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Want my best training, personal help from me and a kickass community for just $1?

If you really want to go “all in” with getting paid to be who you are, you need a clear roadmap, community, and ideally, mentorship.

This is exactly what we offer in Trailblazer.

It’s a step-by-step, six month course to making your first $1,000 from your passion, even if you don’t know what it is yet.

You can get instant access for just $1, when you start today.

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See you on the trail,

-Dominika and Cedric


Join Me and I’ll Personally Guide You to Making Your First $1,000 From Your Passion, Even if You Have No Idea What it Is

Join now for just $1 for two weeks. Then $37.60/mo for 12 months.

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Step-by-step training – Monthly group coaching – Badass community

Video Training

Detailed video training and checklists to keep you focused. No more information overload.

Proven Approach

Proven case studies with scripts, templates and worksheets. You just follow along and apply to your situation

Solid Support

Monthly coaching and our amazing community of Trailblazers will keep your feet to the fire.

From Cubicle Slave to Self-Employed: Our Story

Hi, we’re Dominika and Cedric, the two mischievous minds behind the Paid to Exist blog.

Even though we’re helping people find and make a living from their passion, a few short years ago we were also stuck in corporate hell.

We were bouncing from one frustrating job to the next doing work we hated.

Slowly Dominika, who naturally is such a lovely person, was turning into a ball of anger. This earned her the not-so-feminine nickname of Donkey Kong at work.

And Cedric in the meantime was literally killing himself at work. Stress, sleep deprivation and depression were eating into his life expectancy by the day.

We realized we couldn’t keep living like this

This went on for quite a few years, but when our marriage started to take a hit, we realised a red line had been crossed.

It was time to click the reset button and create something different for ourselves.

We needed peace and freedom, and the idea of running online business seemed like perfect solution. Except we had absolutely no idea what we were doing.

And we were not really “natural born entrepreneurs”.

We made a TON of mistakes. But a couple of years later, with a few bruises and scrapes, we stuck our self-appointed flag in the ground and declared our personal sovereignty.

What we’ve learned is that getting where we are now, didn’t have to be this hard, gruelling and stressful. If we had someone to guide us and help us recover our passion and purpose, we could have blazed a trail toward freedom much faster.

Each mission moves you closer to freedom

  • Each month of Trailblazer has a core mission that keeps you focused and on target for the month. Because focus is so important to us, we never give you more than one mission.
  • We give you step-by-step training and checklists that guide you through the work.
  • Case studies are included with your training, so you never have to guess how to implement what you’ve learned.

All of these elements (and more) are combined in a unique formula that influences your success.

A solid program without the false promises. We only included tested training.

I’m not here to give you a bunch of sweet-sounding advice that entertains you. Everything I’m about to show you has been tested and proven in the field.

What exactly does that mean?

I have a track-record of helping 93% of my clients build profitable businesses and quit their jobs within a year.

And I built a profitable business before I started helping others.

I’m not a “guru” trying to teach you things he hasn’t done himself. All of what you get here is backed up by results. If it doesn’t get results, we don’t include it.

Take for instance this example: This program is delivered over the course of six months. You can speed it up or slow it down at any time you like, but we’ve found that six months tends to be the perfect amount of time for someone to both find their direction and build their following to launch a product.

We could have done this course in 4-6 weeks, but we knew that would be giving you an unrealistic expectation.

This is just one of the ways we give you business strategies that are proven, rather than selling you false promises.

So I’ve decided to reveal everything here.

I really hate it when you buy a product and the person teaching it doesn’t tell you how they do things. One of the main reasons I invest in training is so I can get inside that person’s brain and see behind the curtains of what other successful people do.

So I’ve decided to share with you all the details about how I personally run my business. In other words, I reveal the details of my business; nothing will be held back.

One of the ways I’ll be doing that is by giving you the battle-tested scorecard I use to test all of my offers. Nothing I do gets released without passing this litmus test, and it ensures that my launch will be a success before I put in a lot of hard work.

I’ll also be sharing with you my product launch checklist and product creation system that helps me create content painlessly and rapidly.

