation from my wife until some of my ideas and websites start making more money, but I would love to barter services for products. I am a graphic designer and would love to make you a custom Pages template(if you are an Apple user) for future ebooks or work with you on an an upcoming book cover or logo design. Feel free to check out my portfolio here: and my new site still in the works here: and let me know… Read more »
Maciej Dudek

Happy Birthday! Enjoy the Margaritas!

I would like to make an offer of $60 for Paid to Exist.

Thanks for the generous offer.


Happy Birthday! It’s also my dear mother’s birthday today and I made her brownies because I couldn’t afford to buy her anything this year. Since you already have a lot of tasty goodies coming your way from the fine folks commenting here, I won’t offer you more. I will, however, say that I love the suggestion you made of $75 for everything, and though I can’t shell out the full amount right now, I can pay you $25 a month for the next three months. It’s a very low sum of money for very high quality products that will undoubtedly… Read more »

hi jonathan – well, since pacing & utilizing ‘up’ time without leading to overwhelm (& sometimes paralysis)seems to be one of my biggest challenges, i would love to get my hands on The Dojo. with limited resources (mostly energy & money) i cannot offer much but i know (from reading your posts & tweets) that my $20 will go a long way in helping me do the things that matter more effectively.
oh, and happy birthday fellow libran!

First of all, happy birthday! My birthday is actually TOMORROW (Sept. 25th!), and this could not be a more timely post. For the last year and a half, I’ve been struggling with myself trying to get started building the life of my dreams. I’ve made huge leaps in personal development and I’ve learned a great deal, but I haven’t been able to get started with building a freedom business or monetizing what I enjoy. I feel pulled in 300 directions at once by all the different opportunities out there — a severe case of analysis paralysis. A big part of… Read more »

Happy Birthday! And great promotion idea…

How about Paid To Exist and The Dojo for $79?

Hi Jonathan, Wow thankyou for this increadible offer. I am a mother of 3 (we are a family of 5 plus my parents live with us also). I have been following your website for a while now. Finances are very tight right now but I have a dream to have my own successfull website. I’ve been learning and working on it on my own for the past 6 months or so but it’s been hard. I’m not giving up, I want to get paid to exist and be myself. At this time all I can offer is $60 for paid… Read more »

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! May you catch all your dreams :)

Thank You for putting out such a great offer today – you’re the best.

I would like to have an Everything package – for $99 now. I don’t want to put a price on the knowledge – it’s priceless. But I promise that I will also pay it forward every year – and honor you every time I do.

Please … please … please make it happen for me today.

David Burch

I would like take your suggestion and offer $75 for Everything (I mainly want Paid to Exist).

Curt Nelson


I just bought Paid To Exist on the $99 plan.

Maybe you can eliminate the next two $99 payments and throw in Reclaim Your Dreams “Everything Package” for $25


Ricardo Curtis

Happy birthday Jonathan!

Thanks for this amazing gesture… how about the dojo for $30? Yes, no, maybe… let me know.

And would be cool to see your new tattoo, thinking about getting me another one as well:)



Happy Birthday! The best way to have one’s birthday celebrated is to bless them with the gifts that one has. Every year, I offer a prayer and a candle for each of the friends i get in touch with on my special day. Reaching 46 candles this year!

May you have more of celebrations like this to come!


Happy Birthday Jonathan!

What a great concept you have. I’ve been intrigued with your Paid to Exist, and after listening to your video, I’m working on Month 1 of my plan, though I’m sure I’ll be more successful with the details the entire program can provide.

My offer to you $49 for Paid to Exist, with the provision that when I make my first $100 (month 3 or earlier) I’ll send that over to you.

Enjoy your Margaritas!


Merry Birthday, Jonathan!

Congratulations to you and your wife on creating your dream. I’m looking to do the same however am finding myself stuck.

I would like to offer $60 for Paid to Exist. Look forward to hearing from you.


Vic Williams

Happy Birthday, Jonathan! I can offer you $50 for Paid to Exist, and a promise to pay it forward.

Happy Birthday Jonathan. I was elated to receive your email for “Pay What You Cann Day”. The idea is brilliant and I will be sure to Tweet and Stumble it. I little about me. I have been feeling the “life has to be more than this” thing since I entered my adult working life. I just knew that there was something more, and I was saddened by the notion that I must put away my dreams in order to make a living. At 31 years old I still want to learn how to be a club dj, travel the world,… Read more »

Happy 25th!!! I’ve been a reader for the past year and it has motivated me to seriously consider and work towards my dreams.

