A Month By Month Road Map to Making an Income From Your Passion

A couple of months ago I asked you what the most valuable free guide was I could create for you in this survey. The response was overwhelming: people want to get paid to do what they love, but they’re not sure where to start or how to approach it in a strategic way.

I’m not surprised. There’s a plethora of information out there on starting a business, finding your purpose, leveraging social media and countless other topics. But I’ve yet to see an actual step-by-step road map for how to make this happen, month-by-month.

I’ve spent the past two months working on this road map and testing it out with my clients. I offered a free session to ten previous members of Paid to Exist to see what they thought about it and to work out any kinks in the process. The feedback I received was gracious and beneficial. It helped me create an even better guide and helped me give my clients even more value. And now I want to share it here with you, freely.

This road map will help you:

  • Get a clear “broad picture” look at what the key foundation elements are in building a business that makes you come alive.
  • Know where to start, and what the critical areas you need to focus on to ensure that your business is set up to succeed before you start on it.
  • Gain confidence that you can actually do this and have a road map to guide you. (This is by no means a wholesale panacea, but it is something you can model and adapt to your own unique business idea.)
  • Learn what to focus on month-by-month in a progressive way (ie: figuring out your offer before your content strategy, and your marketing strategy before you create your product).
  • Create momentum by focusing on milestones that build confidence and excitement, while knowing that you’re making a difference in the world.
  • Most importantly, this road map will help you get your unique gifts out into the world and allow your talents to flourish, rather than having them lay dormant inside you.

A part of me thought about making this a bonus for Paid to Exist, or creating it as a separate product and charging money for it. I easily could have done that, but I would rather get it into the hands of as many people as possible so they can start waking up excited and transform their own lives and the people they need to help.

The message of this road map is:

The world needs your gifts. The world needs you to come alive. If you want to make this happen, the time to start is now.

Go here to get the Six Month Rapid Passion Income Road Map

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yayy, its here! Thanks for all your hard work on providing this roadmap for us.

Whats especially helpful is receiving content that goes beyond “here’s how you start a business”. After starting, alot of us are clueless on how to keep it going.

Much appreciated, Jonathan.

Mars Dorian

Hey Jonathan,

I wish you all the best success with this one.
Your last Paid to Exist program helped my drastically with my own online career. The support and the community was awesome – just like all the info we squeezed out of you.
Call to action: If you want to start your own digital career, check this guy out. He’s not nearly as good looking as me, but he knows his stuff ;)

Alex Blackwell

I’m looking forward to going down this road with you Jonathan.


Hi Jonathan, this is really good stuff you’re posting. I know you’ve worked hard on this map and I’m truly grateful that you’re sharing it with us. What I like best about it, aside from the fact that it’s free, is that it aims to grow talents. Talents should always be nurtured and trained as our business is thriving. I don’t think there is such a concept of a growing business with a non-accelerating skill. I find this particularly important because talent supports the business that I’m in to. Making certain that it is attuned to the times and well… Read more »

Dave Ursillo


Thank you for leading the way and inspiring us to follow the path of self-determination.

Peace and love,

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