What our students are saying

“4k in seven weeks”

Lourenco Azevedo

With trailblazer I could focus into the essentials – create a program according to my deep beliefs, motivate my subscribers and launch a product that gave me real fun to design. In the course sales page it was written – Earn at least 1k in six months – thanks to the invaluable help and insights I could make 4k in seven weeks.

–Lourenco Azevedo, Portugal

“$15,000 with an interest list of about 250”

Eric Grey

I have a clearer focus on my passion & message, a realization that I *can* do what I want to do and that my whole life is truly integrated and should be. I was able to make $15,000 with an interest list of about 250 people using the steps outlined in Trailblazer.

–Eric Grey, Portland

“this was the beginning of my success”

Harley Roxanne

I’ve tried starting my business online for a couple years, but it always ended up fizzling out and getting nowhere… Until now. As I mentioned on our final Trail-Blazer call, my biggest takeaway for the course was the group. It was unique in the sense that everyone was coming as readers of your site and ready to start making money doing things they loved. We already had so much in common. I know that I will look back years from now and remember- this was the beginning of my success. I’m very excited for the future. I am honored to be a part of a group of such remarkable people.

–Harley Roxanne, Philadelphia

“I’ve earned $9,000 so far”

Cara Stein

Before I signed on, I had a stagnant blog, a mailing list of four, a dream, and no confidence that I would ever achieve it. With his help, in six short months, I got clear on what I have to offer the world, learned to attract my right people, built a business, and quit my job. I’ve earned over $9000 so far, and I haven’t even launched my flagship product yet!

Trailblazer gave me two invaluable things: solid guidance on what really works, and the confidence to make things happen.”

–Cara Stein

What makes Trailblazer different?

Most business courses are fluff and theory. Trailblazer is different. By teaching you through proven case studies, you learn directly from successful entrepreneurs.

Each month we give you a very specific mission with training, maps, checklists and case studies to help you move closer to the final culmination: Getting paid to be you.

But before we get into all of that, there are two big pitfalls most people fall down on.

The First Stumbling Block: Direction

In order to actually make this pursuit successful, you need to have remarkable clarity in two areas:

  1. You need to know your No End Path. This involves your passion, your unique gifts to the world and who you wish to serve.
  2. You need to know your message. Without a clear, concise message you’ll struggle to set yourself apart from the masses.
  3. You need to know with absolute certainty that the path you’re on is the right one for you.

Without a focused direction for your work, you’ll end up spinning your wheels. You need to know with absolute certainty that the path your on is the right one for you.

Your message is the fuel behind what you do; it’s a rallying cry for your tribe. It gets you excited, it’s magnetic and it attracts the right type of person.

These two things are critical to your success. When they work together, a beautiful symphony of passion and focus is composed.

If you don’t have this part nailed down, it’s easy to run in circles, stuck on a road to nowhere, never making any real progress with your business. Trailblazer solves that problem by giving you complete certainty in your idea before you start with a comprehensive idea-testing scorecard.

The Second Roadblock: The Roadmap

Direction without a well-illustrated map for how to get there is useless. When you’re clear about your world-changing idea, you need a structured plan to help you implement it.

You need to put a foundation under your castle in the sky. You need a practical strategy to accomplish your vision.


Want to read more? Click here to see what else our tribe has to say about Trailblazer.



We learn best by experience, and that’s what you’re going to get

Theory and “scenario training” is all well and good, but it’s through seeing examples and real experience that creates true learning and breakthrough.

That’s what Trailblazer gives you: a backstage pass straight to my business to help move you forward. I’ll always give you tested action steps over fluff and theory.

Business without purpose is lame; Purpose without strategy is dumb.

As great as strategy and action steps are, they’re nothing without the meaning and purpose behind them. So each step of the way, we’re going to be drilling in the reason why all this stuff matters and how it can help you create a more enjoyable and meaningful business.

We’ll be distilling the highest leverage strategies so you can make a profit while making a difference.

There are people actively seeking what you have to offer. Right now.
They’re just waiting for you to create it.

I’m not advocating the “build it and they will come” approach. I believe that’s a short-sighted strategy. However, it’s incredibly effective to build something because people are actively seeking and waiting for you to give them a solution.

Yes, there are those people out there. And they need the medicine you have to give.

It’s just up to you to create something that the world deeply needs.