This is an absolutely beautiful concept. Your energy and enthusiasm is infectious.

Don’t have an offer to make as of right now but once my financial situation improves, I’ll be first in line for The Dojo!


I will graduate from school next fall – with a six figure student loan debt.

Based on where I am right now, I would like each of the three products for $25 each. I really need to do something radical to get myself out of the hole – and “unlearn” what I learned at school. My conviction is that this offer will help me help myself.

Thanks Jonathan – and Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Jonathan, I really would love to have the dojo for $20, I already have your ebook “Reclaim your dream” and am really more interested in your other projects. Carry on !

Happy birthday!! This is such an amazing idea, thank you so much for giving us all the opportunity to put in an offer! Well…I am living in Honduras at the moment so no baked goods from me! Also, I am still in poverty stricken writer mode so sorry if this is not a great offer… My offer is, for all 3 packages $20 per month for 8 months starting in Jan(have to go and visit my family for Christmas so until then every penny counts!) also…a series of keyword optimized video testimonials for each product 2 for reclaim your dream… Read more »

OK, you’ve got me. No excuses now that money’s not the issue. How about The Dojo and Reclaim Your Dreams “Everything Package” for $54.00?

Happy Birthday!


Happy Birthday Jonathan! I had my eye on Paid to Exist but there was no way I could afford it right now. How about 30 bucks now, and then I’ll send over a hundred when I finally make it via my passion project?!

Hello jonathan and happy birthday !!! i don’t use to buy stuff on internet but i have found your site with twitter, lot of people seems to love what you do :) I wish know you and your work so i take a chance to get your product :) I would like to have Everything for 75$ Perahaps it’s a ridiculous offer for you but not for me sadly, i don’t want you to think it’s the cost i see your products it’s just all i can offer :( Let me know if it’s ok for you and sorry for… Read more »

Happy Birthday Jonathan!

Looks like with this post you’re making many peoples dreams come true, so I wish the same to you ;)

I’d really love to join the Paid to Exist program! But I think it works best with The Dojo included, right? :) What do you say about 40$ for two months, making it 80$ total? I’m a 21yo photography student, so I’ll also send you a photo gift!



Hi Jonathan,
I’d really love the whole enchilada, I’ve been trying to machinate my finances to make it happen but it hadn’t yet. Thanks for the opportunity! I could do $10/monthly for the rest of the year and/or send you some original artwork.
Hope you’re having a great day!
Excited about the re-invention process,

Ivan Campuzano

Feliz Cumpleanos amigo, this is a great Idea. I am currently making a part time income online but looking to take it to the next level. I would love the dojo and paid to exist for $75. Look forward to hearing from you, and enjoy your bday…many blessings to you.


I know this would be too much to ask. But can I have Reclaim Your Dreams Everything Package for $10?

If it’s not a good idea, maybe just the e-book.



Thanks man, this is really gracious of you! I was really bummed I was going to miss out at regular price.

I like JJ’s plan: $49 +$100 when my first new job comes in before the end of 2010.

Thanks again and happy birthday … enjoy the invincible karma!!!


Oops.. that was for the Paid To Exist program btw. :-)

Jason Dudley
Hey Johnathan, Been reading your blog for about 1.5 years now and have loved to watch it’s progression over this time. Happy birthday btw! :) I was watching when all of the above products were launched and I would have bought them if funds were not an issue. I think Paid to Exist is the most relevant for me right now. I have a hobby (blogging about travel among other things) that I’d like to turn into a very small business. I’m a poor student at the moment but I’ve calculated that I can afford $50 for Paid to Exist… Read more »
Kay Mack
Happy Birthday, Jonathan, and thanks to your mom for giving you to the world. Gifting to others on your birthday brings you such good karma, and for me presents more evidence of some divine intervention into my life at this point. Unlike most of your other fans, I am already retired ~ from two different careers that I grew to hate. I’m ready to live my authentic life right now. The process has begun with my serving as a hospice volunteer. My heart tells me there is more waiting, so I would love to purchase the Everything Package of Reclaim… Read more »

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