Each month has a specific focus, that’s where the magic happens.

Mission One

Find your passion and your winning idea

  • You’ll find the match between what you love to do and how you can serve the world.
  • Craft a rocket-fueled message that propels you forward and attracts your ideal customer.
  • Identify your unique genius that gives you incredible leverage.
  • Test your idea with a proven scorecard that gives you confirmation on whether your passion is a deep-rooted interest and whether or not it can actually make money.

Mission Two

You’ll identify a clear outcome with your offer that makes people feel safe to invest.

  • Find the hidden desires that make your offer hard to refuse.
  • Create a comprehensive profile of the people that are actively seeking your “medicine” so they’re already receptive to your offer.
  • How to be confident in self-promotion without feeling like you’re selling out.

Mission Three

Build your tribe

  • Learn the #1 strategy for building your audience rapidly.
  • How to warm people up and get them to become loyal fans of your content.
  • Creating authority so you cultivate a high level of trust with your audience.
  • How to position yourself as a leader in your niche.
  • Follow along with a case study about how one Trailblazer built an email list of 1,000 people in just a week.

Mission Four

Verify the need

  • How to know exactly what your customer needs before you create something.
  • Setting up a feedback loop so you have an eerily accurate connection with what your people want.
  • Seeing the patterns in what people say and identifying their hidden desires that they’ll never admit but are critical for your positioning.
  • Identify an outcome that gets them to see a bigger vision than they thought was possible.

Mission Five

Crafting your product vision

  • A proven blueprint for creating a compelling product that gets people to buy (you can use this with every product or service you create).
  • A simple and painless method for outlining your product/service and creating it quickly with high quality.
  • How to easily create a sales page that isn’t cheesy and that your customer actually wants to read.
  • Productivity methods for staying on track while you build your empire.

Mission Six

The invisible launch

  • Learn to create marketing that’s so effective people never even feel like they’ve been sold to.
  • How to seed your audience so that they’re primed to invest with you long before you ever direct them to your landing page.
  • Drawing in your customers to your product narrative so that they’re anticipating your release (and refreshing the sales page waiting for it to become available to buy).
  • The one thing you can do to ensure that every product or service you create is successful.
  • Releasing your offer in a way that automatically sets you up for success with your next launch.

Put Yourself on the Path to Freedom Today

Join now for just $1 for two weeks. Then $37.60/mo for 12 months.

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Step-by-step training – Monthly group coaching – Badass community

Support and accountability are vital to the success of your mission. Here are the bonuses you get to help you with that:

Bonus #1: Member’s only community.

Conspire and compare notes with other superstars and get the support you need to grow your business faster. Also, accountability to help you follow through on what you set out to accomplish.

Bonus #2: Monthly mentorship training calls with me.

I’ll get on the phone and answer your specific questions and give you actionable steps to move forward. I’m serious about helping you succeed, and I want to guide you through the process as much as you need.

We stop at nothing to help you simplify, take action and follow through:

  • Action-based homework so you know exactly what to do to get immediate results.
  • Weekly, easy-to-follow training modules that guide you step-by-step through the process.
  • Downloadable transcripts of each training module.
  • Checklists to keep you on track with your product creation and release.
  • A proven road map for attracting a small tribe of people ready to buy from you.
  • A scorecard to test your offer before you release it.

My $1,000 Guarantee


If you implement everything that I show you in the course (and can show us that you did), but within six to twelve months of completing it you don’t make at least $1,000 with your offer, I will give you 100% of your money back, PLUS $100.

That’s how confident I am that this stuff works.

If that’s not enough, there’s also a 30 day implementation guarantee. If this course doesn’t absolutely do it for you, simply send us your homework from the first module and we’ll give you your money back.

In other words, there’s zero risk for you.

(Note: This is based on an honor system, so I trust that you’re willing to do everything it takes to make success happen.)

Each membership grants one to someone in need

Baked into your membership is a free membership to someone in need. We’ll donate a membership to under privileged communities and those in developing countries. We believe everyone deserves a fair chance to blaze their own trail.

With your membership, you’re automatically helping another person create their own freedom in a big way.

How long have you been dreaming about this? When will you start moving?

Of course you want to create your own freedom. But we all want to make sure that going off the path and blazing our own trail is actually going to work. It’s scary to step into the unknown.

Maybe you’re willing to do whatever it takes, but you don’t want to waste your time getting lost in the thick forest of what doesn’t matter. Trailblazer will help guide you to following your own path, and making sure you only do the few activities that will really make a difference in your success.

This journey isn’t for the faint of heart. But you’ve made it this far (perhaps for a reason). I know you have what it takes.

Just choose your option below, and we’ll see you along the trail.

Yours in freedom,

Dominika and Cedric

Lifetime Updates

You get access to the materials for life. Download the videos and transcripts to keep them forever. You’ll get lifetime updates so you never have to pay for the most recent version.

100% Guaranteed

If you put in the work, you will get results. Really give Trailblazer a shot and see for yourself. If you aren’t happy with your progress after a month, we’ll give you a full refund.

Unwavering Support

If you ever get stuck or need help, you can easily send a message and get expert support from me or our dedicated support person. We’re here to help.

Put Yourself on the Path to Freedom Today

Join now for just $1 for two weeks. Then $37.60/mo for 12 months.

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Step-by-step training – Monthly group coaching – Badass community

Even more praise from former students

“5 clients a week paying the price I want”

Benjamin Weston

What caught my attention the most was the Team’s confidence in my ability to manifest what I wanted. He dove straight into what it was that I truly desired and then proceeded to create an explicit plan in which to make it happen, without any moment of doubt in my ability to do so.

One of my desires was to have clients to work with one-on-one in the circus arts and personal training. Prior to the session, I didn’t think it was possible to not only get clients but to also have them pay the price I desired. Before our session I had 0 clients. Within less than a month, I have 5 clients a week paying the price I want.

–Benjamin Weston, Washington

“more confidence in what I’m doing”

Ryan Hurst

“ Last year I had the privilege of joining the Trailblazer program.

I figured that the program was going to be good but I didn’t realize just how much Trailblazer would help me in my business.

Thanks to the in-depth instruction, focus on personal reflection through worksheets, and interactive community, I am not only a better business partner with a clear vision for our company, but I also have more confidence in what I’m doing.

I can’t recommend Trailblazer enough. You rock!”

–Ryan Hurst

More questions? Here are some answers to our most common questions about Trailblazer

I need more proof that this will work

Don’t take my word for it. Read what our countless students have said here.

Can I do this while working at a job, while going to school, or if I have a family?

Yes, absolutely. I did it and so do many of our members. In fact, it’s actually an advantage since it will make you that much more focused on only doing the critical things that matter in your business.

How many hours a week will this take?

Doing the course itself takes about two hours a week. You can easily get it done in a weekend.

When are the mentorship calls? Are they recorded?

The mentorship calls are your designated place to get coaching and one-on-one advice from me. Because it’s important that we make them accessible, we stagger the calls on various days and times to make sure we get something scheduled that works for everyone. We have an international membership, so we try to make them as accessible as possible. All of the calls are recorded and posted in the member’s area for later listening.

When does the course start? And how long do I have access?

It starts as soon as you join. You have access for life and can retake it as many times as you wish.

What if I wanted to do the course faster or slower?

No problem! Just send us an email and we’ll get you taken care of.

Does this only work for online businesses?

No. Many of our members use Trailblazer to create thriving and profitable offline businesses. Email us if you’d like examples:

Do I need a bunch of tech skills to get started?

Nope, you’ve got everything you need. And we have a very friendly support forum where our members regularly help each other with any challenges they’re facing, whether it’s with installing WordPress or finding someone to do it for you.

Does this work if I have an existing business?

Yes, this absolutely compliments and builds upon established businesses. Many of our members use Trailblazer to create thriving and profitable offline businesses.


Don’t wait for the perfect idea or perfect time.

If you are ready to create a path of zero resistance, no excuses and no BS…

And you know you’re meant to blaze your own trail, create a legacy business and serve the world in a big way while making a great living…

There is no better program for you. Period.

Join now for just $1 for two weeks. Then $37.6/mo for 12 months.

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Step-by-step training – Monthly group coaching – Badass community

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us.
We’re happy to help.
+1 (503) 446-2067